White Rhino Strain: Get To Know An Offspring Of The White Widow Strain

The cannabis market is overstacked with high-THC breeds, so new strains have a hard time standing out in the crowd. However, the appearance and flavor of the White Rhino strain make it different from its competitors.

White Rhino Strain: The Highlights

  • White Rhino is the proud prodigy of the well-known high THC Dutch strain, the White Widow, inheriting its potency and much more.
  • Thanks to its sedative effect, the White Rhino strain is most beneficial in treating anxiety, insomnia, and pain, among other medical conditions
  • The White Rhino strain is a joy for growers as it yields mass crops with no fuss about bad weather.
  • With its high THC concentration, White Rhino’s is a powerful tranquilizer, calming your mind to a state of blissful meditation.
  • First-time users should be careful because the powerful effect of the White Rhino doesn’t come instantly.

White Rhino Strain History

An expert can guess the lineage of the White Rhino strain just by looking at the bright stellar dust that covers the entire plant, which is the unmistakable feature of the famous White Widow.

This spectacular appearance, looking as if it’s dressed in sparkling snow, is a promise that its preeminent resin will honor the highly potent Cannabis strain of its parent. From this side of the family, the White Rhino Strain inherits the strong therapeutic effects of its Afghan, Brazilian and South-Indian ancestors.

Dutch Origins

The story goes like this: the Dutch company Green House Seeds thought of improving the powerful White Widow Sativa strain, and crossed it with an unknown North-American Indica strain that they found productive and enduring.

This lead to the creation of the White Rhino hybrid, a yielding Indica strain. The high THC concentration delivers a relieving feeling and a state of relaxation. The experience is matched by equally high efficiency in growing White Rhino since the plant proves to be a sturdy and prolific strain.

Increase in Popularity

The breeders succeeded in keeping the strengths of the strains they combined to create White Rhino. They developed a plant with a great sedative capacity which is also able to produce massive yields in easy-to-grow conditions.

The powerful, soothing, and tranquilizing effect comes from the Afghan lineage, and it’s why White Rhino is appreciated for its medicinal value. The strain is effective in treating anxiety, insomnia, pain, depression and a whole list of other conditions.

White Rhino Strain

The White Rhino strain is also welcomed by growers because the North-American strain that partook at its making brought along its boosting productiveness. This results in an Indica hybrid.

White Rhino is a short Cannabis plant which is suitable for indoor cultivation. But thanks to its strength and resilience the strain grows abundantly outdoors as well.

Due to its Afghan ancestors, White Rhino is also a strain that resists all sorts molds and unfriendly weather conditions. Moreover, it’s said that in an optimal medium, the plant can produce up to 900 grams indoor, and 1200 grams outdoor. This makes White Rhino a champion of fertility, and its flowers bloom for 8-9 weeks.

The strain has been bred to be incredibly efficient, and it accomplished to be more impressive than initially thought. Plus, it’s such an attractive plant that you just can’t resist the White Rhino.

With its sparkling white resin sprinkled all over, and the rhino-looking top, the plant stands out and its perfume is complex with rich, intoxicating flavors.

The White Rhino Strain: Effects, Attributes, Flavor

There are a plethora of qualities for which the White Rhino Marijuana is a most interesting strain for medical and recreational users in the first place, but also for business and entrepreneurial areas.

White Rhino: THC & CBD Ratio

THC formula next to CBD formula

The White Rhino, as its parent, the White Widow, is renowned for its high THC concentration. This concentration ensures a powerful tranquilizing effect owed to its Afghan ancestry. The average values of White Rhino’s THC concentration vary between 20-31 percent, and the CBD somewhere between 0.11-0.51 at most.

As it looks, this Indica dominant hybrid strain is a champion in psychoactive powers.

Flavor Profile

White Rhino’s fragrance is not something easy to determine. The fragrance has a certain unmistakable scent that some may call perfume and others stench. Among the recognizable notes of earth and honey-like sweetness, there’s also a particular flavor that seems to be perceived differently by people.

Some associate it with the sensation of wood, others with a fruity aroma, while some say it smells like skunk’s odor. And all assumptions might be true, including the last one. The skunk flavor can be traced back to the White Widow.

Effects for Recreational Users

White Rhino produces an extraordinary high with just a hint of bud, so this is what you should expect after a few puffs. Those who haven’t tried marijuana before have to be careful, though. It takes a bit of patience to feel the high, as White Rhino’s effect doesn’t hit instantly.

In addition, you don’t get to feel it building up, but there are a few moments before it knocks you down. And when it does, the pure relaxing effect makes you melt in the couch.

White Rhino is a strong sedative, so you should consume it when there’s no pressure of moving because your ability to do so might be impaired. It’s better if you smoke it in the evenings, or are preparing yourself for a nap.

The strain is just as strong a sedative for the mind as it is for the body. White Rhino is the type of Cannabis that induces a meditative state, so instead of filling your imagination with information popping up constantly, it reduces the frequency of your thoughts until you feel like a vegetable.

You should be aware that the strain has side effects. Inexperienced users may have to fight with nausea or paranoia, but generally, these are considered first timer’s shock, hit by its high potency.

Medical Uses

weed spread across prescription notepad

The anesthetic properties of the White Rhino are its most sought-after therapeutic benefits. The anesthetic sensation induces a powerful numbing effect on the mind as well as on the body.

This makes the strain a great and quick remedy for anxiety or stress, and a helpful partner in working with mood disorders as depression.

In addition, the strain produces a profound relaxation to the body, aiding in muscle recovery, alleviating pain, cramps, and headaches. The effect of consuming White Rhino is a melting vegetative state that easily leads to sleep. This is why the strain is often used for insomnia.

The White Rhino is as well an efficient remedy for nausea, as it is for activating your appetite, so it’s a most desirable medicine for anytime you feel sick.

White Rhino Strain Review

There are tons of reviews out there attesting the high quality of the White Rhino Cannabis strain. The reviews create a hype around it by painting a picture of a magnificent plant, not only beneficial but endorsed with a great taste and an exquisite perfume.

When you speak to friends who have tried it, you see their faces brightening up and smiling all of a sudden when talking about it. And once you try it, you understand that the hype is not at all overestimating the strain’s potency.

When you use it, you know it’s the real deal, and you become one of those fanatic online reviewers.

The reviews talk about the sweet flavor that makes smoking it a pleasure – a real feast for all of your senses.  Some talk about the high – which makes you feel literally like you’re living on clouds. This is a euphoric state in which all your problems evaporate.

Why Settle for Schwag When You Can Smoke White Rhino?

This is the question you should ask yourself next time you’re at the counter of a dispensary after researching this wonderful strain. Yes, it is slightly more expensive than other types of marijuana, but the difference is surpassed by the massive high it produces.

Not to mention the strain’s healing ability – which you feel profoundly and lasting much longer than usual. And after you’ve tried it, it will simply seem absurd to even consider some schwag instead of the real deal.

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