Is the Magical Butter Machine Truly Magic? Uses, Reviews, and Recipes 

Cannabis has come a long way in the last few decades. It has been decriminalized and legalized in many parts of the country, and local marijuana growing and dispensary industries have boomed. Weed is no longer associated with the ‘Reefer Madness’ campaigns of the 1930s, or with the bumbling duo of Cheech and Chong.

Cannabis has entered the 21st Century, with all kinds of advancements in the techniques of growing, selling, and consuming marijuana.

All kinds of vaporizers, tinctures, and edibles have taken the market by storm. But these can be expensive and hard to find, which is why many people have taken to making their own marijuana products at home. Here we are going to talk about one new innovation in DIY cannabis creation that has been a game changer for many: Magical Butter.

What is Magical Butter?

Magical Butter is a high-end ‘botanical extractor’. What that means in plain English is that it’s a machine that can blend, heat, stir, grind and even steed your herbal products (including marijuana) with precision and ease. It makes experimenting with new marijuana recipes much less time and labor intensive.

Magical Butter machines come fully equipped with a number of features, including fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled programs for multiple functions.

The main pitcher of the machine is made of stainless steel, and it contains a digital thermostat with temperature controls that make sure the results you get are the same every time.

The Magical Butter device is designed to sit on a countertop, and it is easy to clean and store. When you buy the machine new, you will get an instruction manual, a cookbook, a ‘Purifilter’ to remove leftover matter, and a ‘LoveGlove’ to keep your hand safe when handling hot oils and kinds of butter.

Differences Between Magical Butter 1 and Magical Butter 2

Garyn Angel, Founder, and CEO of MagicalButter invented the very first countertop appliance that was designed to infuse herbs into regular food. He came up with the idea in 2011 when his severely ill friend needed help to prepare a ‘natural herbal remedy’.

That original countertop appliance became the Botanical Extractor or the original Magical Butter machine.

Angel’s original Magical Butter machine was a hit. All kinds of people bought the machine so that they could create marijuana herbal remedies at home. But they were also used by bartenders and cooks in industrial kitchens to make all kinds of tasty beverages and pastries.

In 2014, after the huge success of the Magical Butter Machine, the company unveiled the Magical Butter 2 (Often called the “MB2”), a totally overhauled version of the original.

The MB2 has a new, updated filter bad and it comes with a silicone glove to help handle the hot materials. It also comes in a 220V option, for those who are working with particularly tough ingredients. But the basic function of the original machine that everyone fell in love with stays the same.

The MB2 is now the only machine that Magical Butter makes.

What Can You Make With Magical Butter

The Magical Butter machine is very versatile, which is why so many people, from weed enthusiasts to bartenders, love the product. There are dozens of great recipes listed on the Magical Butter website, and an infinite number of possibilities for experimenting at home. Here are the basic types of foods that can be created with the Magical Butter machine.


Many people are attracted to the Magical Butter machine specifically because it can make high-quality oil extracts without any of the messy inconsistencies that can plague home oil-making.

The steps for making stellar oil with Magical Butter are simple:

  1. Put some coconut oil, lecithin, and your high-quality botanical product into the machine
  2. Press the Temperature button on the machine and hit 160°F/71°C. Then press the 1 Hour/Oil button.
  3. After the hour-long cycle is over, unplug the machine, and pour the pitcher into your filter using the LoveGlove.

That’s it!


Magical Butter

With the word ‘Butter’ in the name, the Magical Butter machine better makes some pretty amazing infused butter products. And it does. Here are the straightforward steps:

  1. Put in your botanicals, your unsalted butter, and a tad of lecithin into the machine
  2. Press the Temperature button and hit 160°F/71°C. Then select the 2-hour button.
  3. When the machine cycle is over, unplug it, and then pour the contents through the filter into formed molds, trays, or some other container.

After that, you just wait for your butter to cool, and you’re ready to eat it on your favorite foods, put it in your coffee, or bake it into your favorite recipes.


The steps for making tinctures are a bit more complicated than those for butter and oil, so we won’t go into it in depth here, but it’s still a lot easier than making tinctures at home without the Magical Butter machine.

If you want to learn more about making tinctures with the Magical Butter machine, check out this page.

Other Uses For Magical Butter

Once you’ve made some simple oils, kinds of butter, and tinctures, you can use them to make all kinds of other foods, from cakes to brownies, from stir fry to loli-pops. There are countless recipes out there for marijuana-infused treats that require oil and butter. You could even throw an entire cannabis-infused dinner party!

How to Use Magical Butter

The whole point of buying a countertop ‘Botanical Extractor’ is to make extracting cannabis (or another herbal) essence easier. A lot of people out there are tired of fiddling around with their ovens, stovetops, and other unreliable machines.

There’s too much inconsistency, too much cleanup, and far too much work in general.

Thankfully, the Magical Butter machine really is easy to work. You simply put in your desired ingredients (make sure you check the recipe for the correct measurements), select the temperature setting, hit the right time setting, and wait patiently.

Extracting your oil, butter, or tincture from the machine is not difficult, either. Especially since every MB2 comes with a filter and a glove.

Decarb Weed

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re using marijuana products in your machine, you will need to decarb your weed before you start. This is a relatively simple process of heating that you can do in your oven at home.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Because there are so many ways to use a Magical Butter machine, there is not just a single answer to this question. In some cases, the process may only take 1 hour. In other cases, it might be longer.

But rest assured that there’s no faster way to make oils, kinds of butter, and tinctures. In fact, doing it without a machine would likely take much longer.

Magical Butter: The Pros

The pros of the Magical Butter machine are simple: it’s fast, easy, and reliable.

The Magical Butter machine takes the arduous and often unsuccessful process of making edibles at home, and it simplifies it. All you have to worry about is measuring your ingredients correctly, hitting the right buttons, and making sure your machine stays clean.

The Magical Butter machine is not very expensive, either. The average retail price is about $170, but there are some listed online for cheaper.

Magical Butter: The Cons

There are only two cons that are regularly mentioned in reviews of the Magical Butter machine. One of these complaints is that the machine is loud. It’s true: it isn’t as quiet as, say, your refrigerator. But it is also not as loud as a blender.

So, if you don’t mind having a little background noise in your kitchen, you should be okay.

Another complaint that some owners of the Magical Butter machine have is about the service of the company itself. Apparently, the company does not sell replacement parts, so if your machine breaks after the warranty end, you have to buy a new one.

What Customers Are Saying About Magical Butter

Magical Butter has mostly positive reviews across the board. On it has 210 reviews for a total of 4.5 stars. FakeSpot, a site that rates the quality of reviews to make sure there aren’t a bunch of fake ones, gives these Amazon reviews an “A” rating.

Here are some quotes from popular reviews on Amazon.

Customer PhatKatt says: “great piece, love the compact size and the no smell factor……we originally tried our cooking procedure in a crock pot….the whole house smelled disgusting for days! this option is WAY better. The only downside is it’s a little noisy, every time it kicked on to blend, it freaked out the cats.”

SHOPAHOLIC says: “Works amazingly well, I was very skeptical I was going to get 18 hours stove top into just four or five in this thing but it does work excellent, just wish it were a little easier to clean a lot of waste get stuck I can’t get off”

Patrice Manley gives a negative review: “This thing almost burned $450 worth of flowers. Imma stick with the traditional extraction method.”

User “Carol,” says: “WOW PHENOMENAL PRODUCT!!! Words can not explain its performance and quality perfect for catering or for home cooking”

Charles says: “There is no other way to do what this machine will do for you. A+”

Final Thoughts on the Magical Butter Machine

The Magic Butter machine is clearly popular with those who have purchased it on Amazon. Other reviews from weed magazines and websites rave about it as well. It’s easy to conclude that, despite a few small problems, this is an easy, effective, and a reasonably priced way to make marijuana butter, oil, and tinctures at home.