Weed Stem Tea: Everything You Need to Know

If you like weed and tea, then you should know about weed stem tea. It’s especially beneficial if you’re looking for something useful to do with your weed stems.

Anyone from daily marijuana users to people looking for a healthy way to kick back and relax will benefit from will benefit from weed stem tea.

You might wonder if it has the same effects as other edibles or how to make marijuana tea. You may also wonder what the exact benefits of weed stem tea.

This article will answer all those questions and more. We’ll even provide a recipe for you to follow and make your very own weed tea.

What is Weed Stem Tea?

First, people have been brewing weed stem tea for thousands of years. In fact, the first use of weed stem tea can be traced back over 5,000 years to the Chinese Emperor Shennong. It has historically been used as an ancient medicine. Now it is mostly used for recreational purposes. However, the tea does have some medicinal and therapeutic uses.

The chemistry of weed stem tea is just as interesting as the history. As many of you know, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) retain their effectiveness when cooked and this has led to the creation of THC and CBD infused butter and milk.

The cannabinoids will bind to any oil substance for that matter, but not water. This makes creating marijuana-infused edibles, including tea, relatively easy.Butter and milk can then be added to weed stem tea. In that sense, it is not that much different than marijuana edibles.

What is Weed Stem Tea

In fact, it is exactly the same as normal marijuana edibles. The effects and creation process are similar. However, marijuana tea is much healthier than typical marijuana edibles such as brownies or cookies. Furthermore, some tea will have additional benefits that you won’t get from only smoking marijuana. Examples include the health benefits from green tea and ginseng tea.

Positive Effects of Marijuana Tea

You should know the effects of this tea before you start drinking it. First, the tea takes anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to take full effect;this all depends on your weight and tolerance to marijuana. Regular marijuana users will need to consume more marijuana,and it might take longer to take effect.

The effects are the same as normal edibles. If your marijuana stems havea large amount of THC (marijuana stems have a small amount of THC), then that means you will have the normal psychoactive and physical effects of marijuana. These effects may include drowsiness, hunger, paranoia, pain relief, and relaxation.If you have CBD marijuana, then you may feel pain relief, drowsiness, hunger, andrelaxation.

These effects might last a longer period of time than the impactofinhaling marijuana. You can expect the effects to last an average of about four to eight hours. The long-lasting effects make it great for those that want to treat nausea or chronic pain.

If it’s your first trying marijuana stem tea, then you should try it in a safe place where you can relax. Different people have different reactions,and it’s best to be completely comfortable for your first time.

Benefits of Drinking Marijuana Stem Tea

Marijuana stem tea has a few benefits over other ways you might normally consume marijuana. First, tea is a much more pleasant experience than smoking marijuana, and this is especially true for people that already enjoy drinking tea. The best part is that tea lovers get a wide selection of the different types of tea that they can infuse with marijuana.

Tea, in general, is great for the body, so adding marijuana to it makes it that much better. Examples of tea with a lot of health benefits includes green tea, which can increase brain function and induce fat loss. Ginseng tea has been shown to improve the immune system and lower the risk of cancer.

The weakened effect of the marijuana also makes itan excellent way for those that do not normally use marijuana to begin using it. It also makes it exceptionally easy for those that already drink a significant amount of tea. The next section will explain how anyone can make weed stem tea in their own home.

Making Weed Stem Tea

Preparing your stems for your tea is the first, and most important, part of the process. It is actually quite simple to do but does require some special instruction. The first step is to decarboxylase the stems. This will activate the cannabinoids and give you the desired effect. If you skip this step, then the stems will have no effect.

Simply place your stems into a pot of water and add some coconut oil. Adding coconut oil is important because marijuana cannabinoids are not water soluble. Let this water simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes. Once that is done you then pour the water into a container through a strainer. Make sure to force any water through the strainer that might get clogged in the stems.

You can then pour this water into your favorite tea. This will give you some of the more relaxing effects associated with marijuana with the great taste of tea.

Another method to get an even more intense effect is to remove the weed stems from the filter and grind them up. You then add them to the tea. This gives you much more of an effect because the stems are more concentrated than the water.

Final Thoughts on Weed Stem Tea

Now, the overall effects of weed stem tea are not nearly as strong as smoking marijuana. However, this is a good thing for some people as it provides more of a relaxing experience. Weed stem tea is also a great way to recycle your weed stems. Remember, you normally just throw away any of your weed stems. Weed stem tea allows you to save some of them for future use.

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