Pink Kush: A Review Of The Indica-Dominant Strain

The Pink Kush strain has rapidly garnered popularity thanks to its powerful beneficial effects. This strain is potent and possesses many positive effects on its user along with a satisfying heavy flavor.

Pink Kush: The Highlights

  • Pink Kush has a heavy indica profile as its a 90/10 indica-dominant hybrid with a lineage to the OG Kush
  • Even in small doses, the Pink Kush strain can be overpowering and might suppress your appetite, but helps against insomnia and chronic pain
  • Growers have to be patient as it takes 10 to 11 weeks for the flowering, but the high returning yields are worth the wait
  • The pink hairs are barely visible under the trichomes while the aroma of vanilla and candy perfume can be overwhelming
  • Medical cannabis patients gravitate toward this strain because of its powerful effects on the body

What Is the Pink Kush Strain?

This strain was rapidly introduced to the market and garnered a high amount of buzz from users and the community worldwide.

The name Pink Kust is derived from the pink pistils, which happen to sprout out of the flowers during the growing phase cycle. After the harvest cycle, these pink pistils aren’t nearly as visible as they are during the flowering phase.

With a name like Pink Kush, you might be expecting that this marijuana plant is bright pink. And if you were expecting this, you would be in for a surprise.

Pink Kush strain, isn’t pink in its appearance which many find difficult to accept as a true story. In this situation, this specific type of trait is what one would call an incomplete dominance.

This type of situation would manifest when the dominating gene (bright green for example) isn’t completely transferred to its offspring. Once growers caught on to this phenomenon, they began to stabilize it through breeding. And it’s through this breeding that there is now Purple Kush and pink Kush strains.

The wait time that growers have to accept is around a 10 to 11-week schedule. Despite the wait times, the effects and quality of the bud are great compared to many other strains. You can cultivate Pink Kush strain outside or inside and it will still be great tasting along with the inclusion of the robust effects.

Pink Kush Strain Review

Cannabis bud on white backgroun

This heavy strain, which is massively popular and full of buzz in the Pacific Northwest and Canada is full of great colors and potent at treating a variety of effects on the human body.

The Pink Kush strain is an entity that gets better and better through the hits over the course of the night. This Pink Kush strain is potent in its effects and is known to be associated with the inclusion of munchies. Therefore, be prepared for a surge of appetite.

With that said, there is much more to this strain, specifically when it comes to discussing the aroma, flavor, and appearance of the cannabis plant which is a dedicated buzz surrounding it.


When it comes to the aroma of this strain, it’s important to be cognizant of the fact that it can grow indoors and outdoors. Therefore, as a fair warning because of the effects, be wary of where you place the flowers so I won’t disturb (or throw off) your neighbors.

Your neighbors may enjoy the aroma of the Pink Kush since it’s a sweet filling aroma. Not every cannabis bud can lay claim to possessing delicate smells and aromas that pleases the general layperson (and of course the cannabis user).

However, be warned that the early phase isn’t as sweet as you can expect an aroma that will be reeking more often than not.


It’s generally noted that the taste of the Pink Kush strain possesses a distinct floral taste. However, this notion isn’t accepted by all parties involved in the consumption of this cannabis plant. To some people, the pink Kush strain is one that possesses a classical kush strain taste.

Descriptions are a pungent and sweet taste. Or as some say, it possesses an earthy taste that almost brings about effects that grounds you—which of course will bring about feelings of happiness and evaporate feelings of stress.


As noted earlier, this appearance of this Pink Kush isn’t going to be pink in appearance as one would expect. In fact, these nugs are going to possess a variety of colors after you’ve properly dried and cured them (light green, orange hairs, purple, and some more surprises).

The nugs aren’t going to be huge but they will be smelly (to most people) and thick. These Pink Kush strains are going to have a lot of resin since the nugs can be covered in white resin when viewed through a macro lens. However, when viewed from afar, the appearance is going to be more of light green (and maybe a little darker green).

THC to CBD Ratio of Pink Kush

Marijuana leaf with CBD on one side THC on the other

Cannabis has risen in popularity for a big part due to the CBD effects, which contains little THC (aka the psychoactive part that gets you high). However, Pink Kush isn’t going to fit that category, it’s going to be in the opposite spectrum.

Just like its relative, the OG Kush, Pink Kush is highly potent and will begin to have numerous positive effects on your body and mind in no time. In fact, this marijuana is considered overpowering to many as small incremental amounts are beneficial in helping to eliminate pain.

Since Pink Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, the components of THC are heavy. Think of the THC range being greater than twenty percent while the CBD range is less than one percent.

Choosing this cannabis isn’t for beginners who aren’t experienced or wants something mild.

Pink Kush Strain Attributes

While getting high is often a big attraction for many users, Pink Kush doesn’t garner its buzz solely from this fact. Pink Kush garners its buzz from treating a plethora of issues and being a powerful staple in the medical marijuana community.

Possible Medical Benefits

We live in a world where many individuals are experiencing pain, anxiety, and various mood disorders on a daily basis. Instead of a pill first philosophy, medical marijuana is now gaining even more steam as safer alternatives to pharmaceutical pills.

Pink Kush is a potent substance and it’s for that very reason that it’s effective when looking into helping to eliminate pain, epileptic disorders to a certain extent, and PTSD. For those with sleep difficulties, smoking this in the later evening could help with inducing sleep.

Side Effects and Risks

As with most things in life, too much of anything has its drawbacks. Also of note is that Pink Kush isn’t going to be useful for everyone looking for treating solutions toward anxiety, stress, and other issues.

If you’re you’re an inexperienced user or someone who uses too high of doses, Pink Kush can most certainly cause paranoia. Remember, with this potent strain, it only takes a little to get the effects going.

What Other Reviewers Think of Pink Kush Strain

While descriptions and features are great, what really matters is does the product do what it says it’s going to do. And that’s where the power of reviews come in.

After chronic pain from painful surgery, this individual sought this strain out as a possible alternative to pharmaceutical pills.

This user here noted the haste relaxing effects that took place and the fact that it came from a legendary lineage.

If you’re suffering from anxiety as many are, this strain with its potent dosages is an ideal solution.

Some joints require an insane amount of hits before effects follow suit. Not this one as only a handful is required before effects coming into play. Quality over quantity.

Sleep and pain are two big issues for many adults and integrating some pink Kush into your regimen seem to alleviate those two big issues.

Smoking Pink Kush

For those with pain, anxiety, and in need of some potent substances with a high THC content to also help with sleep, Pink Kush is a prime ideal candidate to explore. While Pink Kush is something that’s potent and known in the medical community as a big help, it’s also something that carries a mystical-like reputation.

Combining all of the facts, it’s a no brainer to not give Pink Kush a try when it comes to your cannabis selections.

Farma Health Desk Editor