Marijuana Seeds: All You Need to Know Before You Grow

Marijuana seeds should be attended to properly if you want to grow healthy plants. Understanding gender, availability, quality, growing, and everything else about marijuana seeds will help your crop produce amazing yields.

Marijuana Seeds: The Highlights

  • Marijuana seeds are therapeutic.
  • Achieving healthy cannabis plants require planting high-quality seeds.
  • The seeds can be purchased in a dispensary or online
  • Getting good seeds depends on a trustworthy seed bank.
  • Various healthy planting cultures should be adhered to ensure good germination.

Marijuana Seeds: The Start Of Our Favorite Plant

Marijuana seeds are gotten from Cannabis which is best described as a dioecious plant. This means that the reproductive organs of the plant are found on different subjects. The plants germinate in a defined space where the males do not exist.

What Can Marijuana Seeds Be Used for?

It is quite common to hear that the marijuana seed is beneficial to man. Many people who agitated or still agitate for its legalization all over the world always state that the medical benefits of marijuana abound.

They argue that marijuana seeds help with some medical conditions, which should be enough reason to become legal. However, marijuana seeds are not only useful for medical purposes. They also aid the economy and they produce recreational marijuana.

Marijuana For Medicine

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Valuable Nutrition

Hemp can be germinated from marijuana seeds and it is reported that it contains over 30 percent of healthy fats required for humans. This fact is corroborated by a 2015 research on the hemp seed oil which found plant-based omega-3 like alpha-linoleic acid and linoleic acid.

Furthermore, research shows that gamma-linolenic acid is also present in hemp. This type of acid aids the rapid growth and development of various cells, organs, and muscles in the body, which are integral parts of the body’s functions.


Marijuana also aids healthy human skin. It battles against common skin issues which include cracked heels, patches of skin, dry skin, rough edges, wrinkles, and other skin-related issues. This is possible because of the strong presence of fatty acids in marijuana seeds.

Fatty acids are great options for curing a host of skin problems including eczema and dermatitis.


A healthy heart requires certain compounds like amino acid arginine. This compound eases the flow of blood from the heart to various parts of the body. Also, it aids normal blood pressure. This amino acid can be found in a marijuana seed.

In the same vane nitric oxide, which helps the muscle relax and enlarge blood vessels to aid blood flow, can be found in compounds embedded in a marijuana seed.

Marijuana For Economy

With the legalization of marijuana in a small place like Pueblo County, Colorado, reports have it that marijuana is aiding the economic boom. A 2018 report made by researchers at the Pueblo’s Institute of cannabis Research at the Colorado State University shows that the industry has churned out over $50 million after taxes to the economy.

The county spent over $20 million on costs accrued by legalization which includes social services and law enforcement. However, they still amassed over $30 million in profits. Researchers have also projected that legalizing hemp in the entirety of the United States could result in over $105 billion in profits by 2025.

Marijuana spread across US dollars

Also, the regions that have legalized marijuana have directly or indirectly provided more jobs for the citizens. More people have taken an interest in selling marijuana and they make more money through such venture.

Growing New Plants

Many people have taken to growing marijuana plants. It is rapidly becoming a culture all over the world. This can be ascribed to the various benefits that come with germinating cannabis products. Growing your own plant is cost-effective and quite fun.

Since marijuana is a rugged plant, it can germinate in various climates throughout the year. There are various steps to take to grow your own marijuana plants.

Step 1: Select your Cannabis Seeds

There are different seeds one can choose from. Hybrids include sativa, ruderalis, indica, etc. These hybrids can be found at cannabis stores. Before you choose a hybrid, you need to know the one you enjoy most.

Past experience is the best way to choose a cannabis seed. Which of them have you been satisfied with? Which of them aids your medical cause most? Which of them makes your skin glow most?

These are some of the questions you can ask yourself before making a choice. Also, the space required to grow is important to consider.

Step 2: Choose Indoor or Outdoor Planting

If you are planting in small quantities, you can choose to plant indoors. However, if you are planting in large quantities you should consider planting outdoors. There are immovable containers in form of growers that can be used to plant whether indoors or outdoors. It is up to you to make a decision.

Step 3: Consider Fundamental Planting Aids

While planting, different conditions and materials need to be considered. The plant requires a certain amount of water to grow. Also, the temperature needs to be considered. The cannabis plant is rugged so it can adapt to both the hot and cold weather.

However, extremes are not recommended. It can wither from extreme cold or heat. It also needs essential nutrients like vitamins, good soil mix, organisms, sunlight and others to survive. You should also consider lighting for growth if you are growing indoors.

Step 4: Consider Germination Processes

Seedlings growth periods

It is important to note that the marijuana seeds won’t germinate until conditions like water, temperature and optimum location are met. These are the basic processes required to achieve healthy germination to reach the flowering stage.

A Nutritional Supplement

Weed seeds are highly considered as nutritional supplements and are highly recommended for consumption. First, the seeds and seed oil are highly proteinaceous. This means that it is easily digested.

Also, it aids weight gain or loss. People whose desire is to either add more weight or lose the ones they deem as excess can consume a lot of marijuana seeds as a controlled substance to aid their cause. A marijuana seed is vitamin-laden and this is important in gaining or losing weight.

Furthermore, it helps in fighting against diseases and aids good health in the body. A marijuana strain’s cardiovascular aid protects the body against heart-related diseases. It aids the nervous system too and can fight against problems like insomnia.

Fun fact: Marijuana seeds are the only plants that actually have every amino acid embedded in it. These amino acids are essential for survival. This means that marijuana seeds aid survival.

Different Types of Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

These seeds are changed genetically to achieve a production of feminine plants in over 90 percent of such cases. This is the only feminine marijuana seed that has flowers. None of the male marijuana seed has flowers.

The male plants also have just Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) embedded in it plus they are used in the production of female plants.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

These hemp seeds are produced from the crossing of the sativa or indica plant with the ruderalis plant. This plant isn’t really common and can only be gotten in places with brief summers. This is why the ruderalis plant blooms fast.

The Ruderalis contains less THC than the sativa or indica and this is why the plants are crossed producing a rapidly blooming type rich in THC and quality flower heads.

Where Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds?  

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Buying hemp seeds is country dependent because different rules apply to different countries. However, in the parts of the United States where marijuana is legalized for recreational and medicinal use, you can walk into stores to buy them. Alternatively, there are online vendors who deliver to your doorstep.

What Is The Law Surrounding The Purchase of Marijuana Seeds?

The purchase of marijuana seeds is federally illegal and that has made thing complicated. However, since some states have legalized marijuana, it is acceptable to purchase the seeds in local dispensaries. They can be purchased online too but it is important to check if the online store is located in a state where it is legal.

How to tell If Marijuana Seeds are High-Quality

  • The look: First of all, you can identify a good or bad marijuana seed from its look. A good marijuana seed looks healthy while a bad seed has dents and cracks all over it.
  • The Color: A good seed is usually grey, brown or black with dark spots while a bad seed is always green or white.
  • The coat: A good seed’s coat looks waxy when under sunlight while a bad seed’s coat looks rough under sunlight.

Buying Marijuana Seeds: Is It Worth It?

A lot of people consider if it is actually worth purchasing marijuana seeds. It is a two-way thing. If you are not guaranteed getting healthy seeds, you should refrain from purchasing them. But if the seeds are high-quality and live in a state where growing marijuana is legal, all signs point to marijuana seeds being worth it.

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