Wikileaf: Scanning For The Best Pot Price Near You

Finding the best cannabis price nearest to you can be a daunting task if you attempt to do it all on your own. Thankfully, Wikileaf exists to make the search much simpler and to help find the right strain, the best dispensary and the best quality of cannabis nearest you.

Wikileaf: The Highlights

  • Wikileaf is the Expedia or Airbnb for pot products – they let you know what marijuana products are closest to you and help you find the best price.
  • The platform provides a free platform for marijuana dispensaries to list the marijuana products they provide at the most competitive price
  • Wikileaf provides information about popular strains of marijuana, the potency of each strain and the medical benefits/conditions it can cure.
  • You can currently use this service in most states where recreational or medicinal cannabis is legal in the US. They are also available in some parts of Canada and the UK.
  • Wikileaf was founded by Dan Nelson in 2014, it is now jointly owned by Nesta Holding Co. Ltd., a private equity firm started by Chuck Rifici.

Wikileaf: The Tool for Marijuana Mavericks

Truth be told, no one likes getting ripped off when purchasing something that is beyond luxury, more so a health supplement or medicine. But how do you find your way through the tones of marijuana strains to compare quality for price?

Marijuana mavericks have discovered a tool that goes beyond just locating the fairest price for quality to even helping them find the ideal strain for their health and recreation needs.

The History of How Wikileaf Came to Be

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Wikileaf is the brainchild of a former Seattle based financial blogger Dan Nelson who transferred his analytical skills to the cannabis industry. Nelson also happens to be a medical marijuana patient. He started the company on Jan 22nd, 2014, initially covering California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

With the legalization web spreading through the country and beyond the borders, Wikileaf has spread its wings in a similar breadth. The company goes by the slogan “more green for less green.”

Nelson bootstrapped the company in 2014 from his own savings and the donations of family and well-wishers. They began operations in 2014 from his South Lake Union apartment. In 2016, Wikileaf was acquired by Nesta holdings which is a private equity firm based in Ottawa, Canada.

Nesta was started by Chuck Rifici in 2015; he is also the co-founder and former CEO of Canopy Growth Corporation. One Web Services Inc. (OWS) is an arm of Nesta holdings that operates Wiki leaf. The current board members of OWS include:

  • Chuck Rifici: CEO of Nesta Holding Co. Ltd
  • Dan Nelson: Founder and CEO of One Web Services, Inc.
  • Manoj Hippola: CIO of Nesta Holding Co. Ltd; CFO of One Web Services, Inc.
  • Megan Sanders: Founder and CEO of MiNDFUL; Founder and CEO of Will & Way
  • Josh Babyak: Founder of; Founder of JBMF LLC
  • Cy Scott: CEO of Headset Inc

Wikileaf plans to go public in the course of 2019, we shall wait to see if this happens. They also plan to introduce advertising services where listed dispensaries can advertise their popular products at a small fee. Meanwhile, Consumers will continue enjoying “free” services from Wikileaf.

How Does Wikileaf Work?

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Advertising is one of the constant headaches battled by marijuana businesses; this also means that consumers cannot find the most competitive pricing for their pot niceties. Marijuana shops are prohibited from placing adverts on sites like Google or Twitter while Instagram has exercised similar caution.

Wikileaf exists to bridge this gap, allowing both retailers and consumers to interact and compete for the best price of cannabis products.

This is how it works:

Marijuana shops/dispensaries create accounts on the Wikileaf website where they update their cannabis strains and the best price per oz/gram. They also include the strength of each strain to allow buyers to fine tune their purchasing requests.

The store will register its exact location so that buyers can determine proximity to their locality; they will also update the hours that they are open plus their delivery policies. This service is offered free of charge.

Consumers can then log onto the website and bid the price they wish to spend on a specific marijuana strain. Dispensaries within the set radius will then pop up and give the amount of cannabis that they can offer for that price.

The consumer then gets to pick the best deal. This works in some sort of reverse auctioneering, where the consumer gets to set the price while the sellers compete to offer their products at that price.

Tools and Services

Generally, Wikileaf offers two broad tools; the website and mobile app. Wikileaf launched a mobile app for Android on October 17, 2016, and followed with an app for Apple on Nov 09, 2016.

The website gives cannabis dispensaries an internet presence with a huge customer following. They are soon to introduce a geo-targeted paid-for advertising service that will allow dispensaries to promote the offers that they have.

For consumers, Wikileaf provides them with a search tool that allows them to find the best quality cannabis strain from a dispensary that is closest to them and that offers the most competitive price, all with the click of a mouse.

Wikileaf also has a news blog that keeps consumers updated on the latest trends in the cannabis market.

Price Comparison Services

Cannabis consumers are able to use Wikileaf to compare prices of marijuana across a range of locations and dispensaries close to them. They can also browse through customer reviews to establish the true quality of the product.

They get to compare the prices of marijuana products based on different strains and different potencies.

With this, the consumer is not just settling for the cheapest price per se, but also matching it up with the customer service based on reviews and the quality and strength of the marijuana product on offer.

How to Find the Cheapest Marijuana Using Wikileaf

A consumer logs onto the website, then they select the price which they are willing to spend on the medicinal green ranging from $20 to $350, they also key in their ZIP code. Dispensaries within a specified radius to the location and that meet the set criteria by the consumer will then pop up, offering the grams they can offer for that price.

This is a very consumer-centric model that allows consumers to access the cheapest price on offer. Considering the vast number of weed dispensaries covered by Wikileaf, consumers have a good bet of finding the best price possible within their neighborhood.

The consumer also gets the exact direction to the dispensary/s through the website.

Strain Reviews on Wikileaf

Cannabis in a glass jar

Wikileaf simplifies the process of finding the perfect strain. When you check on their strain library you will find that they have listed all the strains available.

By clicking onto a particular strain, you will find that they have gone to great lengths to give a history of that strain, the THC content, common usage, effects, and customer reviews if there are any.

Wikileaf also allows you to search randomly by placing a number of filters specific to your needs:

  1. Strain: indica, sativa, and hybrid
  2. Time of Use: Morning, afternoon and evening
  3. THC content ranging from 0 to over 30 percent
  4. CBD content ranging from 0 to 30 percent
  5. Common Usage: ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer’s. Anxiety, arthritis, asthma, depression, eating disorders, insomnia, loss of appetite, migraines, nausea, pain, and PTSD

Should you need more help, you can check what other customers are saying in the customer review section.

Finding Dispensaries on Wikileaf

Cannabis Dispensary sign

Most cannabis dispensaries are discreetly tucked at street corners, hidden from the unfamiliar eye.  Thankfully, Wikileaf gives you an opportunity to get past this hurdle.

Once you get to the dispensaries page on their website, you can select your location from a drop-down menu and all the dispensaries within that locality will pop up.

Additionally, you can place filters such as the cannabis strain that you need, open hours and delivery services. Dispensaries that further meet this criterion will pop up and you can select one that best meets your need.

Is it Legal to Use Wikileaf?

Yes, marijuana businesses are allowed to have websites in regions where marijuana is legal. Wikileaf is a marijuana business that adheres by the laws and regulations set from state to state. This means that they only list marijuana products that are legal in each state.

Wikileaf is not present in states where marijuana is not legal.

What are the Advantages of Using Wikileaf?

For marijuana dispensaries, Wikileaf allows them free advertising as their products are placed right in front of the eyes of people looking to buy marijuana products. Wikileaf is a voice to reckon with in the cannabis space, so the marketing potential is massive.

For cannabis consumers, Wikileaf allows them to fetch the most competitive price for the cannabis goods that they need. They are also able to discover cannabis dispensaries closest to them and the different strains and products available in these dispensaries.

They can also find the strain that best suits their medical and recreational needs from the website.

For the cannabis community, the Wikileaf blog is a source of cannabis news and educational information. Wikileaf also provides transparency in pricing which helps to regulate the price of cannabis products vis-a-vis quality and customer service.

Wikileaf: The Priceline of Pot Dispensaries

Wikileaf has managed to list cannabis dispensaries across the US, UK, and Canada, empowering the consumer to openly compare prices for different strengths of cannabis in their locality.

This model cuts through the secrecy shrouding pricing in the cannabis industry, making Wikileaf the ultimate Priceline of pot dispensaries.

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