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Everything You Knew About Reggie Weed Was Wrong!

Have you been utterly confused about what kind of weed you should go for? I mean, there are so many available for you to choose from yet each time it’s like you’re hurting your lungs the more because that’s what trashy weed will do to you. From complete trash to those that make you feel like heaven, I feel folks should know what they are being served.

So the first one I am going to tell you about is the most common but on the bright side, you will discover why you either hated it instantly or just resigned to your fate, settling for what you got. Here is everything you need to know.

What is Reggie Weed?

Reggie weed as it is commonly called is a type of marijuana that is considered to be medicinal and is a grade C weed also mostly of the sativa family precisely 70 percent.

Since it is from one of the most common strains, the dark green marijuana with its reddish-orange hair can be grown anywhere literally especially in an open field, unlike other types which are bad because it is where it gets its bad quality from bad fertilization. It’s that marijuana that makes you feel like you can eat an entire horse immediately after smoking or ingesting it.

The weed has a low THC content so it is more difficult for you to reach the high you need when you choose Reggie weed which you might do knowingly or not.

Characteristics of Reggie Weed

If you need to be sure that what you have is really Reggie weed or if you’re trying to avoid this weed, you should look out for the following features that you can see clearly once it is being sold to you.

The THC Content in Reggie Weed

In order to get absolutely high, your body requires a certain amount tetrahydrocannabinol commonly known as THC.

For medical purposes, it is not advisable to consume weed with a high THC level which means that some people do not care about the fact that Reggie weed has a low THC content that is from 18-20 percent, compared to others this is low. What this translates to is that this marijuana is guaranteed to keep you mildly high as you go about your day.

Seeds and Stems

One of the first things you should know about this plant is that the strain is everywhere, now how does it get to be that way? Simple really, it can be grown wherever, literally, your backyard too.

Due to this poor method of cultivation with little or no fertilization, it comes out with a lot more seeds and stems than leaves, it occurs when the female part of the marijuana makes seeds and transfers the energy it might have used on buds and on increasing the THC content into making more seeds, this of course leads to the production of weed with less quality.

Taste and Smell

No, it definitely doesn’t get better with taste. As stated before Reggie weed is grown poorly this causes it to produce a lot more seeds than necessary. Since the taste of any quality weed is totally determined by the conditions it was grown, we can count this strain out.

The seeds that it produces interfere with your smoke, believe it. It ends up tasting rather grassy and dry. The belief that it is medicinal is also reinforced here as it comes out tasting almost like herbs and lacks the quality flavor that others have, you would not want to remember ever having tasted it after smoking.

Often Flaky and Dry

How does your mouth feel after you smoke this particular cannabis? Like your spit went on a vacation, it leaves it completely dry. It is generally flaky and is known to break into several pieces with ease.

The High May Be Weak

With its low THC content, it is next to impossible to completely high except if it is consumed excessively and it wears off fast.

Users Have High Expectations

Everyone has a preference, even the ones we condemn as bad are regarded as a favorite by someone else, but if you are just starting in the world of marijuana, your head is probably filled with how good it is and how it can give you this out of the world feeling.

So you have this huge expectation of getting your full satisfaction; that is not wrong. Even seasoned smokers have expectations for good quality weed when they buy but here is another you need to stay away from if you can.

What is Brick Weed?

Reggie Weed

This type of weed derived its name from its transport means because it comes in a condensed dehydrated form. This strain has its origins in Mexico where the growers have to press it together tightly in brick forms in order to get across the border.

It is filled with stems and seeds and does not have a good aroma and taste. It has an even lower THC content than Reggie because most of the resin is lost during the compression, to sum up, it’s bad weed.

Characteristics of Brick Weed

Compressed Marijuana

The marijuana plant has to be dehydrated (remove all moisture) pressed down to brick-like forms in order to be smuggled it across the border successfully. As a result of this, it is sold in the brick form because it is already too hard to be split.

Often Full of Seeds and Stems

Like Reggie, it is usually grown poorly and because of its packaging and the compression, the leaves are crushed out leaving you with a bunch of stems and seeds.

Another reason why it contains way too many seeds is that the flowering plant has been pollinated by the male plants already before harvest thereby creating the dank dirt weed.

Poorly Cultivated

Since it can be grown virtually anywhere, people tend to pay less attention to how it is cultivated and once marijuana is not properly taken care of, it will definitely come out bad.

Also, in some places the commercial dealers only grow it in huge quantities so as to gain much in a short time, in doing this they neglect the farm and barely meet up with the agricultural requirements like fertilization. At the end of this, what they have to sell is a cannabis plant with a low THC content of 5-10 percent.

Varying Quality

After cultivation, different types of plant qualities are harvested according to the care given to it. It is an essential medicinal stain after all. Brick weed cannot be said to be either of low quality or high just because it comes in that form, it’s only that way so that it can be transported easily.

You can only be sure of its good quality after you have smoked, vaped or eaten it but if it contains excessive stems and marijuana seeds or if it feels too light even if it looks bulky it is probably very bad.

Problems With Reggie Weed and Brick Weed

Having seen both their characteristics, these are some problems associated with the strains. First off, smoking them only gets you moderately high if at all due to their low THC level. Resin production is low poor since the flowering plants are pollinated; it is the sticky part where most of the ‘good’ chemicals are found.

Although they are very obtainable and cheap, smoking them will leave you feeling uncomfortable and your mouth dry should you decide to try them. Medical marijuana is beneficial but if you need a serious medicinal strain, these two will not serve that purpose as you need.

Not Well Regulated For Medicinal Use

Despite having seen how helpful cannabis can be medically in treating depression, anxiety and in some cases seizures, government regulations do not allow its circulation as a drug but it is under scrutiny as it is entirely too difficult to see its full benefits when people consume it wrongly through vaping or smoking excessively.

Although some professional medical experts are fighting for the use of CBD oil or cannabinoids for the treatment of seizures, there is a long way to go before they get full approval.

They argue that if weed becomes legal that people will end up using it recreationally only and so they fail to regulate marijuana which makes it difficult for sick people in need of it to buy even as a prescription.

Marijuana Legalization: What It Means For Reggie Weed

The legalization of marijuana is a controversial topic, there are only two known countries that have fully legalized the consumption of marijuana plants for recreational and medicinal use; they are Canada and Uruguay. In the U.S, however only nine out of the fifty states have legalized its consumption and sales and thirty-one states can use it medicinally though it is still illegal federally.

However, several countries have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, countries like Poland, Colombia, Greece, Peru, Israel, Canada, The United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Others allow the use of Marinol or Sativex which are cannabinoid drugs to treat ailments.

These all show that most states are loosening its tight beliefs against the side effects of weed and with theses legalizations, it is easy to see that Reggie and Brick weed will be phased out soon, since the major reason for the existence of brick weed is that it has to be compressed in order to be smuggled. Simply put, there is no need to hide cannabis production so chances of the survival of these strains are pretty slim.

More High-Quality Weed in the Market

You might have gotten confused; it seems a lot to try and decipher which ones are the best from our trashy brick and Reggie, it’s not hopeless yet, there are other types of weed that are far better, there are great dank weeds like Beasters which are scientifically engineered and grown in good conditions to ensure it comes out with good quality.

Overall Issues of Quality

You can have access to good weed but nothing good comes easy or cheap. It is expensive, going for thirty dollars a pound and more. In places where marijuana has been legalized, the cannabis industry finds it easier to produce the best and you have access to get them without the constraint of committing a crime.

Final Thoughts

A good legal weed is based on the government you’re under, if you’re lucky enough to be in a place where marijuana has been legalized you can totally avoid Reggie and brick weed or be careful to note the bad features you’ve read about in this article then even your dealer will not be able to deceive you with what he is passing off as quality weed. You’ll certainly be in the clear.

Remember to feel it first; the lighter it is the worse it will be despite the size like in Brick weed, while you can never be 100% certain of marijuana’s quality without smoking it first, knowing what to expect when you see it eliminates a lot of the bad choices you might have made.

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