Kush: The Indica Strain and It’s Many Variations

Kush is one of the most famous strains of marijuana that is recognized even outside the world of cannabis. Although it’s widely popular and famous there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the different Kush strains and their origins. Today we’ll try to get to know some of the most popular Kush strains out there and learn a bit more about each of them.

What is Kush Cannabis?

Kush is an indica strain with origins from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. The strain gets its name from the Hindu Kush Mountains where it’s been growing for over a millennium. It first arrived in the States in the mid-1970s and continues to be quite popular today.

Seeds taken from those mountains have led to the forming of various different Kush strains that are known for their relaxing indica properties. The Kush strains are easy to cultivate which makes them suitable for cannabis growers of all experience levels.

The strains are also popular for their earthy, woody and pine flavors and aroma.

What Characterizes ‘Kush’ Cannabis?

As we already mentioned above, some of the attributes that the Kush strain has is its pungent earthy and pine flavors, as well as its indica properties.

Some of the other properties that differentiate the Kush strain from other cannabis strains is its very deep green color with a touch of purple. It has a herbaceous and smooth flavor and sedative properties.

Here are some of its most typical characteristics:


When it comes to its smell that can vary a lot from one Kush strain to another, same as the flavor and its appearance, although generally, it has an earthy, sweet, pungent, spicy or fruity smell.


The Kush strain can taste like earth, herbs, flowers, grapes, citrus or diesel, depending on its genetics and origins.


As we already mentioned before, what characterizes the Kush strain is its dark green color with notes of purple. Its pistils usually have an orange or bronze color and its buds are quite thick and chunky.

Kush Cannabis: THC To CBD Ratio


The THC levels in this indica-dominant strain are typically measured at around 18 to 27 percent with low to medium amounts of CBD, with the exception of CBD Kush, a hybrid with equal amounts of THC and CBD, which is around 7 percent.

Which Are The Most Popular Kush Cannabis Strains?

If you try to look up Kush cannabis you’ll soon realize that there are tons of different Kush strains out there that come in different flavors, shapes, sizes, and appearances. Let’s have a look at 5 of the best and most popular Kush strains that you should try right now.

OG Kush

There’s no place better to start off than with the classic OG Kush that has recognition even outside the cannabis community. Although it’s one of the most popular Kush strains out there, its origin is a bit of a mystery as well as the meaning of its name.

Some believe the strain comes from a cross of Hindu Kush and Chemdawg and although we’re not yet sure of its origins, we’re sure of one thing, and that’s the strain’s potency.

OG Kush’s THC levels have always been at around 20-25 percent with medium levels of CBD. This strain has a very potent smell, a pine-wood aroma, and a spicy, citrusy flavor. You can expect to pay around $12 – $16 for a gram, depending on the state you’re in.

Pure Kush

Pure Kush is an indica based strain with Afghani roots. It is a distinct phenotype of the OG Kush strain and its THC levels are usually measured around 13-24 percent.

It has strong sedative powers and can leave cannabis enthusiasts and veterans relaxed, sedated and pain-free. That’s why this particular strain is greatly used for medical purposes, particularly for pain management.

Pure Kush is quite potent. It has a strong, pungent and earthy smell. Its taste is a bit skunky, spicy and harsh, and it has a peppery, eye-watering smoke. You can expect to pay around $10 per gram.

Master Kush

Master Kush inherits the same classic Kush attributes like all other Kush classics. Its average THC content measures at around 16-20 percent.

This strain is commonly used for nausea, appetite control, as well as for pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Master Kush has an earthy and citrusy smell with a touch of incense and an earthy and flowery taste. You can expect to pay around $15 – $20 for a gram.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a very sedative and relaxing type of strain. It can take over the whole body, from head to toe and ease every muscle, tying you to the couch while activating your appetite as well.

This makes Bubba Kush the perfect strain for handling stress, anxiety, pain, depression, insomnia, as well loss of appetite. When it comes to its flavor, Bubba Kush has quite a chocolaty, sweet hashish taste with notes of coffee. Bubba Kush has a high THC content that typically ranges from 15-22 percent. You can expect to pay around $12 a gram.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush has an earthy, sweet, grapey flavor and causes a long-lasting euphoric and relaxing effect. It helps the body relax and overcome pain, insomnia, anxieties, fatigue, and stress. It’s a 100 percent indica-based strain and its THC levels are at around 17-27 percent. You can expect to pay around $12 per gram.

Kush Cannabis Effects And Attributes

What makes most Kush cannabis strains appealing to new and long-term users is their sedative and tranquilizing properties. These typical indica properties cause users to feel relaxed, sleepy, stress and pain-free and sedated which is why these strains have a lot of medicinal uses.

Most Kush strains will leave users sedated and fully relaxed but still functional, although there are a few strains that will keep you tied to the couch, which is perfect for a binge-watching and eating session, but not suitable for a busy and active day. Most of these strains are great for slow, cozy days, for relaxing, dealing with moderating pain and stress or enjoying a good night’s sleep.

The Medical Benefits Of Kush Cannabis

As we mentioned before, there are numerous health benefits associated with Kush cannabis which makes it very suitable for medical use.
Here are some of its most prevailing medical benefits:

  • Soothes temporary pain caused by injury
  • Alleviates pain caused by chronic conditions such as lupus and rheumatic arthritis
  • Vanishes indigestion problems and headaches
  • Helps with anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Helps with nausea, fatigue, and loss of appetite
  • Alleviates stress and helps with multiple other illnesses and conditions

Side Effects Of Kush Cannabis

Kush Strains typically have a very harsh and thick smoke that can make your eyes water. It can also cause dry mouth and red eyes, which are common symptoms associated with smoking almost all marijuana strains.

The Kush strains can also cause smokers to undergo strong alterations in sensory perception and can make it more difficult for them to engage in physical activity, work, exercise and so on. The strain has sleepy vibes and ties users down to the couch.

Some have also experienced mild paranoia when taking larger quantities of OG Kush, which is why it’s important to start off slow when it comes to new strains that you haven’t had a lot of experience with before. That way you can avoid the possible side effects that are associated with that particular strain.

Kush Cannabis Reviews

If you look up any Kush strain online you’ll notice that there are tons of reviews out there. Some are detailed and objective, while some describe a particular user’s experience.

Here’s what one particular user had to say about the strain on leafly.com.


What this user found particularly attractive about this strain is the fact that it’s perfect for chilling on the couch, playing video games, exercising and lots of other different activities.

If you check out some of the reviews of Master Kush on Allbud, you’ll find a ton of honest and in-depth user reflections of the strain.
One user mentions that this strain is great for falling asleep or chilling in front of the TV. According to another user, Master Kush is a pretty mentally stimulating and physically relaxing strain.


What particularly attracted one user was the fact that the Kush strain is quite strong and has a very good taste and smell. A little goes a long way and the high is quite long-lasting.


One user on leafly.com has OG Kush to thank for his improvements in his sleeping routine, although he/she does mention that it’s a rather strong smelling strain that leaves quite a skunky smell.


Final Thoughts on Kush

Because of their sedative and relaxing effects, most Kush strains are great for early and late night use. The Kush strain has a lot of positive mind and body benefits and is perfect for both new and veteran cannabis users. It can help users wander off and relax, get rid of their daily stress and anxieties and dive into a calm state and some well-deserved, restorative sleep.

Although most Kush strains are indica dominant and have some of the mutual indica relaxing properties there are some Kush strains like OG Kush that have up-lifting and energizing effects and won’t lead to a couch lock.

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