Edible Dosage: 5 Tips to Safely Dose & Enjoy Cannabis Edibles

If you are an avid user of cannabis, odds are you have eaten at least once what is now widely referred to as an edible. And even if you do not use cannabis that often, at one time you probably ate a brownie or two when you wanted to satisfy your curiosity.

The history of edibles is not particularly straightforward as there is no institution responsible for its creation. It can only be traced back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s when cannabis users were trying out new ways of consuming the drug and started to mix it with food, particularly brownie batter.

Since then, cannabis-infused food also known as edibles have become the backbone of a multimillion-dollar industry in California alone while doing similar numbers in other states. These days, edibles are not only found in college dormitories but at fine dining restaurants, weddings and practically every celebration of any kind. This leaves little to be surprised at when a report published by a foremost marijuana industry tracking company New Frontier indicated that more people are choosing to eat their weed as opposed to smoking it.

Because of the secrecy and mystique that shrouded cannabis in the early years, there were many cases of users who consumed edibles that contained cannabis with potency far more than they could handle. But these days thanks to the regulations and standardization that is sweeping the industry, safeguards are being put in place to ensure the smoothest experience possible.

But how do you know the right quantity of cannabis to put into your meal or the right strain to use? This article is going to walk you through 5 tips to help you figure out the right amount of dose, strain and so much more to give you the best edible experience you have ever had.

5 Tips to Safely Dose

1. Figure out the dosage of the cannabis you intend to buy:

Gone are the days of guessing after you have ingested the cannabis. Regulations have mandated manufacturers to list the content of their THC/CBD in grams. For the avid user, 10grams is considered a standard dose,but a newbie should look at taking at least half that to get started.

Doses come in 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 40mg and so on with different classes of people requiring different levels of cannabis in order to get their high. While most veterans would consider 10mg too little for use, other people use between 3-7mg in a trend that is now being referred to as micro-dosing. A gentle continuous awakening of the body’s cannabinoid receptors in other to improve mood or focus.

2. Factor in your Tolerance:

Like everything about the human body, tolerance varies per person based on a lot of factors. The tolerance of an 18-year-old who has been using cannabis for three years or more would be higher than that of a 42-year-old who is on the verge of having his/her first edible.

Increased and continuous use of THC always results in a higher tolerance level which is why newbies are encouraged to start in small doses. Some people recall feeling paranoid, anxious or dizzy and when THC/CBD is consumed in large doses, these feelings are said to be amplified.

3. Start slowly and work your way up:

While humans are not necessarily famous for our restraint, it turns out that you need to have a lot of restraintin order to have a smooth edible experience. Many first-time users successfully note the first two steps,but they go ahead to consume the entirety of their edibles in a few minutes triggering a wave of high they are absolutely not ready for.

The secret to having and enjoying your first edible experience is not to rush the process. Simply consume one edible and hold on till you feel the effects. Depending on the dosage of the cannabis you selected earlier, that could take 30 minutes,or it could take two hours, ensure you only consume another edible after the effects of the initial edible kicks in. Doing it this way will allow you to keep control of your situation and reduce the risk of you waking up with a hangover

4. Try to eat something:

You know how you try to eat something before you go for a night out of drinking? Well consuming edibles means you have to consider what you have eaten before you use. While it is generally advisable to eat normal food before using, using on an empty stomach is not particularly frowned upon. All that means is that you need to reduce the quantity of edible you are bound to take as using on an empty stomach means you feel the effects faster and in a more amplified manner.

Another thing worthy of note is what you may or may not have drunk before consuming an edible. Alcohol amplifies the effects of THC,so when mixing the both of them, the ideal thing is to tread carefully.

5. Find your safe place:

This may just be the most important advice you would read today. Finding a safe place where you feel comfortable and have a sense of familiarity is important as you go on a journey that would push you mentally. While some people have had mild reactions to cannabis, there have been notable cases where people freak out and trash an environment because they were under the influence of the drug.

Another important thing to have on standby when about to take an edible is a friend who Is familiar with the process and can talk you through what you are feeling per time. One of the feelings you would not want to be amplified by your high is a feeling of unease,so it is important to do everything possible to set your mind at rest before you begin.

The most important thing to note when eating edibles is that your process is entirely up to you. Try not to feel threatened by the lesser amount of cannabis you are consuming and remember that you are building tolerance and working your way up the ladder.


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