PharmaCielo: A Review of the Canadian-Colombian Cannabis Oil Producer

PharmaCielo: A Review of the Canadian-Colombian Cannabis Oil Producer
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When it comes to the cannabis industry, you’ll be hard to find another industry that has exploded in popularity and growth as rapidly as it has. What was once a dormant market regulated to operating in the shadows, it’s now a common mainstay among a large contingency of individuals.

Cannabis has taken off due it’s wide variety of products. When it comes to an offering, people use marijuana for medical cannabis along with using THC recreationally to get a high going. While popularity may seem as if it’s reached a feverish level, looking at the big picture, cannabis companies and the cannabis industry as a whole is just getting started.

Very few countries have even legalized cannabis for all of its individuals. Legal cannabis was mainly relegated for medicinal purposes. If there wasn’t a medical reasoning for the cannabis, then it wouldn’t be approved of use. With an industry on the rise, often times brings about a confusion of the various options at hand. Cannabis isn’t any different.

A small sampling of the types of offering available to people includes medical marijuana, vape pen, cannabis oil, industrial hemp oil, and a plethora of other options.

With cannabis growing, the international marketplace is going to rise with its number of players wanting to get involved. One company, in particular, that’s becoming unmistakable is PharmaCielo.

About PharmaCielo

Led by president and CEO Anthony Wile, who with Federico Cock-Correa a seasoned Colombian businessman with over 30 years’ leadership in the flower industry formed PharmaCielo. PharmaCielo’s principal and wholly-owned subsidiary are PharmaCielo Colombia. 

It’s also a joint Canadian-Colombian company.

PharmaCielo has gained popularity and spotlight not only for their high-quality products but also because they happen to be the first company to hold Colombian licenses for cannabis with unrestricted percentages of THC and CBD. This fact makes PharmaCielo the world’s leading and largest licensed producer.

With medicinal-grade oil extracts and related products that are of the highest quality, the offering from PharmaCielo is premium.

The boards of directors and executives of PharmaCielo and the Colombia Holdings Group consists of a talented group of international business executives and specialists with a plethora of expertise and experience. Colombia is known for many things and exporters of numerous entities such as crude oil along with seeing their natural gas reserves increase in recent years.

However, more than anything else, Colombia is steadily rising up the ranks in terms of their reputation for their cannabis quality.

Colombia’s Cannabis Industry

Due to its climate and farming industry, Colombia is in a perfect position to dominate the cannabis market globally thanks to the production potential. Colombia’s criminals have been growing cannabis for decades, but the government is hoping that those same farmers lead to the cultivation of helping transform Colombia’s cannabis production for the better.

However, in order to do this, they would have to destroy those illegal crops and adopt new cultivation methods refined in processing the countries flower industry.

Every bit of knowledge during the cut flowers business can be applicable to offering a new era of cannabis. This is one of the many reasons why PharmaCielo deemed Colombia so attractive as far as processing is concerned.

A Canadian Leading Colombia’s Cannabis Boom

While researching and writing his 2013 book Financial Freedom, Canadian entrepreneur Anthony Wile saw the potential offering for the cannabis flower to really take off. With 16 years of previous living in Colombia, Wile returned back to Colombia to speak with directors and leaders of Colombia’s global cut-flower industry.

Seeing a business plan where a cultivation of cannabis products could turn into a sustainable business, WIle spoke of the numerous advantages that Colombia held over other countries. And as the story progressed, PharmaCielo was born. PharmaCielo became the first company to obtain licenses to legally cultivate medicinal cannabis in Colombia after it was legalized in 2016.

With Colombia being a perfect destination, the last hurdle was to get the Colombian government on board.

World Supply Of Medical Marijuana Products

The Colombian government during 2017, has completed the processing of cementing the necessary processes involved in legislation and various regulations. PharmaCielo has onboard notable leaders along with various expertise including Baytex energy and President’s Choice Financial.

PharmaCielo was the first to receive licensing for processing of cannabinoid oil extracts and has substantially set an extremely high bar for others to follow.

The exploration and production of legal cannabis could become so vast that it could be worth more than the country’s flower, coffee, coal, and banana exports. This is a big deal since those four items mention is the countries, current top exporters.

Fully developed infrastructure with multi-generational expertise combined with daily 12-hour light cycles among many other things, Colombia is sitting well to become the world supplier of cannabis.

PharmaCielo Public Listing


Early in August 2018, there was a press release that PharmaCielo closed their previously announced private placement offerings. Each Subscription Receipt will be exchangeable for at least one common shares of PharmaCielo.

PharmaCielo ended up with gross proceeds of approximately $39.2 million. This closing is a big deal because it allows PharmaCielo to expand their active cultivation footprint and complete the construction and commercial commissioning of its downstream processing facility.

Looking further ahead, PharmaCielo planes to begin commercial sales of cannabis oil extracts in the first half of 2019. With this in addition to looking to entering additional markets, along with a sustainable production model—PharmaCielo possesses the ability to grow at a fast pace along with creating massive value for its shareholders.

PharmaCielo Manufacturing Process

PharmaCielo is able to stand out because they produced some of the best cannabis oils while producing it ethically on some of the terrains for cannabis. As mentioned earlier, PharmaCielo closed their offering and believes it will be able to complete the construction of its oil processing facility which will only raise their profile more.

The cannabis is grown in Rionegro, Colombia. With more than 7,000 open-air Colombian greenhouses, PharmaCielo growing cannabis isn’t going to be much different compared to cultivating the millions of flowers that they’ve previously done throughout history.

Throughout the entire process, PharmaCielo is meticulously taking steps to create a net environmental impact.

Colombia’s Climate And Fertile Soil

Colombia’s three primary ingredients for standing out is due to their fertile soil, sunlight, and water. PharmaCielo has a 27-hectare nursery and propagation center and their operations don’t strain local power grids because sunlight is provided consistently due to a light and dark cycle year round. Each of these cycles lasts 12 hours.

Moving down the list, PharmaCielo has 5 natural water reservoirs. PharmaCielo has Colombia’s largest exporter of proprietary natural fertilizer and pest control products. This fact is huge because this leads to no synthetic fertilizers or insecticides being used during PharmaCielo’s cultivation or nursery along the sedimentary basin.

Lastly, PharmaCielo doesn’t rely on public supplies for irrigation needs at any of their growing sites.

Top Class Processing Facilities

A big differentiating point for PharmaCielo is that they are “taking an underground, inefficient, high-energy-consumption system that was typical of the black market and adapting it to large-scale production” states Marcelo de Siqueira (chief operating officer of PharmaCielo). With attributes such as this one along with the previous points of reference, PharmaCielo has many things in their favor.

PharmaCielo processing facilities are designed fulfilling all GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) standards which ensure their products are of the highest quality along with guaranteeing total traceability.

With a commitment to science that starts with their breeding research, PharmaCielo utilizes traditional and effective molecular techniques to with the intention of developing and registering the best cannabis cultivars possible.

Their post-harvesting process is met with a rigorous scientific process meant to ensure the consistency and purity of their oil extracts meets the highest standards.

It’s because of this method along with the other factors that PharmaCielo is setting a high bar for others to follow.

The Future Of PharmaCielo

With Colombia’s many advantages, PharmaCielo is in prime to position to excel and be an industry leader for a long time. For example, in North America, to replicate those same conditions that Colombia possesses, cultivators would have to spend approximately tens of thousands of dollars to get those same conditions.

It’s been said by some sources that a gram of CBD extract can be produced for $0.35 in Colombia. However, in Colorado, for example, the cost would be approximately $1.35 according to sources.

This fact alone shows how Colombia will easily be able to be the world’s supplier of cannabis and also how PharmaCielo is in prime position to take advantage of this.

In their facilities already, PharmaCielo has a diverse and living catalog of different types of cannabis (think well over 35 different strains). There’s a backlog of 100 other additional varieties to germinate, and those are waiting to be amassed for their quality and medical potential. Look for these to all be in full production by the end of 2018.

Add up all of these facts and it’s crystal clear to see that PharmaCielo is going to be a major player in the industry sooner rather than later.