King Palm: A Healthy Alternative To The Traditional Blunt Wrapper

King Palm is a manufacturer of high-quality blunt paper made from natural materials that are tobacco-free. These blunt papers are healthier alternatives to normal tobacco papers, perfect for those who want to get the most out of their medicinal plants

King Palm: Key Takeaways

  • King Palm does not rely on pesticides and toxic chemicals in the process of growing the Cordia leaf used to make blunt wraps.
  • King Palm blunt wraps are tobacco-free, making them healthier alternatives to traditional blunt papers.
  • No glue of any kind is used in the manufacture of King Palm blunt papers.
  • There are no artificial flavors or preservatives used in the manufacture of these blunt wraps.
  • The filter is made out of corn husks, meaning that it is completely biodegradable and leaves no footprint on the planet.

What Is King Palm?

King Palm is the maker of a tobacco-free, preservative-free blunt wrap. While this is their biggest attraction, King Palm also produces a lot of other smoking paraphernalia and goodies for cannabis enthusiasts.

In their shop, you’ll find humidity packs, rolling papers, corn husk filters and smoking clips.

About King Palm

Natural Leaf

King Palm is a Californian cannabis paraphernalia company that is dedicated to removing the necessity for a tobacco blunt wrap.

The founders of King Palm acknowledge the desirability of blunt papers, such as the taste and the slow burn, but wanted to create something with lesser health risks.

They pride themselves of providing pesticide free, chemical free blunt papers that are just as delightful to smoke as regular blunt wraps.

King Palm Roll Taste

Nobody should expect King Palm blunt wraps to taste the same as a tobacco blunt wrap. While these rolls are missing the richness of taste of tobacco, they are just as good to smoke.

The Cordia leaf comes from the Borage family of plants and has a very subtle leafy taste. It doesn’t interfere with the taste of your cannabis, and for that, it makes the smoke tasty and earthy.

It is just as slow burning as a tobacco blunt wrap, so you don’t have to miss out on that special characteristic either.

King Palm Wraps Are Healthy

One of the biggest incentives behind the King Palm blunt wrap is the fact that it is healthier than smoking tobacco.

The modern world is becoming more and more aware of the health risks associated with smoking tobacco, and where a healthier alternative can be found, it should be used!

The Cordia leaf doesn’t come with the threat of addiction or the damage to lungs. Plus, much of the tobacco leaves grown for blunt wrap production are grown using chemicals and pesticides, meaning that the final product is contaminated.

King Palm wraps have no such contaminants, making them easy on the lungs as well as good to smoke.

King Palm Products

The range of products at King Palm should meet the needs of most blunt enthusiasts. There are all kinds of goodies in store and their prices are also quite appealing.

All of King Palm’s wraps are made with Cordia leaves. They are hand rolled into the perfect cone and just require packing. As with the rest of King Palm’s wraps, these come with a corn husk filter that is almost indestructible.

Buying In Bulk 

Really, this product is made for those who know they like to smoke and who like to smoke a lot.

Box of King Palm blunt wrappers

What’s the point of paying more for a two pack of blunt wraps when you can get discounts on buying a lot – especially when you’re certain that you’re going to use them?

There are all kinds of possibilities if you want to buy in bulk from King Palm. Packs come in 25, 180 and Master Boxes. The options are available for the regular rolls, mini rolls, and slim rolls.

  • A pack of 25 costs anywhere between $21.49 and $39.99, depending on the size you’re purchasing.
  • A 180-pack costs anywhere between $139.99 and $159.99, again depending on the size of the roll.
  • Finally, the Master Boxes cost anywhere between $689.99 and $840, depending on the size of the rollies and how many are in the box.


If you’re not enthusiastic about buying hundreds of King Palm rolls, there is also an option for you. You can purchase King Palm wraps as singles.

Perhaps this is a good option if you haven’t tried these wraps before.

  • You can buy singles in a pouch of 4 mini rolls for $4.49
  • 5 rollies with Boveda dehumidifier for $4.49
  • 5 slim rolls with Boveda for $5.99
  • 5 mini rolls with Boveda for $5.99
  • 5 king rolls with Boveda for $6.99

Rolling Trays 

That’s the thing about rolling blunts, it can get pretty messy. And if you’re at all enthusiastic about rolling blunts, you’re probably over rolling over a book or piece of paper. The rolling tray from King Palm is just a basic, everyday rolling tray. It comes in either black or green and costs $9.99.

King Palm also stocks Wet Rolling Trays, manufactured by Wet. These are food grade paper rolling trays with multiple different designs on them, including a Purple Haze tray and an Island Girls tray! These cost $5.99 each.

XXL – Exclusive

The XXL Humidor by King Palm is the biggest wrap that they have available. This blunt would not be a solo act. It would be for a party blunt, the kind that is shared between at least 10 people.

This blunt wrap has a 5-gram capacity, optimizing the amount of weed you can fit in a joint without compromising on the way that it smokes. These can be purchased as a pack of 5 for $29.99 or in a box of 35 for $260. In the 35-pack, you also get packing sticks as well as a dehumidifier to keep the wraps fresh for a year.

Collector’s Items

King Palm double barrel mouthpiece with two blunts

The “Collector’s Items” part of the King Palm store mainly comprises of mouth tips. It is essentially an additional filter. However, King Palm has some specialty multi-barrel mouth tips in there that can hold up to three blunts. That means that you can smoke three blunts at the same time!

  • The single mouth tip comes in black and glow-in-the-dark colors, costing $4.99 and $6.99 respectively.
  • The same goes for the double barrel mouth tip, costing $9.99 and $12.99 respectively.
  • The triple barrel mouth tip is available only in black and costs $12.99.


The Humidor is a clear display box for your King Palm rolls that maintains the perfect relative humidity for your blunt wraps. The lid closes with a magnet seal and the box has rubber feet on the bottom to keep it in place. When you buy the Humidor, it already comes packed with blunt wraps that will stay fresh for up to a year.

The box also comes with a 72 percent humidity packet to keep your blunt wraps intact, as well as an optional 58 percent humidity packet which is good for keeping your medicinal herbs at the optimum relative humidity. The boxes range in size and type (mini, king, slim etc.).

The price depends on the box purchased. The price starts at $65 for the empty box and ranges to $260 for an XXL Humidor that contains 35 XXL rolls.

Humidity Packets

The Humidity Packet is designed to keep your King Palm rolls fresh. However, King Palm has thought ahead for all those customers who also want a humidity control for their flowers. For that purpose, the humidity packets are available in a variety of different relative humidity percentages.

They also range in size from 4g to 60g. These humidity packets are manufactured by Boveda and are two-way humidity packets. They range in price from $.075 to $2.99.

Silicone Snuffers

The Silicone Snuffer removes the need for an ashtray and allows the user to save the rest of the blunt for later. Because it is made out of silicone, it is completely safe to put the lit blunt into the snuffer without damaging the snuffer or the blunt.

Simply put the lit end in the snuffer and apply a bit of pressure. You can then leave your blunt there until you decide to finish it! It comes in black and camo colors and costs $6.99.

Smoke Rings

The smoke ring is perhaps one of the oldest pieces of smoking paraphernalia out there (along with the smoking clip). The smoke ring by King Palm is specially designed to be used with their smoking wraps but also accommodates cigarettes and other cone-shaped smokeables.

When it is clipped on to the blunt, the ring then goes on your finger or is simply held and smoked. The smoke ring costs $5.99 and comes in black, white and camo.

Corn Husk Filters

Corn Husk Smoking Filters

Perhaps the coolest product available at King Palm is the Corn Husk Filter. It’s underrated for how cool it is. It comes with the strength and durability of a regular cigarette filter without being made of environmentally unfriendly plastic. Plus, it’s also not made out of card which means it saves the trees!

Everybody knows the difficulty of cardboard filters. They work great until they get completely sloppy with saliva! The Corn Husk Filter has resistance to saliva and is completely durable, not disintegrating during the smoke nor breaking.

They are available in 9 or 10 mm and come in a variety of different sized packages, ranging from $1.99 for a small packet to $350 for a huge bulk pack.

Extendable Smoke Clips

The extendable smoke clip works great to hold on to your blunt wraps without having hands that stink like smoke.

Everybody knows how hard it is to get those last few drags in without burning your hands or your mouth. The smoke clip lets you hold on to it for those last few puffs. It comes in black and gold and costs $9.49. If you want to buy in bulk, King Palm has that option, with a box of 50 smoke clips for $350.


King Palm also stocks some apparel if you find yourself a huge fan of theirs. They sell regular T-shirts and hats, but also stock free mobile wallpapers. So if you want some of their apparel but don’t want to spend, you can always download free mobile wallpaper to commemorate King Palm! T-shirts start at $12.99 and hats at $19.99

Why Choose King Palm?

If you’re a lover of the blunt wrap, it’s worth trying King Palm. For so long, there hasn’t really been an alternative to the traditional tobacco blunt wrap, but now that there is, it’s worth giving it a shot.

The King Palm blunt wrap is a healthier option to tobacco, and buying this product is not much more expensive than buying regular blunt wraps. For something a little bit different and easier on the lungs, King Palm has you sorted.

Farma Health Desk Editor