Endoca: All About The CBD Oil Company

The world is constantly changing its perspective. New boundaries are set up every single day for many things. Innovations are taking us steps forward into the future. And Endoca is one of the examples that can prove this. About Endoca The main goal of Endoca is to show the world that almost every problem can […]

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Cannabis Cup: A Comprehensive Review of the Event

The Cannabis Cup, one of California’s most expected annual events, has seen a sudden drop in popularity with the legalization of cannabis products across the country. But even though the two-day festival did not manage to gather a large audience, it’s still one of the world’s leading festivals for the marijuana industry, and it’s great […]

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Weedmaps: Is It The Yelp of Cannabis?

As the laws and social stigmas around marijuana have relaxed in recent years, the industry has exploded. Much of the marijuana that used to be traded underground has moved to the surface, which has benefitted all kinds of small businesses. There are, of course, the growers and the dispensaries. But there’s also a market for […]

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