Weed Tampons for Cramping Woes

Could Weed Tampons be the Answer to all Your Cramping Woes?

Cramps are the worst.  It’s that plain and simple.  Cramps seem to be one of those universal things that bond women together; every month, we’re all there praying those cramps ease up a little or, hopefully, just go away completely.  That, however, never seems to happen.

So, we do what we think we need to in order for the pain to lessen just slightly.  Whether it’s going to the doctor because the cramps you are experiencing are so painful, you can’t focus on anything else, or whether it’s taking a few ibuprofen to help get through the day, there seem to be many little methods we all try.  And we’re not even going to go into the home remedies that proclaimed they would leave us pain-free and great- only to notleave us like that at all.

Cramps are horrible and can be one of the most painful experiences for some women.  However, with innovations, there could be a new item that helps keep the pain away forever:  weed tampons.  Also called marijuana tampons or cannabis tampons, these products vow to help you experience a painless world while you’re on your period.

Now, this is a lifesaver for women who suffer through some horrible period cramps.  But there’s a lot of information to break down before we jump on into the ultimate question:  could weed tampons help bring an end to those horrible cramps once and for all?

Marijuana:  The Menstrual Pain Relief Product

Believe it or not, but marijuana has been a great (and popular) menstrual pain relief product for quite a while.  Many people have been using it to help ease some pain during their time of the month in different ways.  In the past, this meant smoking marijuana or eating edibles while one was on their period to help keep the pain at bay.  Now, things have become a bit different as marijuana tampons have hit the market.

However, it’s important to remember the history of marijuana and how it’s always been able to help women during their time of the month.  Now, when talking about marijuana tampons, it’s crucial that we make it clear that you do not contact a high when you use these products.  Most marijuana tampon brands (there aren’t a lot at the moment, it’s still quite a new thing) focus more on CBD than anything else.  And there’s a boatload of reasons why.

First of all, CBD is a cannabidiol, and this is the part of marijuana that doesn’t get you high and is considered to be the part of the plant that has the most medicinal purposes.  THC is the part of the plant that gets you high.  Therefore, if you have CBD oil drops (which is becoming a popular product in its own right), you would never get a contact high because it either has no THC in it, or the THC is so low the CBD counteracts it.

Marijuana tampons work in this way.  There is noway you’ll get high by using these products, though some women have talked about feeling a bit differently after using them.  However, this may be because of the release of pain and the relaxing of their body; something they may not be used to if they’re consistently used to living in a state of pain during their period.

The End to Cramps, Forever?

The End to Cramps, Forever

After discussing how marijuana has been quite beneficial to those that suffer from menstrual pain, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that marijuana tampons have gotten rave reviews from women who have used them thus far.  In fact, weed tampons have a ton of fantastic benefits that come with them.

First of all, and most importantly, these tampons help bring relaxation to your body while also making sure that you don’t feel the pain that you usually do.  This happens by relaxing the nerves throughout your body.  Because of this, those pesky cramps that you often can’t get rid of fade.  Even severe cramps or period pain has gone away when using these products!

Possibly the most significant thing about weed tampons is their effectiveness.  After reading review after review, it seems that these tampons work pretty quickly (some say within minutes) and last a relatively long time.

In fact, some users have noticed that they don’t feel those cramps or their pain for a lot longer time when they use weed tampons, compared to when they use painkillers.  This is phenomenal and sounds incredibly hopeful!  Maybe cramps will be eradicated once and for all!

After looking at reviews and listening to people’s stories, it’s clear to see that these tampons aren’t just made for one specific person – they’re made for all women.  Regardless of what level of pain you experience when you’re on your period, these tampons are here to help.

Even if you have quite severe cramps that you usually use painkillers to help numb, these tampons can help do the job for you.  Then, you no longer have to worry about medicating to deal with your pain, which is alwaysa plus.

While everything about these products sounds fantastic, they’re not yet as mainstream as you might hope.  In fact, the leading brand of marijuana tampons, Foria, only sells these products in California and Colorado, at this time.  These products also have yet to be tested in any scientific or clinical setting to see just how these products benefit people, and how many people benefit from these products.

Foria also tends to be a bit expensive (they’re the only big brand that sells these on the market, though, so they can kind of get away with it).  However, people reallylove these tampons.  If you’re looking for something to help relieve some severe pain, why not try this out?

While marijuana tampons do have a bit of away to go, they aredefinitely something to look forward to, especiallyif you’ve been searching for something to help end those horrible period cramps forever.  Hopefully, in the next few years, these are easier to access for people who want to try out these products and live life, cramp-free!

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