Pros and cons of legalizing weed

Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed: Marijuana Legalization Explained

With more regions seemingly legalizing pot every month, if your area hasn’t done it yet, there is a very good chance it eventually will. While there are many people that have strong feelings about the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, it is important to make sure that you are properly educated on the topic so you can speak in an informed manner.

The Pros Of Legalizing Weed

In a 2017 poll completed in the United States, 44 percent of people say they have smoked pot recently and continue to do so. Keeping this fact in mind, wouldn’t it be for the best to legalize marijuana if these many people are already using it on a consistent basis?

When properly considered, there are several benefits to completely make it legal for everyone.

Medical Marijuana For Pain Relief

A strange thing happened as we proceeded into the 20th century. Marijuana was commonly an ingredient used in many medicines before this time, but as we made it further into the 20th century, people started proclaiming marijuana would make someone go crazy and out of control.

Countries that were once proponents of it started avoiding it at all cost simply because the public view was influenced by propaganda provided by the government that seemed to label it evil overnight.

The same was done against alcohol as well, but eventually, alcohol was brought back into public use and made legal while marijuana, commonly considered the less evil of the two, was left out in the cold.

Forgotten in the melee was that marijuana could be used for numerous medical reasons. If you have ever lived with a chronic and constant pain, you realize just how debilitating it can be. Not only does it rob you of a normal life, but it can keep you from functioning in a way that most people are accustomed to.

Over the counter prescription painkillers are not always the answer for pain relief as they can have some serious side effects. This is just one of the reasons that medical marijuana is being looked upon as an answer to pain relief.

German researchers reviewed 16 different published studies of more than 1,700 patients that had chronic pain. These people were provided marijuana-based solutions to their pain and most reported a 50 percent or more reduction in discomfort. These are pretty good numbers to be able to point at as a remedy to pain.

Marijuana And Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a long-lasting disease that can affect several areas of the body. It can threaten the brain, spinal cord, vision, muscle control, and other functions of the body. For many, it is a disease that goes on forever and gradually reduces the quality of life.

Marijuana can definitely assist in some of the symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. It can help control muscle stiffness and involuntary movements. It could possibly help with those frequent spasms that can appear out of nowhere and keep your legs and arms functioning properly.

Marijuana may also get rid of the feeling of an overactive bladder and reduce the pain associated with the debilitating disease.

Marijuana For Nausea And Vomiting

If you have ever been so sick that your nausea and vomiting just doesn’t seem to stop and you wished you were dead, you know it is one of the worst feelings in the world.

However, nausea and vomiting are two things that can be treated with marijuana. Being able to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office or even the emergency room and just smoking some pot instead is not only a lifesaver, but can save you all the hassle and hit to your wallet.

A Safe Alternative To Opioid Use

Pros and cons of legalizing weed

Opioids are pain-relieving drugs that are no joking matter. They are usually high in strength and come in various forms like morphine. The problem is that they are dangerous and can slow your breathing and heart rate. Too much of it and the person may end up dead.

Marijuana is a safe alternative to opioid use. Overdosing on marijuana may not be pleasant, but there is very little chance of dying from it.

Legal Production And Distribution

One of the main reasons marijuana use is looked down upon by many is because it is not always manufactured and created in a pleasing and safe environment. By legalizing weed, it makes the manufacturing of marijuana much safer and controlled with regulations and proper distribution.

The days of having to buy it on the street corner from a stranger wearing a hoodie that is covering his face to protect his identity will be over as soon as it is legal in all parts of the world.

Quality And Safety Control

When you purchase marijuana in an area where it is not legal currently, the quality and the safety of it has to be in question. You can’t be exactly sure on what you are receiving. It is not like you can go online and read the reviews or look at the lab results for it.

Legalizing pot will ensure the quality and safety control is perfectly regulated as the government agencies will step in and demand it.

Tax Revenue

Taxes are out of control across the globe and governments continue to increase them whenever possible. The sad news is that many of us just don’t have any more to give. Legalizing pot gives the government an area to acquire tax dollars from a completely new field.

The state of Colorado was one of the first places to make marijuana completely legal. They have been enjoying the increase in tax revenue since then. In 2016 alone, the state pulled in about $200 million in tax revenue on marijuana alone. And that figure continues to rise each year.

Decrease Of Drug-Related Violence

Illegal drugs have the nasty habit of bringing along violence and death as much of the business is completed in shady backroom deals. There won’t be the need for this violence any longer if marijuana is made legal to everyone.

The Cons Of Legalizing Weed

There are some negatives to consider as well when discussing whether weed should be legalized or not. After all, it can’t be all rainbows and unicorns. These are a few of the main reasons that opponents of marijuana will continue to state when proclaiming the drug should remain illegal.

Mental Health Risks

While some people point to possible mental health risks involved with marijuana usage, but there has really been no solid connection between the two. Several studies have tried linking depression, anxiety, and even schizophrenia to marijuana, but you have to wonder if this is being done so in an effort to sway people away from using pot.

Lungs Health Risks

Pros and cons of legalizing weed

The truth is that if you smoke anything, you take the risk of damaging your lungs. The human body is not made to breathe in smoke. Is it any more of a risk than smoking cigarettes? Doesn’t look like it. But that is also the great thing about marijuana.

You don’t have to smoke it to get the effects you want. There are other ways to ingest it as well without having to light a match at all.

Second-Hand Smoke Might Be Harmful

Just like second-hand cigarette smoke, second-hand marijuana smoke can be harmful in a couple ways. If you are not in a well-ventilated area while people are toking up, you could fail a drug test. Plus, breathing in smoke is never a good thing.

It doesn’t matter what type of smoke it is. Breathing smoke is bad for you.

Marijuana Is Considered A Gateway Drug

This is often a concern by many opponents of legalizing marijuana. Some people believe it will be a gateway drug that will lead to more dangerous and harmful drugs down the road. But if the other harder drugs are still illegal, then that might not be the case.

After all, alcohol impairs judgment as well and provides people with intoxicating effects. Is alcohol a gateway drug? Or perhaps those that enjoy marijuana will stop right there just like people do with alcohol. Furthermore, don’t forget the medical benefits of marijuana. In essence, it is healthier for you than alcohol in the first place.

How Legalizing Weed Changes The World

We are literally on the brink of making history all over the world. A plant that nature provides us could be making a comeback not only in the medical field but as a recreational drug as well.

A broadening of the collective mind could be taking place as marijuana is legalized. Or perhaps the politicians just want to collect those all-important tax dollars that they are always after. In any case, weed is about to change the world if it is indeed legalized all over.

Nicotine could be falling to the wayside along with alcohol as people start taking part in ingesting pot instead. The next five years will be very interesting in the battle to legalize marijuana across the globe.

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