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Moon Rocks: A Guide To Making Them And Smoking Them

Lately, there is so much going in the world of cannabis. This industry is growing rapidly and it won’t slow down in the near future. Parallel with the fast growth of this industry, there are numerous new products then we can taste, one of them being the moon rocks.

Moon Rocks: The Highlights

  • Moon rocks are made out of cannabis flower, hash oil, and kief
  • People have been using moon rock for millennia, and they’re becoming popular again
  • Popular celebrities like Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog, And Birdman contributed to a music album called “Moon rock”, which boosted the product’s popularity
  • You can make your own moon rocks if you have the necessary ingredients
  • Even though they’re similar, Moon rocks are not the same thing as Sun rocks

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are becoming more and more popular nowadays. They are kind of modified cannabis products. They represent a combination of three high-quality cannabis product and a unique substance – moon rock is created.

Moon rocks are THC Megazord – cannabis buds dipped in with hash oil and then rolled in kief. The effects of the Moon rocks vary. It depends on how each batch is made and the percentage of THC that is included. An average moon rock batch contains 50% THC, which is quite a high level.

The History of Moon Rocks

The beginnings of the use of cannabis started between 2000 BC – 500 BC. People back then had smoked it, ate it, vaped in and etc. But now the whole concept of the use of cannabis is changed and modernized. And because of this, new ideas are made constantly. So, how did the idea of Moon rock come along? Moon rock was found first by the rapper Kurupt in the early 1990s, when he had signed to Death Row Records, together with his partner Dr. Zodiak.

Their relationship was at first based and made of music contracts, but later they became business partners as well. This is why now the original moon rock product is called Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock. This original brand name is known worldwide and has won a lot of Cannabis Cup awards.

They had launched two Mixtapes – Moon Rock Mixtape Volume 1 and 2 to share with the world their marijuana innovation. The biggest hip-hop singers are also part of these records, including Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Birdman, T.I and other. After them, a lot of other companies have started producing and selling moon rocks. But still, the original receipt belongs to them. And that is why they are unique and different than the other companies.

The Potency of Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are the strongest cannabis products found on the market. The average strain of moon rocks contains up to 50% THC. Every strand that has more than 50 percent of THC is considered to be stronger. But the influence of the moon Rock on you depends on the product that you are consuming.

A single puff of Moon Rockweed that contains around 50 percent THC will make a recreational stoner feel high. Sometimes a person can’t do anything than sitting and smiling continuously. Even an experienced stoner that consumes cannabis products on a daily basis can’t finish a whole blunt.

How To Make Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks

Moon rock can be made at home, as well. Why is this option the best? Because in this way, you can choose and combine your favorite flowers and extracts and adapt the strength of the flower according to your desire and needs. The very first thing that needs to be done is to define the desired level of THC and CBD that will be present in the flower because this has a direct influence of the potency of the final product.

Materials Needed

  • Flower – one of the most used flowers is the strain GSC, but another flower can work as well. You should use clean extracts like live resin or flower rosin.
  • Hash oil – It is made by the THC and CBD that are removed from the original plant via chemical reactions.
  • Kief – This is a powder collected from the resin that is found in the cannabis plant. The best options are a full melt dry sift or bubble hash.

Moon Rocks Recipe

  • Select a premium nugget. Pick up the one that is your favorite.
  • Spray the flower with hash oil. In this way, the final product will have more strength and provide longer high for patients.
  • After that, dust the bud with kief. Kief is used mainly to intensify the final potential of the Moon rock. Be aware that the more kief you will apply, the better the bud will be.
  • Your Moon rock is ready to be smoked.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks

Now when you know how to make a moon rock, it is time to learn how to smoke it. It is important to start smoking slowly at first. Leave your body to get adapted to the moon rocks. If you have never smoked weed before, and you start smoking moon rocks, you should expect to get really stoned. If you are not prepared, don’t use the moon rocks with 50% TCH level. Start with a lower percentage of THC first.

Use Proper Gear

Use glassware. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a bong or pipe; always use some glassware for moon rocks because it is not a typical flower. Don’t use a grinder. If you use a grinder, you will lose a bunch of the keif and oil on your nugs. Also, rolling papers are not recommended because of the oil and keif it gets harder to light it.

Using a glass bowl or pipe is the best way to smoke moon rocks because it leaves a greasy residue. And don’t grind the moon rocks. Use your fingers or some tiny scissors to break the texture of the moon rocks.

Stay Hydrated

Before getting started, make sure that you’re hydrated enough and that you have eaten recently. Smoking moon rocks dehydrate the body. Have a gallon of water near you while you’re smoking moon rocks. Once when the effect of the moon rocks will hit you, You’ll be too lazy to move a single muscle to go and take water.

Choose The Right Moment

Find a place where you can sit and chill. Be sure that there is no one around that can judge you and be sure that you don’t have any responsibilities to take care of for the next few hours. You should finish all your daily tasks before smoking. Make sure that the environment around you is cozy and fills your mind with happy thoughts. Your brain will be on pause and you will just want to sit and chill.

Moon Rocks vs Sun Rocks

There are many differences between Moon rocks and Sun rocks, starting with the fact that they are produced with two different procedures, and the TCH levels are not the same. Also, they don’t look the same.

Moon rocks contain an average percentage of THC of 50%. And this is a pretty high percentage because even some of the most experienced smokers can get really stoned. Moon rocks can be produced at home, and the process is really easy. The only negative side of the Moon rocks is that the bud can’t be actually seen.

So, if you are buying moon rocks from an unknown source, you can’t be sure whether the moon rocks are real or fake. In order to know that, you must open up the bud. And most of the vendors that sell moon rock don’t allow you to open the bud before buying it. This is the main reason why you should buy moon rocks from reputable sources.

On the other hand, Sun rocks have a THC level of over 80%. The appearance of the Sun rocks is improved and when taking a closer look at them, you are able to see that the outside layer of the buds is made up of various extractions. Sun rocks for beginners are made only with top-shelf OG flowers.

There are two biggest companies that are making Sun rocks – Big Tray Deee’s Sun Rocks and Apollo Sun Rocks, and their methods differ from each other. For some people, this is a better option because each brand has a unique product with its own standards and materials used, and a person has a variety of choices. Big Tray Deee’s buds contain a heavy coating of nug run concentrate and a light dusting of kief.

Apollo’s methods are quite different. During the process, they are using solventless concentrate and organic kief. The taste is different and incredible, but the level of THC is lower compared to the level of THC from the Big Tray Deee’s product.

Final Thoughts on Moon Rocks

According to people who consume moon rocks, the ones when you try it, you will be able to see why this product is so popular and used worldwide. It offers a unique way to enjoy the beauty of cannabis. On the other hand, it is great for people that have a high tolerance for getting high. It has a lot of medical benefits as well. People with chronic pain find a relief in the moon rocks. Moon rocks also stimulate the appetite, reduces nausea and anxiety.

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