Trulieve: The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Taking Over Florida

Medical marijuana has been a godsend for many people who live with chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, are undergoing chemo, or suffer from seizures.

While some states, Alaska, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregan, Vermont, and Washington, have legalized cannabis in general, and Michigan not being far behind, it’s easier to come by marijuana, whether it’s for medicinal purposes or recreationally.

Florida is one of the states where recreational cannabis is still illegal, but since 2016, medical marijuana has been legal as long as you have a prescription for it and you have a card that identifies you as someone who may use medical marijuana.

Since then there have been dispensaries popping up to keep up with demand. One such dispensary that has popped up in recent years is Trulieve.

Everything You Need to Know About Trulieve

Since receiving their medical dispensary license in 2015, Trulieve has grown quite quickly. While they are still somewhat hampered by the laws in the state, they are pushing to be able to grow more legal cannabis and open more dispensaries.

Trulieve Locations

Trulieve now has 20 dispensaries in Florida with more coming soon in Florida and California and Massachusetts as well. Here are the areas where you can currently find a dispensary:

  •     Tallahassee
  •     Clearwater
  •     Tampa
  •     Miami
  •     Pensacola
  •     Edgewater
  •     Lady Lake
  •     Jacksonville
  •     West Palm Beach
  •     St. Petersburg
  •     Bradenton
  •     Gainesville
  •     North Fort Myers
  •     Orlando
  •     New Port Richey
  •     Vero Beach
  •     Kendall
  •     Palm Coast
  •     Boynton Beach
  •     Dania Beach
  •     Sarasota

Trulieve Stock

At present, Trulieve is doing well in the market and the experts in the field are cautiously optimistic. They started trading on the CSE (Canadian Stock Exchange) in September and have experienced a lot of growth in this short time and are likely to continue to do so, just not quite as quickly.

Regulations at present cap all medical marijuana dispensaries at 25 sites.

Although there are many people who are trying to get the laws changed, including Trulieve themselves, this change is likely to take a while. This would naturally stunt growth after a certain point until the laws governing medical cannabis dispensaries and the growth of cannabis are amended.

Features of Trulieve Dispensaries

Trulieve wants to offer their customers the best experience possible, get the process as streamlined as possible, and make it as convenient for their customers as possible. Here are some of the ways that they’ve been doing this:

Marijuana Cultivation

Trulieve hand grows their marijuana in a controlled facility to prevent contamination and pests. They are working on being able to create more grow houses as the laws are very strict currently. At the moment, they currently offer the following strains:

  •     Indica
  •     Sativa
  •     Hybrid
  •     CBD

As mentioned, they do sell medical cannabis which includes THC, the psychoactive compound in weed, but there are low-THC options as well which will not make you high.

Does Trulieve Deliver?

Yes! Trulieve knows that it’s hard for some patients to get out to collect an order or shop around instore. You can order online or telephonically and have your products delivered to your door anywhere in Florida for a charge of $25 for regular delivery or $40 for rush delivery.

Trulieve App

Another awesome feature is the Trulieve app. You can find your nearest Trulieve dispensary, the nearest doctor able to qualify you for medical marijuana and keep a record of how well the products did or didn’t work for you.

You can also view all of their products before ordering them online, plus you gain points. Once you’ve accumulated 500 points you get 10% off your next order. You’ll be able to track how many points you have right there in the app in real time.

Trulieve Products

Because not everyone responds differently and has different needs and preferences, Trulieve has a wide range of products:


Vaping cannabis flower or bud allows you to get relief quicker than edibles. Most people will experience relief within 15 minutes. The effects don’t last as long as some of the other products though, so bear that in mind when choosing your products.

You can buy TruFlower Cups as 3-packs (3.5g in total) for use with a tabletop vaporizer. They’re available in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and CBD and you can choose from these varieties:

  •     Harlequin GDP
  •     Trueberry OG
  •     Green Crack
  •     Jack Herer
  •     Sour Diesel
  •     Gorilla Grapes
  •     9LB Hammer
  •     Lemon Tree


CBD or cannabidiol is one of the compounds in cannabis and industrial hemp plants responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties and a host of other benefits such as treating seizures. While THC is helpful for relieving pain, CBD can also do this for many people.

Depending on the formulation, you will find that the CBD to THC ratio is quite high and that there may be very low levels of THC so they won’t make you high. The CBD products are available in the following ways:

  •     Vaporizer Cups (3pk 3.5g)
  •     Vape Pen Cartridge (400mg)
  •     Topical Lotion (2oz)
  •     Capsules (25 capsules)
  •     Tincture (500mg)
  •     Syringe (200mg)

How fast you will experience relief varies by the product type. The products that you consume will take longer to come into effect but will be long-lasting. The Vape Pen Cartridge will be quick but the effect will also last longer than the Vaporizer Cups.


If you prefer to have a 1:1 ratio of CBD: THC you will find a suitable product in the Ratio range. With the exception of the CBD Vape Pen Cartridge (16:1), all these products have a 1:1 ratio:

  •     Topical Sunscreen SPF 30 (250mg)
  •     CBD Vape Pen Cartridge (400mg)
  •     Delta-8 Ratio Trupod (375 mg)
  •     Tincture (500mg)
  •     Truclear Concentrate Syringe (850mg)
  •     Vape Pen Cartridge (250mg)
  •     Capsules (25 capsules)

A ratio of 1:1 often offers better pain relief and other benefits such as stimulating the appetite and reducing nausea.


Concentrates are full spectrum CBD, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid oils that are available to use in:

  •     Vape Pens (1g)
  •     Trupods for Trustika (375mg-800mg)
  •     Truclear Concentrate Syringes (850mg)

The amount of THC in these products vary as does the CBD. Some people will respond better to full spectrum products, especially in terms of pain management.


If you find that vaping works best for you, you can choose from the Vape Cartridges or Vape Cups. The cartridges contain oil and the cups contain flowers.

As you will have seen from the categories above, you can choose your strain, variety, and even your preferred ratio when selecting Trulieve Vape products.

Syringes, Tinctures, and Capsules


From the previous product categories you probably already have a good idea about what these entail.

Here is a brief description of each:

  •     Capsules: Choose from either 10mg per capsule or 50mg per capsule
  •     Syringes: Choose between varying strengths, strains,     varieties, and volume per syringe.
  •     Tinctures: The tinctures are only available in the CBD Drops and the 1:1 Drops.


In order to use some of the above-mentioned products, Trulieve offers the following accessories:

  •     Concentrate Pen
  •     Silver Button Battery
  •     Truclear Warmer
  •     Trustik Vaporizer
  •     Mystica Vaporizer
  •     Tabletop Vaporizer
  •     Herb Cup Vaporizer
  •     Vape Pen

Most of these accessories are self-explanatory, but with regard to the Silver Button Battery, you use this with the Truclear Warmer and Truclear Syringe to power them. The Truclear Warmer is to be used with the Silver Button Battery and Truclear Syringe to warm the syringe safely.


In addition to the syringes (you can use the oil topically), you can also choose from these options if you prefer topical solutions to internal treatment:

  •     Topical Sunscreen SPF 30
  •     CBD Topical Lotion
  •     Hybrid Topical Cream

You can use these for skin irritations, eczema, psoriasis, wounds, to relieve pain in your muscles and joints and of course, sun protection in the case of the sunscreen.


Trulieve makes a Nasal Spray. Not to be confused with a nasal spray for clogged sinuses, the primary use of this spray is to stop seizures. It can be a bit tricky to get it into each nostril if you are having a seizure, but this is the quickest way to stop the seizure.

Trulieve Reviews On Leafly

One of the most reliable ways of seeing whether something is for you or not aside from trying it out yourself is by reading reviews. Leafly is a great resource with regards to all things weed both medicinally and recreationally. Here are a few of the reviews of Trulieve Orlando and some of the products:

Final Thoughts on Trulieve Dispensaries

Trulieve is growing quickly for a reason. Not only do they have a variety of products to use but they employ helpful staff and have options such as in-store pick-up and home delivery to make things a little easier for their customers.

As with any store or dispensary, you will have good days and bad days and the odd product that doesn’t work as it’s meant to, but you will also find some that really improve your life. We think that if you’re in Florida, go check Trulieve out. Try out their products, see what works for you.

If you’ve been to one of their dispensaries before or have tried their products, let us know what you thought.

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