What are CBD Patches?

If you’ve heard about cannabinoids (CBD) and CBD oil before, you’ve probably heard about CBD patches. Like with CBD oil, they’re quite popular nowadays, and a lot of people prefer to use CBD patches before they use any other method. However, even if you’ve heard about these patches before, there is still a ton of […]

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The Common CBD Strains and How They Affect You

First things first: cannabis is particular. CBD is particular. It’s unique. It’s never the same for every single person, nor is it the same experience every single time you use it—and the same goes for all the different CBD strains. Listen, as with all the different cannabis strains, there are a lot of different CBD […]

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DIY CBD Bath Bomb

Bath bombs aren’t going out of style any time soon and why would they? Is there anything better than a nice bath that smells nice with essential oils and relaxes you all at the same time? Well, maybe… Introducing CBD baths—a calm and amazing way to bring even more relaxation into your pampering and bath […]

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CBD Tea for Relaxation Therapy

Desperately searching for a way to bring a little more relaxation into your life? Maybe you plan on going on a flight soon and you always get anxiety when flying? Maybe you just want to find a way to help calm yourself down and relax before you fall asleep? Or maybe, after a long day […]

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CBD for Cats: General Info

You might know about the plentiful benefits using CBD can have on the human body, but are you aware of the benefits and effects that using CBD oils on your pet, and more specifically your cat, can have? Yep, that’s right:  you can use CBD products like CBD oils on your pets such as dogs, […]

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CBD for ADHD: General Info and FAQs

If you are diagnosed with ADHD, you’ve probably heard talk of how medical marijuana and cannabidiol CBD products can be really beneficial to add to your lifestyle. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD, you’ve more than likely heard about how certain cannabidiol CBD products are great for those that do have ADHD. CBD […]

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CBD Drops for Pain: Our Recommendations

Attempting to find an easy yet efficient way to relieve some pain, be it small or horribly agonizing?  CBD oil drops may just what you’re looking for. You’ve probably heard of cannabidiol CBD or cannabinoids before. If you haven’t, here’s a quick break down: CBD is a part of the cannabis plant that can help […]

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Hemp Oil for Acne

Acne is a problem that affects people of all ages, especially during adolescence and early adulthood. The skin condition is caused by a buildup of oils, dirt, and other impurities in the skin. Eventually, the affected pore begins to become inflamed and swells, usually into a bump called a pimple. Sometimes these pimples produce a […]

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Hemp Oil for Skin

Hemp oil is currently one of the most talked about products in the health and beauty industry, and for a good reason. Recent research has helped to solidify just how useful this plant extract is, suggesting that it is effectively used as a treatment for a wide variety of skin concerns and health concerns. The […]

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