What is Kief? And How To Use It

If you are familiar with the term cannabis, then most probably you have heard about THC as well. In case you don’t know, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the main psychoactive component of cannabis. What you might not have known is that the part of the cannabis plant that contains the THC can be separated from the rest of the plant. This part of the cannabis plant that contains THC is known as Kief.

What is Kief?

The term Kief comes from the Arabic word “kif” that means pleasure and intoxication. Kief represents a fine powder made of the resin glands or trichomes that are found in the marijuana plant. Compared to the pure cannabis flowers, Kief offers much bigger pleasure because it contains a greater amount of psychoactive cannabinoids. People are getting more stoned and they are able to experience a higher level of the psychoactive effect.

How To Make Your Own Kief?

Preparing Kief at home, it’s always a good idea if you have a limited budget. Sifting Kief is one of the best options. Resin glands are having a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. Because of this, it is better to consume cannabis by separating the Kief crystals from the plant.

Using a Grinder

So, one of the ways to make your own Kief is by using a grinder. If you are new to cannabis, most probably you’re not that much familiar with grinders. You can buy grinders at any store that sells cigarettes, or you can order one online.

A grinder is used for breaking the cannabis up into small bites suitable for wrapping in rolling papers. So, for extracting Kief you will need a three chamber herb grinder. You can grind the cannabis, and at the same time the Kief crystals will fall through a screen and you can collect them.

Using Micro Screens

If you have a little higher budget, it is better to purchase several micro screens and put them together by creating a Kief chamber. You should be careful in choosing the right screen size. Screens should usually measure 100 to 270 lines per inch and the Kief normally measure between 75-125 microns.

The Many Uses of Kief

When it comes to kief, the possibilities of what it be used in are endless.

Sprinkle It On Your Bowl

This is also known as “crowning a bowl” and people are mainly doing it when they want to add a little extra kick in the bowl without packing in an entire bowl of Kief. Sprinkle the Kief onto the best bowel increases drastically the potential of the bowl. You can “corner” the bowel and prevent the Kief from quickly burning. Cornering the bowl means to light the edge, and not the entire surface.

How To Smoke Kief Alone

Smoking the Kief by itself gives the most intense effect. Have in mind that Kief it’s more powerful than the buds of marijuana, so be careful about the amount that you’re going to use. You can roll a joint or pack a bowl. Also, Kief is burning faster than marijuana. So if you get distracted it might burn up really quickly.

That is why you must be sure that in the next hour or two you’re going to be alone and free from other responsibilities.

Vaping and Dabbing

In general, vaping and dabbing are not used. But there are few exceptions. This is due to the fact that Kief is not clean enough and therefore is not suitable for traditional dabbing or vaping methods. But if you managed to find 299% sift”, then you can dab it for sure and go with vape pens.

But be aware of the fact that if you are producing the Kief at home, then most probably you won’t reach the needed percentage of clean Kief. It might clog up the vaporizer and you can experience an unpleasant taste.

Make Kief Butter


It is really easy to make butter from cannabis. The receipt is very basic – melt the butter first, and then add weed, simmer, and strain. Even though the process is very easy, you can still see how people are doing it wrong again and again and just wasting their weed.

For making cannabutter you will need a wooden spoon, a medium saucepan, butter (one pound of butter is used to every ounce of Keif), Keif, cheesecloth and containers with lids.

Put water into the Saucepan and boil it. Stir into the batter. Be careful not to burn yourself. When the butter will finish melting, add the Keif. Cook the cannabutter from 3 to 4 hours. And that’s it. Your cannabutter is ready can you can start cooking with it.

You can use the cannabutter in any receipt that includes butter or oil in it. Use it in your toast, pancakes or popcorns. You can add it to your oatmeal or risotto. Bon Appetit!

Make Moonrocks

Moonrocks are known to have very high potency as well. They are top quality nugs that are covered in oil and rolled in Keif. It is quite easy to prepare Moon rocks. You just need to have the right materials. Heat your oil (the one that you are using or the one that you prefer to use), and coat your buds. While the buds are still warm, sprinkle Kief over them.

Leave them to cool down and harden. Then you can break them by hand and sprinkle them into the bowl. It is not recommended to use a grinder for breaking them because the grinder will break them too finely.

How To Store Kief

It is really important to keep the Kief in a cool, dry and dark space. What’s more, the KIef should be constantly stirred and mixed every few days. Usually, people are making makeshift sifters by using layered screens and a coin.

With this, the trichomes are disturbed enough to make any fall off. These types of airtight glass containers can be handmade or purchased. They are available in different sizes and styles, so it was best to choose an option that suits according to your needs.

The main things that you should focus on are how much Kief you’re going to store and for how long. If you notice that a large quantity of Kief is sticking to the walls, put the glass storage into the freezer for a few hours.

The Medical Benefits of Kief

Similar to the other strains of fresh cannabis, Kief offers many health benefits as well. It depends on the cannabis strain, but nowadays they are different types of strains available on the market so it is not hard to find a type the will suit you according to your needs.

When you find the strain that is the most beneficial to you (based on your symptoms), just collect the Kief from that particular strain by using the pollen catcher or three chambered grinders. Some of the symptoms and conditions that can be treated with the help of Kief are the followings:

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is one of the main reasons why people are starting to use medical marijuana. Despite the fact that many doctors are scientists are trying to cure the chronic pain, sometimes there are several roots from which the pain is coming and not every root can be discovered and cured.

According to the NASEM (National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine), the TCH cannabinoid is highly effective for treating pain. Our bodies are having natural cannabinoids receptors and they play a great role in pain control.

Nausea, Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

According to the latest study done by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 40 percent of the workers are claiming that they are experiencing extremely stressful situations on their workplaces. Almost 30 percent of them claim that their jobs are the number one problem that causes the stress in their lives.

Cannabis products are having great effects and Influence and several behavioral and neural functions.

People are consuming Kief when they want to reduce the unpleasant feelings of stress and anxiety. Studies are showing the field scene is highly beneficial in reducing depression and anxiety in patients.

Headaches and Eating disorders

Several cannabis strains are proven to have an effect in reducing the appetite and increasing the desire to be more physically active.

Final Thoughts

Kief is a powder that can be used in several ways. Using it can be highly beneficial and the medical benefits seem to be endless. It has a high level of cannabinoids and low level of contaminants. Kief is the right choice if you want to avoid the negative health issues of smoking marijuana. It is not hard to collect Kief and store it at home.

And remember, the consumption of cannabis is a responsibility of the person who is consuming it and that is a personal and private choice that needs to be respected.

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