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Weed Wine: What Is It And Can The Pairing Prevent Hangovers?

Weed wine, a major milestone in the wine industry, is a popular craze where the two popular relaxants have been blended together to create a perfect mix for enthusiasts.

It’s an innovative way to combine organic marijuana with grapes that are grown in a biodynamic way to give it a perfect tincture to wine spectators and recreation marijuana lovers.

Weed wine has become a perfect drink to unwind after a long day at work even for a party or a housewarming. This synergic and major milestone will get any marijuana connoisseur both tipsy and stoned all at once.

History of Weed Wine

Weed Wine

In as much as it’s a new craze, wine pairings and infused wines have been there since ancient times. An Israeli wine cellar discovered in 2014 found psychotropic resins in wine dating back to 1700BC. Hua T’o (pioneer of Chinese surgery) used cannabis in infused wine as anesthesia.

In a short time, with marijuana legalization in California, where recreational cannabis was allowed under Proposition 64, weed wine became popular. Greenway owner Lisa Molyneux and Verdad Wines owner Louisa Sawyer Lindquist in a chance meeting artistically blended wine with marijuana to come up the most favorable weed wine called Canna Vine.

California joined other US States that have legalized marijuana including Washington (ditto), Colorado(2012), Alaska (2014), Oregon (2014), Nevada and District of Colombia. However, it is only in California where the infusion of wine with marijuana is allowed as the other states have outlawed this.

How Weed Wine Is Made

Weed wine is manufactured professionally but can also be made at home following a simple Do It Yourself steps. How marijuana has been cultivated by growers and how it’s been processed affects the end product giving room for many variations in the taste and flavor of the weed wine.

Here’s a description of how weed wine is made:

  1. Get the right tools: Cheesecloth, dry wine with bold flavors, foil, pan, ¼ high-grade cannabis, pestle and mortar, and punch bowl. Dry wine gives the best infusion. White wine gives wines with lower alcohol levels and better aroma with an enjoyable high feeling.
  2. Activating the weed: Unless its activated marijuana got at a dispensary, we have to decarboxylate the marijuana to activate CBD and THC. Heating gives it the ‘high feeling’ experienced later on. Spread the foil over the pan, cut the buds to smaller pieces and spread on the pan. Cover it adequately. According to a 2011 article on carboxylation of THC heating to around 230˚F for up to 2 hours gives high THC yield. Cover the pan to seal the aroma.
  3. Remove the pan: Now to grind the friable marijuana pieces using a pestle and mortar. The weed is now a bit less green but that’s normal. Cover the marijuana with cheesecloth and secure the corners. Don’t congest the weed in the cheesecloth. Place the cheesecloth in a bowl full of wine, cover it and keep it in a fridge to cool for 48 hours. Don’t forget to stir it periodically as we don’t want the marijuana to settle.
  4. Ready to serve: Take the bowl out of the fridge, remove the cheesecloth and sieve off any marijuana that may be in the wine. The drink can now be served and enjoyed with fellow consumers leaving you high and relaxed.

Another favored method is using a crackpot to cook wine with decarboxylated marijuana in cheesecloth for 120 minutes.

Avoid overheating and burning the THC which reduces its potency. An important tip is that spices and various fragrances can be added such as cinnamon, orange peel, maple syrup, and cloves to spice things up.

Weed Wine vs. Wine

Basically, weed wine is loved due to its ability to infuse two loved components in one to create an unforgettable experience. It’s more potent, boasts the ability to infuse various fragrances and tastes and has all the inherent positive effects of medical marijuana.

Weed wine gives you a more lax feeling compared to wines.

Weed Wine Benefits

Basically, weed wine gives the high and tipsy feeling of both wine and cannabis. There are also the benefits of medical marijuana like an increase in appetite, relief of muscle spasms and seizures, reduces nausea induced by chemotherapy, calms relaxes and has pain-relieving effects.

Added “High”

Several users have celebrated weed wine for its added “high” feeling produced by the alcohol’s effect that enhances THC absorption.

Drinking a glass of weed wine can be compared to when one takes three glasses of champagne on an empty stomach. The sensation that comes with is inconceivable, intense and buzzy.

White grapes have been famed for producing weed wine with lower alcohol levels, better aroma, and pleasurable high. While on the other hand, red grapes might interfere with the taste and affect the feel of the wine.

Hangover Prevention

Weed wine manufactured by Rebel Coast Winery from California doesn’t contain alcohol and each glass has up to four milligrams of THC, therefore, you don’t feel any hangover once you enjoy the same.

Their no-alcohol Sauvignon Blanc- flavored drink – combined with marijuana – has the unique wine taste with weed scent. Up to 16 milligrams of THC is packed in a bottle, that’s about 4 milligrams with each serving in line with California law that allows up to 10 milligrams per serving.

Unique Taste

This harmonious product offers a variety of flavors and aromas in a wide spectrum that will not only be pleasant to the olfactory receptors but exciting to the taste buds of the tongue. It leaves a lasting taste of marijuana on the tongue and a unique perception in the nose olfaction areas.

Depending on your taste buds, one may not appreciate the spectrum but once the THC kicks in you’ll definitely know.

Weed Wine Side Effects and Risks

In as much as it’s all great and enjoyable, it doesn’t come without its attendant risks. Unlike medical marijuana, due to its alcohol content, it may not agree with certain medicines so it’s wise to consult with your doctor before drinking.

It should also be avoided by pregnant women, people having psychotic disorders and those with heart diseases. Side effects include nausea, dizziness, sweating, and vomiting.

Warning: Strong Effects

Due to its potential strong effects and since it promotes THC absorption, caution must be taken especially by novices; drinking too much of it is discouraged. They both affect your brain and not necessarily in a complementary manner.

They may also produce a “greening out” effect when one takes too much drink that causes an accumulation of THC in the body.

“Couch Lock”

This is common especially when red grape wine is used to make weed wine. It makes you have an overpowering weed feeling as if you have eaten lots of brownies. It makes you stay fixed on the couch unable to do anything for a while. However, this wears off with time and can be avoided by using white wine.


Anxiety may develop among some users of weed wine but disappears with time. It’s not a cause for alarm. It occurs especially due to overconsumption leading to “greening-out”

Dry Mouth

One may experience this at times but it can be relieved by using sparkling wines like champagne and Prosecco which gives a more refreshing feel to the mouth.


This is also expected but fades with time as the effects wear off.

Impairs Ability to Drive or Operate Machinery

Due to the high effect and impact on brain functions, you should not drive or operate machinery when drinking the weed wine. Safety and caution can’t be overemphasized. Just like when one consumes other alcoholic beverages, drinking and driving is a no-no!

How to Get Your Own Weed Wine

You may be wondering if it’s possible to make yourself this great drink as a Do It Yourself. The answer is YES. It’s totally possible. Here’s how as per the recipe got from OriginalWeedRecipe.com:

Make Your Own Weed Wine


  • Oranges & Lemons (2 each)
  • Sugar 3lbs
  • Four ounces of weed stems. Avoid seeds as they make for a bad tasting wine without THC
  • Fresh active yeast 1 cake


  • Nylon stockings
  • Several bottles
  • Plastic tubing 3 foot long
  • One gallon jugs (2) with caps


  1. Place the leaves and stems in the jug as per desired strength of the weed wine.
  2. Add the squeezed juices from the oranges and lemons.
  3. Heat water (2 quarts) to boil and dissolve sugar in it. Avoid using an aluminum pan.
  4. Add the water with sugar to the other jug with weed, close the cap and shake. Allow it to cool to room temperature after loosening the cap.
  5. Warm some water slightly till lukewarm and dissolve the yeast completely.
  6. Pour this mixture with yeast into the cooled jug. Place a cap on it, shake then remove it. Add some cold water till full. Leave some space at the top to prevent overflow as it ferments. Place the cap on it loosely.
  7. Place this mixture in a dark area for about two weeks. Keep a newspaper below it to absorb any overflow and change when soaked. Use a wooden spoon to push the marijuana to the bottom for optimum fermentation and cover.
  8. Only add water after the first few days.
  9. Give it up to four weeks. By tipping the jug back and forth, observe for bubbles through the stems. If absent, your drink is ready.

Where to Buy Weed Wine

California is the only state where manufacture and weed wine drinking has not been banned. In Europe, a popular brand by the name Canna Wine has gained an improbable reputation in being a legitimate source of high-grade weed wine.

However, they are unavailable in the US but you can check them out here. Lisa Molyneux’s Canna Vine is popular among organic enthusiasts. Santa Rosa and Sonoma Cannabis are also ideal alternatives you can look out for. Half a bottle of weed wine is sold at $120 to $400.

Wine and Weed Tours

Weed Wine

These are now a popular feature in California where you can join and sample a variety of splendid cannabis-infused wines. There you get to appreciate the rich marijuana culture.

Some of the tour companies include Colorado Cannabis Tours and California Cannabis Tours. The tours include wine tastings, catered lunch, exquisite scenic views plus wine and cannabis sampling.

Final Thoughts on Weed Wine

Weed wine is a promising innovation of infusing recreational marijuana into wine. An amazing means of using one stone(r) (pun intended) to kill two birds. It’s also a perfect way for one to relax with friends, family, and other marijuana lovers.

However, we recommend novices to be cautious while enjoying the same and always get your stuff from trusted providers knowing the exact quantity and the high it gives. Always know when to stop. It’s a great way of breaking the taboo around marijuana by assimilating it into your favorite wine.

If you’ve not tried it out, what are you waiting for?

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