Magical Butter Machine Review: Does It Really Work?

At his core, man searches for various ways to improve upon his current situation. His creative and innovative spirit is applied to all areas of his life as he continuously looks out for new ways he can better his life. Whether it is in how he moves around his environment, how he communicates with his fellow human or even how he consumes his favorite recreational drug, his innovative mind is applied to these areas and so much more.

The global marijuana industry currently operates in a volume around $7.7 billion with projections made by the Brightfield group touting the market to reach a $31.4 billion mark in three years. And with the growing wave of support for marijuana sweeping the country, many analysts feel the $31 billion mark could be met well before 2021.

Marijuana-infused butter is an example of an innovation wrought solely out of human fascination. This is a perfectly suitable alternative for those who do not enjoy vaping, edibles or even smoking marijuana but enjoy the high it provides. But an issue most users run into is the fact that the homemade butter takes a really long time to make and a possibly even longer time to clean up once finished. This does not also speak to the horrible smell that lingers after youare done that will defy almost every cleaning solvent you know about.

The Magical Butter is a multi-functional, all-in-one cannabis extractor used to make cannabis-infused items like butter, oils, and tinctures in 2 hours or more.

Manufactured by Magical Butter, the company is founded and headed by Garyn Angel who started the company in 2012. With branches in Australia and Europe and its head office located in Florida USA, the Magical butter company has grown from its humble beginnings to its staff size of over 20.

So, what is Magical Butter, and does it really do what it claims to do?

Magical Butter weighs 8.81 pounds and with dimensions of 13.8 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches, the silver-plated device ships worldwide through international giant Amazon. Although, a trip to the official Magical Butter site holds a strongly worded warning to anyone who buys the device from third-party sites with eBay mentioned in particular. Magical Butter stresses that those who purchase their device from platforms like eBay would have their warranty rendered void and the company takes no responsibility for any defect whatsoever.

The overall design of the Magical Butter device is well above average as it is clear the device design was well thought out as evident in the compact and durable look It boasts of. This device is sure to fit in with the other devices on your kitchen counter without a hitch,and it looks set to withstand the ravages of time. But regardless of the aesthetic essence brought to your counter by Magical Butter, it is important we point out that some Magical Butter devices have been known to feature a weak handle that may end up coming out of the device.

Many users have come forward with several tales narrating the weakness of the device’s handle with one user stating that his handle broke off a week after his warranty expired. And while he was able to cajole Magical Butter to replace his handle-less device, odds are your device may end up looking deformed having lost a major part of itself.

The Cost of this Magical Device

This brings us to the next major topic. How much do you need to part with before one of these magical devices makes its way to your kitchen counter? At $175, the Magical Butter is considered to be very expensive by people at first listen. But after factoring in the hours and energy you would be saving by making this one-time purchase, $175 suddenly seems like the bargain which it really is.

Using the Machine

Using the Machine

Using the Magical Butter device is relatively straightforward. The device is built to create up to five cups of butter or oil per cycle with a cycle coming in at an hour or two max. The device has multiple temperature options which are accompanied by its colorful LED lights that show you the progress of your operation per time. In essence, Magical Butter has a powerful digital thermostat and a heating unit which is also combined with an immersion blender.

Apart from the effort, you use into setting up the device and inputting the necessary materials; no additional labor is needed from you as the device breaks down, stirs, heats, grinds and combine the materialstogether at the appropriate time and temperature to create the ideal product.

If at this point, you are considering Magical Butter to be the solution to all your mixing and rationing problems, you are still going to have to learn how to get the quantity of the raw materials right. But thanks to the standardization sweeping the industry, adequately measuring cannabis has never been easier.

Magical Butter was crafted to carefully extract the major nutrients and flavors from the raw materials you put into it and mix it in ideal amounts to craft the best version of the product you want. And as for cleaning and washing the device after use?

Magical Butter goes a step further to add more value to the device with the self-wash function. After use, all you need to do is to add some water and liquid soap to the machine and hit the clean button.

While a more manual and thorough cleaning may be needed from time to time, it is important to note that Magical Butter takes away all the smell, the mess and saves you time by the push of a button. While the device is running, it is possible to step aside for a few minutes to pick up a book or do some light cleaning around the house. Do not step too far though as Magical Butter co. issued a stern warning on their site admonishing users not to leave the device unattended when plugged in.

In conclusion, Magical Butter is a thing of beauty. The ability to get more from your cannabis than just smoking it just got easier as you can get butter, oils and so much more by the push of a button.

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