Rosin Press: A Beginner’s Guide 

Despite continued law regulations regarding marijuana, the cannabis industry is currently bigger than ever with the expectation that it will have grown by 700 percent by the year 2020. With the legalization of marijuana in some states on top of an already wide-spread illegal use, it is no wonder that the demand for cannabis is continuing to quickly rise.

With this ever-growing demand for weed products, it then makes sense that the producers of weed products want to be able to sell their products as quickly and easily as possible on a consistent basis.

Usually, when making most weed products, there is a relatively long production process. However, cannabis lovers have found a faster method of gaining a high-quality, potent marijuana product. In a matter of seconds or minutes, you can use a simple technique that allows you to access the potent cannabinoids with the least effort. This method is done using a rosin press.

What is Rosin?

Before going into the details about how the rosin press is used, one must first know what rosin is, to begin with.

A rosin press is designed to literally press out the resin from the cannabis material. This resin is called rosin. This gooey, golden-yellow sap is overflowing with strong terpenes, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids, all of which, put together, produce a highly desired product for its potency and strength.

Why Do People Choose Rosin?

The first, and biggest reason, people choose rosin is because it is so easy to extract and use. It doesn’t need any solvent material. Therefore, after you use the rosin press to extract the resin, which should only take a few minutes at the most, you can instantly use the fresh rosin.

People also like it because it can easily be made into many different forms of cannabis products. With such a versatile and easy-to-make product, it is no wonder why rosin is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of cannabis in the weed market.

Also, it is a healthier option. Rosin doesn’t involve additional processing steps that require material with chemicals, therefore, making it a much more organic substance to put into the body.

Additionally, when making rosin, you naturally yield a high-quality hash oil, if the extraction process is done right. With other techniques and cannabis products, it is easier to get away with making sub-standard products because of the way they are made or extracted. With rosin, the extraction process is simplified and pure, which guarantees a high-THC and high terpene yield.

Lastly, it is a relatively low-cost item to make and sell compared to other methods that require more material and more time.

What is a Rosin Press?

The traditional rosin press is a simple contraption that quickly produces rosin. It involves two heated press plates that are pressed onto one another with the cannabis product wrapped in parchment paper in the middle. The heat coupled with the pressure forces the cannabis to release its resinous liquid.

The heat loosens the glands of the plant, called trichomes, while the plates are pressing on the cannabis flower, thereby effectively extracting the rosin. When you open the parchment paper, you have a rich rosin hash oil.

There are many different ways to produce a rosin press; however, the most effective rosin presses, which successfully extracts the most rosin, are commercially made rosin presses.

History Of The Rosin Press

Rosin presses originated in Jamaica in the 1970’s. The first rosin presses involved the traditional method of jointly using heat and pressure. However, the traditional filters were nylon pantyhose, which acted as a primitive form of a rosin nylon bag that is sometimes used today as a filter. It’s not the best way to produce rosin but it worked well enough in a time when professionally made rosin presses were non-existent.

The next way that rosin was extracted from the cannabis flower was using a hair straightener. This method is still used today by many individuals. The heat plates when pressed together, produce the desired effect on a cannabis product to produce rosin.

However, because it is hard to produce the precise temperature and high pressure needed to yield the most resin out of the cannabis, hair straighteners generally can only guarantee a five to ten percent rosin result, whereas, a commercial press can get up to a 30 percent rosin result.

Then it was discovered that the T-shirt and hat presses work well. They were sold at high prices for this very purpose. However, when the first commercial presses came out, it quickly became apparent that these types of presses weren’t the best after all because, yet again, getting just the right amount of pressure and the heat needed for optimal rosin batches were almost impossible to consistently produce.

Finally, the commercial rosin tech was introduced, which is a very recent invention. These presses are professionally designed to get the most rosin from your cannabis, having the ability to create the right temperature and pressure control needed for making rosin. However, there are two different types of press machines: a hydraulic press and a pneumatic press.

Hydraulic vs. Pneumatic Rosin Press

A hydraulic rosin press utilizes the power of water while pressing a nug. A pneumatic rosin press utilizes the power of air force, acting as an air compressor on rosin flowers. However, if you are going to spend the money to invest in a superior rosin press that gives just the right amount of pressure and heat, the pneumatic rosin press is superior the answer. Why is this?

Also, pneumatic presses require little to no upkeep because they do not involve oil or water. Also, they are quieter and less vulnerable to wearing out than a hydraulic press.

Additionally, they are easier to use and offer a more even pressure, while hydraulic rosin presses tend to administer too much pressure, which can potentially ruin your rosin.

How To Make a DIY Rosin Press

If you decide to make your own rosin press, the biggest thing to remember is that without high-quality material that gives an excellent performance, you cannot consistently have a great-quality rosin product. Your press not only needs to extract the most resin possible with the least heat damage, but it also needs to be reliable for long-term use.

The last thing you want is leaky hydraulics, bending frames, or other hazardous and unsafe press features.

You want built-in safety features as well as parts that will not overheat the rosin or waste the hash being used to produce the rosin. You also want to make sure that the speed at which the plates close together is not too fast or slow and that the evenness of the plates is level for optimal rosin oil.

There are many ways to make your at-home rosin press. Many people, especially people that do not sell their rosin but use it only for their own pleasure, use a hair straightener. But again, this method is questionable when it comes to producing quality rosin oil. Therefore, this method is a super affordable method for people who don’t produce or use rosin a lot.

The best way to ensure you make a reliable, high-quality rosin press is to invest in quality material. You will need plates that come with a digital readout and an electronic controller. You will also need the press itself.

What To Do With Rosin Chips

After your rosin press gets most of the rosin out of your cannabis flower, you are then left with this compressed rosin chip that hardens when you let it sit. There are many things you can do with these rosin chips to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth out of your cannabis plant.

Make Edibles

The first way you can use your rosin chips is to make edibles. You simply break apart the rosin chips, boil them, and then strain the oil from the boiled chip pieces. You can then use this oil to make edibles, such as gummies, brownies, and other popular marijuana edibles.

Vape Your Rosin Chips

The second way to use your rosin chips is to vape the liquid that is boiled. Just follow the same process as above and you will have your resinous cannabis liquid to vape!

Make a Tincture

Tinctures are supplements that are made using a particular medicinal herb which is then placed in an alcohol solvent to capture the medicinal qualities of the herb or plant.

In this case, you would submerge your rosin chips in an ethyl-alcohol solvent. Let it sit for a while minutes, hours, or a day and then strain away the chip pieces. This produces the cannabis tincture that can be taken once to twice a day.

Make Cannabutter

Rosin Press

Making cannabutter from rosin chips is a great way to get your cannabis in for the day. Simply boil or bake the butter of your choice together with the broken up rosin chips on a low temperature. After you’ve sufficiently boiled or baked your rosin chips in the butter, you strain it and then place your butter in the fridge so that it can harden. It will then be ready to use.

Common Mistakes With Rosin Presses

The most common mistakes with rosin presses are as follows:

Avoid Cheap or Old Rosin Presses

Cheap rosin presses are not worth investing in. You can spend just as much money and get a great-quality machinery set that effectively extracts superior rosin oil. The cheaper ones will either damage the rosin with high temperatures or will waste the cannabis plant by not getting the most extraction from it.

Additionally, cheap rosin presses are unreliable because they are more likely to break, or, not give you a consistently potent, high caliber rosin product.

Be Careful If You’re Making DIY Press

The reason you need to be careful when making your own press is that home-made rosin presses do not usually have the safety features that most commercial presses have. Therefore, if you make your own rosin press machine, make sure that you know how to install the necessary safety features.

Rosin Press Safety

Make sure that you are wearing gloves while handling hot rosin wax. Also, make sure that you are extremely careful with your fingers, as they can easily get smashed inside the plates.

Is a Rosin Press The Right Next Step For You?

If you find that you are making, consuming, and even selling a large amount of cannabis and you want a quicker way to make marijuana products, consider rosin and the rosin press as your next best option. Investing in a high-quality rosin press might be just the thing you need to take your cannabis passion to a whole new level.