Stashlogix: Secure Storage Bags For Your Cannabis

Stashlogix is the bonafide stash bag company. In fact, it’s just about all they sell. Stashlogix manufactures beautifully designed, trendy and practical bags for traveling around with marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia.

Originally designed for parents to keep kids away from the baggie, Stashlogix has now evolved into making stash bags that aren’t just practical, but also beautiful.

Bags aren’t the only things in store, though. Stashlogix also takes care of any other “stashing” needs, such as glass jars with rewritable labels and joint tubes. It’s nice to see that for the most part, Stashlogix chooses eco-friendly materials, too, so you can get your joint tube in bamboo or metal.

All in all, Stashlogix makes beautiful, discreet and carefully designed products for the modern day cannabis user – especially the organized one! Whether a person likes to carry their herb while they go hiking or whether they like to discretely charge their vaporizer at a party, Stashlogix has a product that suits.

Stashlogix Products


Stashlogix products are varied to suit all the different kinds of marijuana users. Discretion is one of the main objectives of Stashlogix, and that’s why you won’t find any “inappropriate” logos or pictures on their gear. Everything is smooth, sleek and discreet, protecting even the classiest of smokers.

Their bags all feature “smell proof” technology so that you don’t have to be “that guy” on your morning train commute to work. That definitely gives Stashlogix products some extra brownie points.

So – okay. If you’re the kind of stoner that likes to carry around baggies with a picture of stoned Daffy Duck, then you might not be too impressed by Stashlogix products.

But if you’re one of those modern stoners that detest that stuff, then Stashlogix products might pleasantly surprise you. Let’s have a look!

Stashlogix ProStash

The ProStash is one of Stashlogix’s token and more expensive products. It is essentially a carry case with adjustable compartments inside (the dividers can be moved around). The bag comes with an activated charcoal and hemp pouch which acts as a filter for the smells that might be dying to get out of the case.

The ProStash also features a charging port for charging vaporizers or a mobile device discreetly.  Finally, this bag requires a 3 digit code to open, so there’s no real chance of “accidents’.

There is a smaller version of the ProStash called the EcoStash. It has all of the same features except that it’s smaller and doesn’t feature the elastic straps on the bottom of the ProStash. The Pro clocks in at $84 and the Eco at $64.

Silverton Case

The Silverton is an ode to both historical cultures of Colorado: mining and of course, ganja. This bag is very similar to the ProStash, except that it lacks the charging port and the interior is lined with a silver-color material that assists with odor blocking.

There are also rubber edges around the bag so that no cannabis smell leaks out. Just like the ProStash, this bag has a 3 digit code lock to keep your items fully secure and a fully adjustable compartment system. The odor blocking pouch is also included.

The Silverton Case is available in three sizes, small, medium and large.  The prices are $44, $59 and $69 respectively.

Dotsero Bag

This bag is actually named after a town that rests at the bottom of Colorado’s most recently active volcano. And the makers of this bag claim that it is “fire”, just like its namesake. This bag is less like a carry case, and more like a large wallet or purse.

It is odor resistant and weather resistant, making it the perfect way to stash your things for an outdoor experience. It keeps your bag smelling fresh (and nothing like ash).

The Dotsero bag is available in a number of colors, but if you choose the black one, then Stashlogix has manufactured it with recycled vinyl. The price for the Dotsero is $19.


The Highland is the carry bag for those who like to use weed and have an active lifestyle. The Highland range features cool, funky and colorful designs while staying true to the sleek and discreet designs of the company as a whole.

From the outside, the Highland actually just looks like a regular purse. But when you flip open the flap, there is a 3 digit integrated code lock to secure your items. The inner fabric is lined with activated carbon to absorb any smells, too.

Finally, there’s a belt sleeve so that you can convert this bag into a fannypack. It costs $45 to purchase the Highland.


According to toe Stashlogix, the Telluride is the ultimate carry case for the avid festival-goer. Stashlogix believes that nobody should walk into a festival without one of these bags slung over their shoulder or carried as a fannypack.

This bag features all the goodies: carbon lined fabric for odor protection and a 3 digit lock code.

However, the Telluride has some extra benefits. The bag is padded to protect fragile items, such as a glass pipe. There is also a zip pocket in the front for a wallet, phone or credit card. There are also mesh compartments inside the bag. It comes in a variety of colors and costs $64.


If you’re not familiar with Colorado geography, then you won’t know the significance of the LoHi. LoHi is a high-end, trendier version of Highland (which is another town in Colorado).

The people who live there work hard and have a good lifestyle, and so this bag is a little bit sleeker to fit the bill. It has the same features as the Highland, but in a sleeker, black design.

It features the 3 digit lock code, odor and water-resistant material and compartments throughout the bag. The LoHi clocks in at $84.

Aluminum Stash Tube

The Aluminum Stash Tube is exactly what the name suggests. It looks kind of like a torch from the outside, is discreet and completely inconspicuous. You can stash a joint inside this tube and any other materials you’d like to discreetly carry around.

The aluminum material also makes it resistant to water and other elements. It’s a premium quality product that should last as long as you don’t lose it! It costs $18 to buy the aluminum stash tube.

Top Shelf Stash Jar

If ever there was a stash jar for top-shelf weed, this is it. The outside part of the Top Shelf Stash Jar is made out of plastic recycled from milk cartons, gaskets, and shock absorbers. The inner portion of the jar is borosilicate glass and is easily removed to be cleaned.

The jar itself is waterproof, airproof and UV proof. So that means whatever is inside shouldn’t get destroyed even in the event of an apocalypse. Well, maybe not quite. It comes in three sizes – small, medium and large. Prices range from $15 to $22.

Glass Stash Jar

This product is pretty simple. It’s made from heavy-duty glass, so it’s hard to break. The Glass Stash Jar has a label on the top which you can remove using one of the wipes included in the pack. You can then re-label it as needed.

Sashlogix even includes the marker in the pack – that’s pretty thoughtful of them. The lid simply screws on. The Glass Stash Jar clocks in at $10.

Bamboo & Glass Stash Jar

It’s just like the Glass Stash Jar only the lid is made out of bamboo. Rather than screwing on, the lid is just pressed down to secure and then lifted to open. The bamboo lid has a silicone seal. Unlike the glass jar, there is no “rewritable” label on it.

This Bamboo & Glass Stash Jar also costs $10.

Bamboo Stash Tube

The Bamboo Stash Tube is for those who want to carry their joints around in style. The tube is perfectly crafted from bamboo, feels good to touch and looks simply beautiful.

It carries the Stashlogix logo on it, so perhaps it’s a little less discreet if people around you know the kinds of products this company manufactures.

It’s perfect to carry around a joint or two, or any other slim paraphernalia that can fit inside. This stash tube costs $10.

Aluminum Locking Stash Jar

The Aluminum Locking Stash Jar is actually manufactured by Canniloq rather than Stashlogix. However, it’s obvious the reasons that Stashlogix stocks this product. Its finish repels fingerprints, so it constantly looks clean and sleek. The whole unit is made out of aircraft aluminum, so it’s sure to last.

The lid is a childproof lid, which means it needs to be pushed down and turned simultaneously. It fits quite a lot of dried herb in there so it allows for the transport of a lot of goodies! This stash car costs $32.

Hemp-Plastic Stash Box

For all the lovers of hemp and eco-friendly plastic. This Hemp Plastic Stash Box is, quite obviously, made out of hemp and features a cool, sleek design. It also has the Stashlogix logo printed on the top.

Hemp plastics are biodegradable, which means that this box can’t be exposed to the sun or moisture for too long. It costs $5.

Hemp-Plastic Stash Tube

It’s just like all the other stash tubes except that it’s made out of hemp plastic rather than bamboo or aluminum. Again, the Hemp Plastic Stash Tube is biodegradable so it can’t be left in the sun or in water for too long or it will decompose. This stash tube comes in at a very nice price of $5.



Aside from bags, stash jars, and stash tubes, Stashlogix also stocks a range of goodies that cannabis enthusiasts might enjoy. In the goodies section of the online store, you’ll find cool lighter holders, odor repellant sprays, stash journals, pipe cleaners and tethers for your stash bags. They even sell packs of humidity controllers so that you can keep your stash at optimal humidity.

It’s worth checking out this part of the website in case you need to stock up on any supplementary items to go with your stash bag.

Benefits of Stashlogix

Stashlogix has some pretty epic products available for the person who loves the herb and doesn’t mind spending a bit of money to move around with it in style. The products aren’t cheap at Stashlogix, but most are crafted in Colorado and made out of fine materials.

It’s worth paying that little bit extra to get a dope product that is going to last a lifetime. Plus, the designs are so awesome and practical, it’s hard to walk away from them. Overall, Stashlogix has nailed it when it comes to stashing marijuana even if their products are a little on the pricey side.