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Kiva Confections: Tasty Cannabis-Infused Treats To Eat in 2019

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think of chocolate is childhood memories. It was often offered up as a reward when you brought home a report card with a lot of As on it. Or if you achieved a great feat like winning a baseball tournament.

Now that you’re older, you can go buy yourself a bar of chocolate or a handful of gummy bears any time the hankering comes to the surface. The ones you choose to get is another story. With an endless amount of options that range from organic to all-natural to vegan to gluten-free, you are sometimes left standing in the supermarket aisle with analysis paralysis.

But, if you are looking to ease your troubles, get a nice buzz or smolder out a nagging ache or pain, the choice gets narrowed down quite a bit. In these cases, you are going to want a bar or treat laced with CBD and THC. Think of it as cannabis meeting candy. And the Kiva Confections company surely delivers in this category.

About Kiva Confections

California is known for a lot of things. Both good and bad. This state produces a lot of the organic and conventional produce you see in the grocery stores, it has a lot of wildfires, it is very sunny in most places, and it is also one of the most expensive areas to live in the union.

That’s a pretty balanced mix of good and bad, but there is one thing being left out. The Kiva Confections company started and is still operating from California. And just for the record, that is a good thing.

To be exact, they started in 2010. This was when the world of edibles had much to be desired. You really didn’t know how pure products were that you were buying or if they contained the amount of THC and CBD that they claimed to have. It was very much like the wild wild west.

Kiva took exception to this and decided to create a clean, high-quality line of edibles that backed up everything that was said on the labels. It was off to the races from there. From that point up until present day, Kiva Confections has been one of the most popular and trusted brands for edibles in states like California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona.

Their products are of the highest quality, and they have even won awards for the offerings they bring to the general population.

Kiva Confections Products

When it all began, Kiva just had chocolate bars that were infused with THC and CBD. But as time went on, and their popularity rose, they ended up producing more options for the everyday cannabis lover. Here are some of the edibles they bring to the table.

Kiva Chocolate

Unless you’ve been living in the dark ages, you are probably well aware that dark chocolate is heralded as a superfood. Even major health organizations like the Harvard School of Public Health make claims that dark chocolate can reduce the risk for diabetes and help lower blood pressure. And that’s why Kiva Confections uses this form of chocolate in their bars.

Not only do they have five different dark chocolate flavors to choose from, but they also offer regular, vanilla chai and mint Irish cream milk chocolate varieties as well.

The ginger dark chocolate and dark chocolate espresso both have an even balance of 100 mg of THC and CBD per serving. The rest of the bars contain 100 mg of THC per serving. They run from $10 to $20 each, depending on what state you get them in and what dispensary.

Camino Gummies

Kiva Confections

The Camino gummy line of Kiva products is named after the Camino road that spans a good chunk of California and is known for its majestic views. They have four different flavors to offer you in this category, which include wild berry, Blenheim apricot, sparkling pear, and pineapple habanero.

The sparkling pear contains 120 mg of THC and 40 mg of CBD per serving. All of the other options have 100 mg of THC.

Petra Mints

If you are more into a slowly obtained high, then the Petra mints are going to be a good option. Kiva has two flavor profiles–Moroccan mint and eucalyptus. The mint flavor contains a blend of peppermint extract, cannabis, and green tea matcha. The eucalyptus contains cannabis, eucalyptus oil, and green tea matcha.

Of these ingredients, you should definitely take note of the green tea. According to the National Institutes of Health, the polyphenols associated with green tea make it a potent substance for the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases. Each mint contains 1.5 mg of THC so you can really dial in how much you want to take.

These come in small tins that contain 42 pieces each and cost $17.

Terra Bites

There are a lot of people who don’t like the idea of noshing on a big hunk of chocolate. They like tiny pieces that won’t make them feel guilty. If you fall into this category, then Kiva’s terra bites are going to be good options. They come in espresso dark chocolate and blueberry milk chocolate.

The espresso consists of coffee beans coated with dark chocolate that has been infused with cocoa powder and cannabis. The blueberry option consists of dried blueberries that are encased with an infusion of milk chocolate and cannabis. Each one of these “bites” contains 5 mg of THC.

And to add to the fun, blueberries and coffee beans are both powerful antioxidants. Blueberries are especially good for promoting healthy aging and preventing chronic diseases, according to the Mayo Clinic.


Last but not least, Kiva Confections has a product called singles. These are scaled down versions of the terra bites and petra mints. You get two servings in the terra bite packages and four in the mints. You might want to choose these if you are taking a day-long road trip and just want to have a THC product on hand for when you get to your destination.

Kiva Confections Best Sellers

You can say that all of the products Kiva Confections offers up are the best in the market. But every good brand has top sellers. These are some of them just so you can make an informed decision as to which products you want to get.

Kiva bar with Milk Chocolate

Kiva Confections

If you remember from earlier, you have regular, vanilla chai and mint Irish cream to choose from when it comes to Kiva’s milk chocolate line. If you are in it for the high and not for the extra antioxidant boost, then any one of these would suit you well.

Blueberry Milk Chocolate Terra Bites

Kiva uses a 24-hour panning process in the production of their blueberry milk chocolate terra bites. This ensures that you are getting a high-quality product that is both potent and tasty,

Pineapple Habanero Camino Gummies

You may find this hard to believe but, there are a lot of people who fancy the combination of sweet and hot. It’s fair to say that this is equally as popular as sweet and salty. Being that the pineapple habanero Camino gummies are a best seller, you cannot dispute this fact.

If you are a fan of heat and sweet, then this option will surely give you your fix.

Kiva Confections Reviews: Customer Opinions

Opinions are a dime a dozen. They may not always be accurate, but everyone has one, and everyone still listens to them. Fast forward to Kiva Confections, and there are a lot of reviews floating around that you should be aware of.

Any time you are about to throw down a chunk of change on an edible or THC-containing product that you never had, it’s a good idea to do some research and collect as much data as you can first. It’s similar to watching testimonials on a weight-loss program you’re thinking of embarking on.

That being said, customer feedback on the chocolate bars has been all high praise with the exception of a couple disgruntlement. The positive comments range from “the Kiva bars are delicious” to “awesome taste” to “the best edible I ever had” to “I love Kiva!”

The only negative comments were that the bars were a bit pricey and if you are sensitive to THC, you should start off with a low intake. But that stands to reason with any type of cannabis-infused product that you consume.

The terra bites have also gotten rave reviews. A couple happy customers have mentioned that they taste amazing, they make them very calm and they’re the best in the whole world.

Pros of Kiva Confections

Unless you are ultra sensitive to THC or are looking for a very cheap product, you really can’t go wrong with Kiva Confections. Not only do they offer you a pure, high-quality line of edibles, but they are also laced with such things as blueberries, espresso, and green tea.

These added ingredients can help you in other ways that the THC can’t. You then end up with a holistic offering that goes beyond the obvious. And you’d be hard pressed to find that in another company’s products.

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