Meowijuana: Marijuana For Cats? Think Again

Meowijuana: Marijuana For Cats? Think Again
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Most of us have come across those hilarious Youtube videos of cats excited, staring at walls, rolling around, being loving, suddenly tranquil, or those that fiercely defend their nip from predators (humans, dogs, other cats, furniture, you name it).

Dried catnip looks similar to marijuana, but it definitely isn’t pot (please don’t give your pets marijuana). Catnip is a herb from the mint family and for some reason, the chemical compound nepetalactone within this plant drives felines wild or relaxes them. Basically, they get high for a short time, about 10-20 minutes.

The reaction varies from cat to cat, and not all cats are born with the gene that causes them to react to nepetalactone. It’s estimated that around 50 percent of cats react to catnip. If you want to give your furry friend a treat that they’ll love, try catnip.

It’s 100 percent safe and if your cat does react to it, it makes a nice treat.

One of the best brands on the market is Meowijuana. Despite the name, they don’t only cater to kitties, they have some excellent products for dogs too. Your four-legged family members can join in the fun with their own special kind of “weed”, or in the case of your dogs, “beer”. You’ll see what we mean.

About Meowijuana


Established in 2015, Meowijuana is based in Kansas City. They use only premium catnip grown in the US and it’s all 100 percent organic. Their catnip products are made from the blossoms and leaves, not the stems which have no effect. Their treats for dogs don’t contain any catnip but are nutritious goodies made from the finest ingredients.

While us humans can’t eat any of these products, there are cool stickers, accessories, and apparel for us to enjoy too. Plus, we’re sure the fun packaging is more for human enjoyment anyway.

Meowijuana Products

There is a wide variety of exciting products to choose from. Just a note on the catnip products, Meowijuana does warn that it may not be tolerated too well in cats under a year old and to limit “hits” to every other day.

With that out of the way, let’s see what they offer:

Meowijuana Catnip Buds

The Catnip Buds are made from fragrant catnip Blossoms and are harvested when the essential oil production in the plants are at their highest ensuring a fantastic experience for your cat. You can buy them in a large (40 servings) or small (30 servings) jar. The jars are top quality and are designed to keep the buds fresh.

The buds work best when ground. If you prefer not to use your hands, you can pick up a handy catnip grinder available in the accessories section.

Catnibas – King Meowy J’s

The Catnibas- King Meowy J’s are essentially joints for your kitty. No need to light them, simply break one in half and sprinkle the contents on the floor for your cat to enjoy. One pack provides 6 servings. That’s one Catnabis J per session.

It won’t take much for your kitties to reach a state of bliss. We should probably mention that too much nip can result in the runs if you know what we mean.

Catnip Spray

While sprays are usually a little lackluster compared to dried or fresh leaves, this Catnip Spray is potent. It’s made from essential oil extracted from the buds and purified water. It’s 100 percent pure.

You can use it on toys and it makes an effective cat training tool. Available in 1.oz or 3.oz.

Cigar Buds – Grand Daddy Purr Catnip Buds

For cats with style, we recommend the Grand Daddy Purr Catnip Buds which come in a cigar box. These hand-trimmed buds are top quality and come with a humidor bag to keep them fresh. Reviewers noted that their cats could smell it as soon as the delivery guy approached the door, so it’s pretty potent.

Each cigar box contains approximately 40 servings.

Beer Peanut Butter Biscuits For Dogs

We all know dogs love peanut butter, so why not give them these handmade Beer Peanut Butter Biscuits? They contain no alcohol so your dog won’t get drunk. Rather, the brewer’s grains are the key ingredient in all the beer biscuit varieties and are collected from craft beer breweries all around the country. but these biscuits are filled with protein and fiber.

There are only four ingredients, recycled brewers’ grains (including barley), enriched flour, peanut butter, and eggs. Available in 6.oz in 12.oz.

Doggy Beer

Now you can have a beer with your dog. Beer Paws Doggy Beer is alcohol-free and packed with goodness. Your dog can drink it, enjoy it in ice cube form, or you can pour it on their food for some delicious flavor. Ingredients consist of water, beef base, malt extract, and vegetarian K9 glucosamine. A single bottle contains 8.oz. Available as a 6-pack.

Beer Pumpkin Treats For Dogs

These Beer Pumpkin Flavor Treats, will not get your pooch drunk, rather, they’re a delicious and nutritious treat filled with protein and fiber as with the peanut butter flavor. The ingredients are recycled brewers’ grains (including barley), enriched flour, pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, and eggs. Available in 6.oz or 12.oz packs.

Beer Beet And Mint Biscuits For Dogs

Your dog will love these Beet and Mint Flavor Biscuits without getting drunk. As with the other treats, these are alcohol-free consisting only of recycled brewers’ grains (including barley), enriched flour, beet, mint, and eggs. Available in 6.oz and 12.oz packs.


Because pet owners want and deserve cool things too, Meowijuana sells apparel. Depending on the style, you can choose from the following colors.

  •     Apple green
  •     Envy green
  •     Hot pink
  •     Cancun
  •     Lilac
  •     Purple
  •     Scarlet red
  •     Turquoise
  •     Black
  •     Bondi blue
  •     Cardinal red
  •     Charcoal
  •     Heather grey
  •     Kelly green
  •     Purple rush
  •     Red
  •     Royal blue
  •     Storm-blue
  •     White

There really is something for everyone. They have the following styles available:


Whether you just want something fun or something fun and practical, here you go:

Gift Packs

Looking for a great gift? These gift packs are the answer. You can even buy a pack just to test different products out as each pack contains a wide variety of goodies. Choose from:

  • Clowder Pack: The Clowder Pack contains 4 varieties of catnip: Meowi Waui, Purrple Passion, Kalico Kush, and Siamese Twinge. You can choose between small and large pill bottles. The Siamese Twinge comes in a bankie.
  • Top Shelf Gift Bag: The Top Shelf Gift Bag is an awesome mix of accessories and catnip products. You get a pack of King Canibas J’s, a Fresh Spliff, 5 varieties of nip (Meowi Waui, Purrple Passion, Kalico Kush, Whisker Tickler, and Mice Dreams), and a sticker pack.
  • Catnip Collection: The Catnip Collection Gift Bag is the motherload! It contains a pack of King Catnibas J’s, a Freshly Rolled Spliff Toy (Purrple Passion), 7 bottles of premium nip (Meowi Waui, Purrple Passion, Kalico Kushm Whisker Tickler, Mice Dreams, Paw Natural OG, and Feline Express), a Catnip Spray, 2 small muslin bags, stickers, and 5 samples.

Honest Paws CBD Oil For Cats


While cats go crazy for catnip, one has to wonder if weed has the same effect on our feline friends. But the important thing to know is that marijuana  — in its raw state — should not be given to cats. When it’s transformed to oil, however, that’s where things get interesting.

Cannabis, but more specifically CBD Oil, can have positive benefits for cats. One company looking to improve the health of cats, and other pets, is Honest Paws. Their goal is to make safe and organic CBD oil for pets.

CBD Oil contains less than 0.03 percent THC, the component that gets you high, and is packed full of cannabinoids. CBD is the component in cannabis that has a long list of benefits and Honest Paws has put them in treats, oils, and soft chews for pets.

The Pros Of Meowijuana

If you want awesome treats for your pets that make them happy, provide you with some entertainment, in funky packaging, Meowijuana is one of the best catnip brands out there. Not only do they cater for cats, but for dogs too. None of your fur babies will feel left out.

Bravo describes it as the purr-fect complement to wine for pets. Training your pet? Why not use the Catnip Spray or Beer Peanut Butter Biscuits as a reward? They are also just good to give your pet a treat or so you can have a shared experience.

Shopping is made easy online or in stores located nationwide. If you go the online route, there is free shipping for all orders over $50. Also, you can order samples before deciding to purchase more products. The fact that all the Meowijuana products are 100 percent organic, tells us that they have our pet’s best interests in mind.