SOL CBD Wants To Bring Your Body Back To Health

The objective of Sol CBD, as their slogan says, is to bring your body back to health. This family-owned business is perhaps one of the most credible manufacturers of CBD products in the USA. These products are fully lab tested, making them completely transparent to industrial contaminants and otherwise.

In fact, Sol CBD has become a reputable source for good quality, tested CBD products, and this company is starting to get a lot of attention around the USA.

The range of products is as comprehensive as it is sustainable. Sol CBD provides for all of the different preferences when it comes to consuming CBD, including a whole range of CBD products for our furry friends. As many of us know, getting your hands on a good quality CBD product can be challenging in the midst of the fast-paced cannabis movement. Although Sol CBD’s products are somewhat expensive, they guarantee quality and efficacy.

About Sol CBD

Sol CBD was founded by Oksana and Larry Ostrovsky. As a couple, they spent their lives deeply involved in nutrition and wellbeing practices. The passion for health finally led to the creation of Sol CBD. Part of Sol CBD’s manifesto is the dedication to delivering a quality product, even if it costs more.

The entire range of CBD products is third-party laboratory tested and each product comes with testing documentation. The plants used to create Sol CBD products are sourced from organic farms in Northern Europe and processed in the USA.

Sol CBD offers compassionate programs to those who have low incomes. It’s nice to see this as a part of the company’s manifesto as an expression of their positive involvement in the community. Sol CBD offers products that are otherwise really difficult to find in the CBD market, such as Liposomal CBD (which we’ll talk about more later in the article).

Overall, Sol CBD is holistic in their approach to providing CBD medicine, catering to the community as well as the individual.

Sol CBD Products

The range of CBD products by Sol CBD is quite extensive, ranging from tinctures to balms to CBD for pets. This allows everybody the opportunity to use CBD without a compromise on their preferred method of ingestion. We’re going to have a look at each product in a little bit of detail.


Capsules are ideal for those who don’t need immediate relief and don’t really like the taste of CBD oil. Capsules are a perfect way to mitigate the taste, so long as you can handle swallowing a capsule. With that being said, each one of Sol CBD’s capsules contains 15mg of CBD, which might be a lot for someone who has just started taking CBD.

It is probably recommended to take a lower dose when just starting out. However, if 15mg is the perfect dose, then this jar of capsules is the easiest way to dose on the go. The whole bottle usually costs $79 and contains 30 capsules. The ingredients of these capsules are simple: MCT oil derived from coconuts, hemp oil, and CBD extract.

Sol CBD Oil


Sol CBD oils have the unique quality of being liposomal CBD oils. In short, CBD is put into small vesicles called liposomes that make it easier for the body to absorb CBD. The general objective of this is to make CBD more bioavailable and faster acting. This means patients can experience some relief at a smaller dose.

The bottle contains a grand total of 300mg of CBD and usually costs $95, making it less economical than the capsules. However, the added technology of liposomes makes this product attractive.


Interestingly, Sol CBD’s CBD tincture is the only product that is advertised as being made from organic hemp grown in the USA. The tincture is made from the same ingredients as the capsules, including only MCT oil derived from coconuts, hemp oil, and CO2 extracted CBD.

There are two concentrations to choose from; 300mg and 3600 mg. The 300mg bottle comes in natural and cinnamint flavors, while the high dose bottle comes only in the natural flavor. For a bottle of 300mg CBD, it’s usually $79 while for the larger bottle it is up to $397. Obviously, there’s a huge discrepancy in price. However, the bigger bottle has more than 10 times the amount of CBD as the smaller bottle.

CBD For Pets

One of the beautiful things about Sol CBD is that they have considered our pets when manufacturing their products. The range includes a bottle of CBD tincture specifically formulated for pets. It contains a lesser concentration of CBD so that you can dose your animal with confidence. The bottle contains 100mg of CBD and costs $37.

Again, the ingredients are pretty simple: just MCT oil derived from coconuts, hemp oil, and CBD extract. There’s nothing in this bottle that could harm your favorite furry creature.


The recipe for Sol CBD’s balm is quite elaborate. CBD is not the only muscle relaxing ingredient in the jar. The ingredients are ucuuba butter, andiroba oil, lemon peel oil, rosemary leaf extract, sunflower seed oil, nerolidol (a sedative terpene), wintergreen oil, eucalyptus oil, calendula, copaiba oil, candelilla wax, and hemp oil.

The special ingredient list is designed to relax muscles and provide localize relief directly where it hurts. All of the ingredients contribute to this effect. In total, the jar contains 125 mg CBD and it costs $59. It’s quite a lofty price tag for hemp balm, but with that being said, the formula is pretty impressive.

Sol CBD Best Sellers

Let’s have a look at some of the products that make Sol CBD famous across the USA. As is always the case, some products sell better than others – and as a consumer, it’s good to know why!

Liposomal CBD Oil – Orange Twist

We talked briefly about what it means for a CBD product to be liposomal. Essentially, these tiny vesicles called lysosomes hold minute amounts of fluid inside. This fluid (in this case) is CBD oil. The reason the product has been formulated in this way is to increase the bioavailability of CBD to the human body.

For those who don’t know what that means, bioavailability is the amount of a certain substance that is actually absorbed. Because CBD is fat soluble and not water soluble, a lot of it is lost in the process of digestion; the entire digestive system operates with water.

This product is designed to be absorbed by the body and even faster than conventional CBD oil. It has an orange flavor, too, for those who really can’t stand the taste of CBD. Each bottle contains 300mg CBD and costs $95.

Maximum Strength Herbal CBD Balm


What makes this CBD balm so impressive is its list of ingredients. Even a child could confidently read this ingredient list without being bombarded by a list of chemicals. It is quite difficult to find lotions and balms that don’t contain a myriad of unfamiliar ingredients, and so this is kind of something special.

The unique blend of herbal extracts, different types of butter, and oils make the CBD balm by Sol CBD effective and completely non-toxic. You could probably eat it – although it wouldn’t taste very good. There’s no wonder that this product is one of their best sellers. Again, it’s pretty expensive at $59, but probably well worth it.

Cinnamint Flavor CBD Oil

Well, cinnamint says everything, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t enjoy taking a medicine that tastes like cinnamon and mint? The hemp that is used to create Sol CBD’s cinnamint tincture is grown in the USA on a certified organic farm.

The product is made from only a handful of ingredients: hemp oil, CO2 extracted CBD, MCT oil derived from coconuts and peppermint and cinnamon extracts. Ingredient lists like this are quite charming, and it’s probably no surprise that many people purchase this product. Each bottle contains 300mg CBD and costs $79.

Sol CBD Reviews – What Do Customers Say?

In general, customers seem to have only positive or neutral responses to Sol CBD products. Although there a couple of bad reviews, they are not that common. And that is surprising for a company as big as Sol CBD. Let’s have a look at what some customers say.


Apparently being a skeptic is not enough to stand in the way of this customer experiencing the effects of CBD. Effective for anxiety and pain, according to Jaret. This review can be found on Sol CBD’s Cinnamint tincture product page.

This customer experienced some relief from arthritic pain using Sol CBD’s CBD balm. Even within a short time, the customer has seen some positive results. Check out this review here.

Interestingly, this customer does not like the citrus flavor of Sol CBD’s liposomal oil. Other than that, the customer has no complaints. But this might help customers choose wisely when it comes to flavoring. This review was published on the product page for liposomal CBD oil.

If this isn’t the sweetest CBD success story, then what is? This review is about SOl CBD’s pet products. It helped this customer’s cat get some relief from arthritis and gain the ability to walk again. Read this review and more about pet products here.

Benefits of SOl CBD

Overall, there are not many bad things to say about Sol CBD. This is probably why they have become such a popular source for CBD products across the USA. If there’s any criticism at all, it’s that the Sol CBD website is not the easiest to navigate. Aside from that, the products seem sustainable, well formulated and effective according to reviews.

It’s also nice that those who can’t afford products can use Sol CBD’s compassionate program to get discounts on products. And if you don’t qualify, you’ll have to join the rest of us and go searching Google for a Sol CBD coupon!

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