Steep Hill: A Company for Cannabis Growers

Dispensaries are cropping up faster than cannabis plants themselves in states that have given the green light for its use and sale. If you happen to be lucky enough to live in one of these areas, you have access to edibles, vaping tools, marijuana, CBD oils, and many other products related to cannabis and hemp.

But did you ever think about the process involved with one of these dispensaries? Or any company that sells CBD from afar? They don’t just magically open their doors and offer you a boatload of weed-related items.

There is a lot of legwork and steps they need to go through. One thing is to ensure that what they say on their product labels pans out to reality. And this is where Steep Hill comes to the table.

About Steep Hill

When you visit a dispensary or website that sells any type of cannabis or hemp products, you obviously want to get the best quality products you can. These places often guarantee that they are using 100 percent pure hemp or cannabis and there are no particulates or contaminants to be found.

You are then left to your own devices to believe this to be true or not. But take this into consideration. The company selling the merch also wants to ensure your safety and that you are getting the highest quality stuff.

That’s how they create brand loyalty and have happy, returning customers. Enter Steep Hill and they satisfy this need for the suppliers.

Quite simply, they are a company that specializes in all things cannabis. They do lab testing, remote testing, R & D, genetics and licensing, to name a few things. All of these parameters are necessary for smaller businesses to become legal, and up and running.

Expanding to New Markets

Steep Hill first opened their doors in 2008, when cannabis just started to make some noise as a viable substance for legal sale. This initial launch was in Berkley, CA and they soon grew to other states like Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, and Washington DC.

Since then, they are now broadening their horizons and have their sites set on global reach. According to the Cannabis Business Times, they are expanding into the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and Mexico.

This is a telling sign that the cannabis industry is very much alive and kicking, and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Steep Hill Labs Services

Steep Hill

Before getting your foot in the door as a seller of cannabis products, you first must go through the legalization process. Then, you’re ready to rock n’ roll. And it is also at this point that you might want to have a conversation with Steep Hill.

They work with legalized companies to provide analytical services. They were also one of the first testing labs for medical marijuana when it came out.

The only difference between medical marijuana and the kind you get a dispensary is that a doctor prescribes it to you.

According to the Mayo Clinic, medical marijuana is crafted from the cannabis sativa plant and it can be smoked or ingested through food and beverages to offer relief with conditions like epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.

Here are some more in-depth services that Steep Hill offers.

Express Potency Report

You can’t always be sure that the potency is accurate when you buy a product. You want to know that the THC content really is 30 percent when it says it on a label.

Well, this is one of the things Steep Hill offers businesses. They can bring in a 1.5-g sample and be out the door in a matter of minutes. This service costs $50 too, in case you are looking into it.

Scientific Consulting

Being a newbie to any business can be a challenge. Regardless if it is construction, fitness, food prep or car sales. When it comes to the world of cannabis, it can be even more confusing and challenging. That’s where Steep Hill steps up.

They offer a battery of consulting services that include cannabis safety, scientific development, licensing, best practices and processing. And their team of associates is all very knowledgeable and credentialed.

Cultivation Science

Did you ever wonder if the sandwich you got at a restaurant might have been prepared with a contaminated knife? It’s an eerie thought, but it’s definitely possible. Well, part of the cultivation science service that Steep Hill offers ensures that the growing process of the cannabis plants meets a high standard and there is no contamination.

This is very good news when it comes to guaranteeing your customers that they are getting the highest quality product.

Potency Testing

The express potency report is just one of many tests administered by Steep Hill.

They take great pride in making sure that cultivators, manufacturers, and customers get the highest quality, potency, and consistency of all their cannabis products. They do this through rigorous quality-standard protocols in their testing labs.

Cannabinoid And Terpenoid Profiling

Cannabinoids are the beneficial substances that come from cannabis and hemp plants. The abbreviation “CBD” stands for cannabidiol, which is one example of a cannabinoid.

Terpenes are what give cannabis and hemp plants their fragrance. Much like cannabinoids, they too bring with them benefits to the body.

Steep Hill does a thorough testing protocol on these to determine their content. They either use High-performance Liquid Chromatography or Gas Chromatography. Based off of this, they are able to determine the concentrations of up to 42 terpenes and 20 cannabinoids.

Microbiological Screening

Whenever there’s an E-Coli outbreak, it sends a thrill of fear across the nation. Somewhere along the manufacturing pipeline of the victimized produce, microbes invaded and did their damage.

In the same vane, you do not want your cannabis products to be hit by faulty microorganisms that do a number on your customers.

And this is where microbiological screening can help. What they do is test for high amounts of molds and bacteria that can be damaging to the body. It’s unrealistic to have no mold at all.

But their screening process ensures it is so minimal of an amount that it won’t harm you when you use a cannabis product.

Genetic Testing Services

Tracing back the genes of cannabis plants enables you as a seller to give people the right information on what strains they are getting. Steep Hill offers a thorough test on the genetics of the plants, plus their biochemistry, physiology, and genomes.

Heavy Metals Screening

You often hear heavy metals referred to with fish. It’s true, they are subject to them, but so are cannabis plants. In fact, there’s a bit of a catch-22 involved here. Cannabis plants are very good bioremediators, which means they have a good ability at soaking up heavy metals and toxins that are in the earth.

But the obvious bad news is, this can spell disaster for you if you get a product that is high in heavy metals. This is where Steep Hill comes in. They have a screening process that can determine even the slightest amount of heavy metal contamination.

This gives patients and consumers the privilege of knowing how clean their dose is.

Residual Solvent Analysis

Steep Hill

Acetone, butane, ethanol, ethane, propane, methane and pentane are among residual solvents that Steep Hill quantifies. They do this for research and development purposes and they get as close as 20 parts per million and lower.

GenKit by Steep Hill

There is a bit of a trick involved with getting the best yield from crop growth when it comes to cannabis. The GenKit that Steep Hills offers makes this possible.

What is GenKit?

Simply put, this is a diagnostic, based on the DNA of cannabis plants. It tells you if you have male or female plants, which is handy information to know when you are producing a lot of crops.

What Are The Benefits Of Using GenKit?

It is important that female plants have enough time to cultivate and grow. These are the ones that produce the rawest material for production purposes.

By testing your plants, you can see which ones are male and female, and discard the excessive amount of male plants. The end result is you will have less waste and more volume.

How Does GenKit Work?

The process is really elementary. You clip off a sample of one of your plants and label it. Then you enclose it in a pre-stamped envelope and drop it off at a USPS mailbox for shipping. It then gets sent to Steep Hill and you just wait to hear back from them.

How Long Does The Test Take?

This all depends on how long it takes to get to Steep Hill. Once they get the sample, there is 3-to-5-day turnaround time. So if you live near one of the facilities, it will obviously take less time than if you are far away.

The Advantages Of Using Steep Hill

Quality assurance is very important when it comes to businesses that involve cannabis. With their wide variety of testing and purity checks, it would be in your best interest to utilize Steep Hill’s services.

Then you can breathe easy when you tell someone that your dispensary contains nothing but high-quality, high-purity products.

Farma Health Desk Editor