Serenity Hemp SoftGels Review: A Superfood in a Small Package

Serenity Hemp SoftGels Review: A Superfood in a Small Package

Serenity Hemp SoftGels Review: A Superfood in a Small Package

Superfoods are a relatively new term that everyone’s throwing around, but not a lot of people know what exactly the term refers to. A superfood is a consumable, all natural product that gives the consumer a lot of nutrients and health benefits, such as lower cholesterol levels, better circulation, and antioxidants.

Generally, people think of avocados, argan oil, and other “mainstream” products when the phrase superfood is uttered, but that’s just a small part.

Hemp oil, for instance, is a very potent, highly controversial product because it’s also known as CBD oil and associated with marijuana, or cannabis oil. Cannabis is a plant that’s used as a recreational drug, because of the THC active substance that triggers psychoactive experiences.

Hemp contains trace amounts of THC and similar amounts of CBD, which is the good part of the plant. Hemp oil, either extracted from the plant or the seed, is known to improve the lives of people who suffer from anxiety, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, high cholesterol, and diabetes, to name a few. It’s safe to use and doesn’t cause the user to get any kind of high.

Serenity Hemp SoftGels

Serenity Hemp SoftGels is a hemp oil-based product that comes in the form of small, soft capsules, which are to be ingested by the user. It’s a food supplement meant to be used by people who suffer from certain imbalances.



  • Made in the USA by an FDA-inspected, GMP-certified facility
  • Comes in capsules, a convenient way of administering the product
  • Has a 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, physicians considering this to be the optimal ratio for a food
  • Contributes to a healthy lifestyle by solving sleep-related issues, anxiety, relieving stress and even pain in certain injuries or conditions
  • Gluten free, no GMOs used in making this product


  • Comes in convenient packaging
  • Made from non-GMO plants
  • Great for treatment or as a general supplement


  • Can’t be used like conventional hemp oil (salad dressing, hair conditioner)


The Serenity Hemp SoftGels is a neatly designed product which provides a lot of uses because of its smart packaging and clean formula. It’s 100% organic, and due to the fact that it’s manufactured in the USA, in a safe, controlled facility, these statements are 100% accurate.

The capsules can be used for a lot of different purposes. Stress is very manageable with these softgel capsules. Just taking a few each day, or at a time (depending on the body’s reaction) will translate into a fast relief of stress, more quality rest and a better overall state of mind. These work great with people who suffer from anxiety too.

The fatty acids the supplement contains will act on multiple levels, causing a lot of positive effects. They contribute to lowering cholesterol levels, meaning that using these as a part of one’s diet will translate into lower risks of heart disease, kidney failure and other conditions that are associated with high cholesterol.

Keep in mind though that these are food supplements and don’t substitute a healthy diet. Change must take place at all levels.

The active compounds that are found in hemp oil will also improve the user’s appearance. Fatty acids will contribute to better-looking skin and hair, as it contains plenty minerals and Omega acids which contributes to faster skin exfoliation, more hydrated skin and hair, and a more efficient nutrient delivery.

It contains plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, meaning that this will do wonders for people who keep a not-so-healthy lifestyle. Smokers will feel better after starting treatment since their lungs will gradually become cleaner.

The pain of all types also sees quite an improvement after using the softgels. Hemp oil has been used for quite a while as an analgesic due to its pain-inhibiting properties.

Cannabinol, one of the compounds that are found in hemp and marijuana plants, does wonder for pain. Cannabis has even been prescribed to patients who suffer from serious medical conditions due to its pain-alleviating properties and its ability to increase one’s appetite.

One of the issues with this product is that users might require more than the recommended one to two capsules to feel clear results. The label also states that consumers should take as many as necessary to see optimal results, but exceeding a sensible limit might cause side-effects, requiring the user to discontinue the treatment.

On the plus side, the pills are practically tasteless. This is very interesting since hemp oil has a very strong, somewhat unpleasant taste. The packaging makes it very easy to keep treatment on track.


The market is filled with food supplements which are incredibly easy to manufacture, with manufacturers having to respect very few regulations before launching a product. Because of this, shoppers must stay informed and carefully research a product before purchasing it. Let’s take a look at some of the other alternatives to this hemp oil-based food supplement.

Elite Hemp, for instance, has launched a product called Premium Hemp Gummies. These are hemp and coconut oil-based caramels that are meant to be used by both adults and children.

For starters, the whole concept of hemp gummies is somewhat ridiculous. It contains high amounts of sugar and even food coloring, defeating the main purpose of taking food supplements.

Moreover, the manufacturer uses labels such as 100% Organic Full-spectrum hemp, which doesn’t actually mean anything. Full-spectrum hemp refers to a method of oil extraction, not to the hemp itself, meaning that Elite Hemp was intentionally misleading to increase their profits.

Taking everything into account, it’s pretty clear that Serenity Hemp SoftGels are the much better product. They’re even more effective in smaller doses, making the Elite Hemp product literally useless.


Hemp oil is a superfood, but it’s confusing to find a good product. These SoftGels have good packaging, deliver a lot of what’s advertised on the bottle and are tasteless and odorless.

They’re a convenient way of administering treatment to people who require better sleep, pain alleviating medicine, something to make anxiety manageable or just an overall healthier lifestyle.

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