Pure Spectrum CBD: Cannabidiol Products From American-Grown Organic Hemp

Everyone is loving the effects of CBD products at this moment. If you are reading this, then you are probably already interested in learning more about the health benefits attributed to CBD and figuring out what it can do for you. CBD is known to greatly help in the management of pain and inflammation, but it can do much more for you.

Of course, cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Many of them are closely associated with improving wellness and treating certain diseases and disorders. As the popularity of CBD products seems to grow more every day, you may be enthusiastic to know that there is a next step up from the normal CBD items.

Pure Spectrum CBD is the next level of these supplements and medications that you should consider adding to your routine.

About Pure Spectrum CBD

You may have heard the term “Pure Spectrum CBD” before, but you just aren’t sure what the difference is between Pure Spectrum and other CBD products. With the amount of CBD supplements on the market, this is totally understandable. It can be difficult to keep everything straight in this booming market.

Think of Pure Spectrum as a family company wanting to provide the purest CBD products possible. They take their technology and process seriously as they are trying to present the best CBD products on the market. If you take a look at their website, you will notice that it has a list of their top employees and how much they want to make a difference in the CBD field.

Having their employees looking like attractive models in their pictures is not a bad thing either. After all, who are you more willing to buy from, photogenic people that you would like to date or someone that appears to be a rough and tumble truck driver?

Pure Spectrum is interested in providing top CBD products and having lab tests to back up their claims as well. If your current CBD supplier does not have their lab results prominently displayed, then you should really think about dropping them as your supplier.

Pure Spectrum manufactures non-GMO hemp oil through pure and organic ingredients. Pure Spectrum has their products third-party tested for contaminants to ensure purity. Their company has partnerships with Cannabis Research Foundation, Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, and Sievers Bio-Tech.

It is obvious Pure Spectrum wants to establish a higher standard in an industry where CBD companies seem to be sprouting out of the woodwork overnight at an alarming rate. Plus, just like most other supplements in the health and fitness industry, CBD is not always as closely regulated as they should be. It is refreshing to know that a company like Pure Spectrum is out there caring about the purity and process as much as they do.

They have declared that their products will never contain pesticides and herbicides. Pure Spectrum uses technology that most other CBD companies do not. They use cold CO2 extraction and even customized hemp blends with organic terpene profiles that include 6.56 percent of other cannabinoids.

Pure Spectrum CBD Products

Pure Spectrum offers numerous CBD products, many of them extremely unique, that more people would be interested in if they only knew about the products themselves. Listed below are a few of their more popular products that might get your attention.

Hemp Oil Tincture

Hemp Oil Tincture is offered at different strengths ranging from 250 mg to 2,500 mg. Depending upon which one you decide to purchase, it could cost anywhere from $30 to $100. The Hemp Oil Tincture is full spectrum whole-plant hemp CBD oil boosted with organic nutraceutical-grade CBD isolate.

It is combined with organic fractionated coconut oil to increase absorption and provide a better taste.

CBD Isolate

Pure Spectrum CBD

Pure Spectrum’s CBD Isolate is made from organically grown hemp that is 99 percent pure. If you are not fond of the taste of certain CBD products, this is completely odorless and has no flavor at all. This makes it easy to add to any foods or drinks that you want to drop it in.

The isolate is just pure white powder that can be mixed into anything. It is about $30 a gram, so do your math and figure out just how much you will need.


Salves used to be something that you would hear about from your grandma. It was something that you would rub on to your skin to improve some sort of medical condition. Pure Spectrum’s salve is used to help with sore muscles and joints as it brings the CBD medication to where it is needed.

Created with all natural ingredients and USDA certified organic hemp, this could definitely be something that you use instead of your normal athletic creams that you have been seeing offered in stores for decades. However, it does cost about $50 a tub, so this is something to keep in mind depending upon your usage.

CBD Cartridges

There are those who want to get their CBD medication through vaping. Vaping does seem like it provides a lot of bang for your buck. Pure Spectrum offers several different flavors in tempered glass cartridges that have large intake holes that will not leak.

It was engineered to provide the maximum amount of vape per hit. A few of the flavors include Bubble Gum, Honey Oil, and Lemon and cost in the $50 range.


Moisturizing your skin and receiving your dosage of CBD? You are killing two birds with one stone. Maybe it is time to replace your current lotion and see what CBD lotion can do for you instead.

The Pure Spectrum Lotion provides 99.9 percent pure CBD isolate along with other all natural ingredients that will leave your body feeling much better and free of pain. Getting your dose of CBD every day could be as easy as rubbing lotion on your body.

Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb every now and then? Can it get any better than relaxing in a fizzy tub? Actually, it can with a CBD infused bath bomb offered by Pure Spectrum. The three holidays scents that are pretty popular at this moment are pumpkin pie, candy cane, and gingerbread.

For less than $20, you can give someone the gift of CBD infused bath bombs that will leave them smelling good and help ease any pain and inflammation that you might be facing at the moment.

CBD For Pets

Pure Spectrum CBD

Something that is making the rounds more and more is CBD products for pets. As animals get older, the amount of pain in their joints can be immense. If you have a pet at home that is getting on in years, you have probably witnessed them walking and moving around much more gingerly than they ever used to. If you have talked to your vet about it, they have probably proposed certain prescription medications that might be able to help them out.

Since CBD is supposed to be perfectly safe, providing your pets with a CBD supplement that is specifically made for them sounds like a good remedy to a painful situation at perhaps a lower cost.

Accessories and Apparel

If you are a fanatic about your love of Pure Spectrum products, the next logical step would be to purchase their accessories and apparel. Show your support for the company by wearing their shirts, caps, and drinking out of their athletic bottles.

There will be no mistaking that you stand behind the quality of their products as you are a walking billboard for their company. Pure Spectrum swag does not sound like such a bad thing if you are fully into what they offer.

The Perks of Choosing Pure Spectrum CBD

What it all comes down to when you are ordering CBD products is that you want to ensure high quality. With so many CBD companies out there, it is a bit like the old west where there is very little regulation. If you are going to spend the money on the CBD products, Pure Spectrum ensures that you know what you will be receiving.

They are quality items that should leave you fully satisfied. They have science and their lab tests backing everything up that they claim about their products, so giving them a chance to become your new CBD supplier might be a good option.