Weediquette Wants To Change The Perception Of Cannabis

Are you interested in learning more about the marijuana culture as you either contemplate jumping on the weed bandwagon or have found cannabis as a great treatment for what ails you? Perhaps you are tired of reading about it only online and would like to view real stories about the weed culture and the people behind it. 

If this is the case for you, there is a show that you should consider binge-watching in the near future. It may just open your eyes at how normal the marijuana industry is becoming.

Plus, there aren’t many shows about the real issues surrounding marijuana, so you are in for a treat. 

What is Weediquette?


As the Viceland television channel emerged in 2016 from Vice Media, the channel brought different cultures and lesser-known places to the eyes of people who may otherwise not have experienced such a thing. Weediquette was one of the first shows that Viceland debuted.

Weediquette started as a web series on the Vice website back in 2013. After a couple years of continued interest, it grew into an actual show as Viceland made its presence felt slowly across the world.

Weediquette is a documentary television series that follows host Krishna Andavolu as he explores the science, culture, the people, and economics of the legalizing of marijuana. To say it is interesting would be an understatement.

If you are curious in the least about exactly what the legalization of marijuana might do for various countries and its people, Weediquette should be a show that you check out.

Who Is the Host of Weediquette?

When putting together a show like Weediquette, you would have to find someone that is both entertaining and knowledgeable on the subject. They chose Krishna Andavolu, or perhaps he chose them since he was the host of web series first, to be both host and executive producer of Weediquette.

Andavolu makes his home in New York, a state that is set to legalize recreational marijuana in 2019 if everything goes according to plan. It is interesting to see the dynamics of him and his parents as they are both doctors and take a different view of marijuana.

It may seem familiar as you may have the same differing views from your parents. You will be identifying with a person or two in each episode you watch of Weediquette as it is real people dealing with real issues.

When Is the Next Weediquette Season Starting?

The last season of Weediquette finished in late 2017, but with so many tv show revivals happening nowadays, who knows if there is a new season of it right around the corner? It would make sense as the legalization of marijuana has never been more prevalent an issue than it is right now.

If you would like, all three seasons of Weediquette are available for free on Hulu as long as you have a subscription. The Viceland channel has signed an exclusive agreement with Hulu so viewers that do not have the channel can still catch up with their shows.

Groundbreaking Weediquette Episodes to Watch

If you have watched Weediquette before or are about to start on a marathon of viewing all three seasons, there will be some episodes that you will probably remember more than others.

No matter the episode though, you are going to walk away with a bit of new found knowledge that you didn’t have before. Here is a quick rundown of some of the more popular episodes that people seem to have loved.

Marijuana Migrants

Remember the great gold rush of the mid-1800s when everyone and their brother decided to move west in hopes of striking it rich with discovering gold nuggets? Well, if you are not a fan of history, you might not.

However, there is another get rich (somewhat) quick drive to the west (Colorado) happening right now.

This episode of Weediquette focuses on the Green Rush to Colorado. Andavolu meets families that have either moved to Colorado in an effort to use pot for medicinal purposes or those who are trying to strike it rich by throwing their hat into America’s Marijuana Mecca.

Going Legit

With weed becoming legal in so many regions of the world, you would think that those that used to grow it and deal it black market style would be jumping on the bandwagon and help usher in a new age with their knowledge of the plant. But in this episode, it is found to be quite the opposite.

The original marijuana dealers and growers from the Atlanta and Oakland area are asked why they are not involved in the world of legal marijuana since it is a new day and age and the wild, wild west of getting hunted down by the police is no longer in effect.

Why are the OGs of weed growing and dealing being left out in the cold?

Half Baked

This episode appropriately titled “Half Baked” has Andavolu checking to see if partial marijuana legalization will work or should every governing body just go all in. With some areas still pitting disagreeing voters and government officials against each other, is there a compromise that could be met for the betterment of everyone involved?

Or does each side just want it their way and their way only? With this episode, you will be able to see the possibilities that are out there when discussing the legalization of weed.

The War on Weed


Many people look at the war on drugs (specifically marijuana) as a failure of time and resources. This war has been waged ever since the United States government started making marijuana out as something that could make ordinary people go crazy (reefer madness) as early as 1930.

It is almost comical as it was previously used for medicinal purposes beforehand in all regions of the globe. The amount of people incarcerated for minor drug offenses is staggering and the amount that the taxpayer contributes to keeping them in a jail cell is mind-blowing.

Our country is facing real problems so we probably shouldn’t be too concerned if someone is toting up in the house down the street now and then.

Besides, shouldn’t everyone be able to make up their own minds on what enters their body? And on top of this, alcohol is known to have more damaging effects than lighting a joint now and then, yet it has been perfectly legal for almost a century.

Maybe the lobbyists from all of these companies that sell alcohol are pulling the strings with the politicians as they don’t want more competition coming over the horizon.

In this episode, minuscule marijuana infractions are looked at that have very serious consequences. You might want to make sure you are sitting down for this one. It will leave you wondering if the powers that be have entered the Twilight Zone. The imprisonment of Bernard Noble is examined without bias.

Noble was sentenced to prison for 13 years after he was caught with two joints. Yes, you read that correctly. Somehow, the courts felt it was fair to take away 13 years of a man’s life for two lousy joints.

Where to Watch Weediquette

If your cable or dish supplier does not carry the Viceland television channel, you are not totally out of luck. You may still watch Weediquette even without having the channel listed on your guide. There are a few good options where you will instantly be able to watch the show where and when you want and on any device.

As mentioned earlier, Hulu has all the Weediquette episodes for you to view. Hulu does require a subscription. However, they do offer a free trial (about seven days) where you don’t have to sign up for Hulu, but you can still see everything they offer.

In addition, you might be able to find a couple of episodes posted on YouTube for free by various people, but the quality can often be tough to watch.

Instead, you could actually purchase the episodes through YouTube (officially through YouTube tv), Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, and a few other similar streaming options. It appears that each episode costs about two dollars apiece to watch.

Hulu is about eight dollars a month, so if you are looking for more bang for your buck, they are the best deal to watch Weediquette if you don’t have Viceland.

Weediquette Might Be the Best Marijuana Show

As more and more regions start legalizing marijuana for recreational use, there is a need to find out more about the benefits of weed and the people behind it. Weediquette will provide all of this and more.

Each episode is a documentary that looks behind the scenes and focuses on real issues and not just what the politicians want to talk about.

If you are interested in learning more about the marijuana industry and what seems to be around the corner for all of us, Weediquette is a great place to start.

Farma Health Desk Editor