How To Make Kief Butter

Kief is a highly concentrated form of cannabis. It is made by filtering ground cannabis herbs and separating the resins on the buds from the fibers. You can use kief butter to bake desserts or to enhance your morning coffee.

Kief Butter: The Highlights

  • Even though you can smoke, vape or even eat marijuana delicacies, consuming kief butter is one of the best ways to access the benefits of cannabinoids.
  • Kief is a concentrated form of cannabis.
  • You can either buy kief or produce your own to make kief butter.
  • You can use kief butter as is, or you can use it to bake or cook.
  • Making kief butter is not too difficult.

What is Kief Butter?

Kief is a highly concentrated form of cannabis. It is made by filtering ground cannabis herbs and separating the resins on the buds from the fibers.

Kief retains all the important components of cannabis; the only difference is that the concentration increases per given amount of the drug. Kief butter, also known as cannabutter, is, therefore, made by infusing the filtered product with butter.

To obtain quality kief butter, you must follow the exact recipe and mix the ingredients in right proportions. Before we look at the recipe, let’s go through the different uses of kief butter.

Uses of Kief Butter

Firstly, kief butter is an additive which can be added to other cannabis products such as joints, buds or one-hitters. It is added to other products because kief butter is highly concentrated and adding it to other less concentrated products increases their potency.

Secondly, Kief butter can be added to other foods and drinks. It can be used to make coffee, tea or cookies. It is one of the safest, discrete and descents ways of ingesting marijuana.

Most people who use medical marijuana for treatment and cannot put up with smoking or vaping can now add it to their tea! Let’s have a look at how you can add Kief Butter to your favorite meals and drinks:

Put It Into Your Coffee

There are several ways in which you can add Kief butter into your coffee. The simplest way is adding it the way you add milk butter to your coffee. Ensure that your coffee is hot enough so as to facilitate proper dilution of butter.

Hot coffee melts the butter forcing it to release the kief components. Kief coffee calms your nerves while at the same time making you ‘moderately’ high.

Bake It Into Your Favorite Dessert

Kief Butter

Marijuana can also be consumed through edibles. It takes more than 30 minutes for it to get digested and absorbed into your blood system in waves. The best way to consume marijuana using this method is by baking your kief butter unto your favorite dessert.

Spreading It On a Bagel Or a Toast

Did you know that you can use your kief butter on your toast and bread? This is the best way to have your morning dose of cannabis without lighting it. Call it killing two birds with one stone! The procedure is easy, just toast your bread or get a bagel then spread kief butter on top instead of your regular margarine.

Cook With It

Well, cooking oil or fat makes an integral part of every food recipe. Good news is that you can use your cannabis butter instead of ordinary butter in your recipe.

A good example is the use of marijuana butter in the baking of cookies and cakes. Cannabis butter can be used in a variety of other recipes as long as you are cautious of the dosage.

How To Make Kief Butter At Home

The beauty of cannabis butter is that it can be made domestically as it does not require any special skills. All you require is a definitive guide from a kief butter recipe and the necessary ingredients.

Find a Kief Butter Recipe

There are dozens of kief butter recipes on the internet, and they can be very confusing if not misleading. You, therefore, have a task of finding the right recipe. It is for this reason that we have decided to include it in this guide to make sure that you don’t make any mistake.

Note that using the wrong recipe can lead to the preparation of highly toxic butter or less potent butter. The following ingredients must be featured in your recipe; Kief, butter, water (amount varies with the quantity of kief), fine mesh strainer, kief screen, and cheesecloth.

A good Kief butter recipe should include the following steps; decarbing, boiling water, adding butter into the hot water and adding kief onto the mixture. Let’s delve into each of the above steps.

Importance Of Decarbing

Raw marijuana does not contain THC cannabinoids at all, the THC compound exists in its inactive form of THC-A. Decarbing is the process of breaking the Acid part of THC-A, a process which activates the THC compound. THC compound is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

The Cannabis Sativa strain is popular for its high levels of THC than its cousin Cannabis Indica. Oil and butter can decarb your kief by dissolving THC but it is not as effective as heating.

Although heating stands out as the most effective way of decarboxylation of marijuana, you should bear in mind that excessive heating can destroy the THC levels in cannabis. The recommended temperatures are below 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Boiling Water

Where boiling water comes in during the process of making kief butter? The process of infusing marijuana can go wrong if the temperatures are not maintained. Boiling water does not heat above 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best way to maintain the heat during the infusion process is by doing it in boiling water as temperatures can be maintained at a constant level.

Put In Butter

Butter is added to the boiling water and allowed to melt. Since water is a medium for infusion, remember we are infusing kief from a ground marijuana plant into butter, we will have to add all the ingredients into it.

The kief is then added into the simmering butter and left to mix for about 15 minutes after which it is strained.

Importance of Straining

The butter and kief should completely mix in the boiling water. To ensure that this is achieved, you should strain the components until the mixture is completely homogenous.

Straining traps the residues that did not dissolve in the boiling water. A paper towel can be used in case you do not have a kief screen with you.

Benefits of Kief Butter

Kief butter like all other chewable marijuana products has numerous benefits over smoking and vaping. Here are some of the benefits of using cannabis butter;

Better For Your Lungs Than Smoking

smoke outlines human lungs

Smoking has fatal effects on your lungs. With each puff, you deposit carcinogenic particles on the cells of your lungs. These residues accumulate and with time, you may suffer from cancer and other related chest problems.

What if I tell you that you can enjoy your weed without exposing yourself to these risks? Yes, you can use Kief butter which can be ingested together with another different type of foods and drinks. Getting high has never been this safe!

More Discreet Than Smoking

Gone are the days when you could not enjoy your marijuana in peace without attracting curious and sometimes ‘hateful’ eyes.

With kief butter, you can definitely use your weed in plain sight without attracting unnecessary attention. Just bake it into your cookies or add it into your cup of tea at that high profile conference and you will be good to go. Convenient, right?

It’s Good Tasting

With kief butter, you have the option of choosing which food you will take it with. Unlike smoking which has only one smoke flavor, you can add your marijuana butter into your cup of coffee, spread it on your toast or cook it into your dessert.

People prefer using Kief butter to other ways

Trust me, many people dread smoking or vaping. With cannabis butter, even the most reserved of your friends would not mind a taste of that ‘high feeling’ by consuming marijuana decently. Kief butter is decent, safe and discreet; that’s what everyone will tell you.

Risk And Common Mistakes Associated With Kief butter

Like all the good things, Kief butter has its risks, remember it is a drug. You can also make mistakes during preparation. Here are some common mistakes that most people make;

Know Your Dosage

Ball of Kief

As a drug, overdose is usually a real threat. Since you are ingesting marijuana, it is going to take a long time before it is absorbed. You should not expect to get high instantly and so you should not be tempted to take too much butter.

You should be cautious during preparation and do not add too much kief. Stick to the advised amount of 500mg for a 50g of butter.

Not Decarbing

Remember it is important to decarb your marijuana herbs in order to extract the THC from THC-A compounds, failure to which you will end up with non-potent butter.

How To Store Kief Butter

Proper storage of butter is also key. Just like any other butter, kief butter is very perishable and should be stored in cool and dry places, most preferably inside the refrigerators. You should also seal the container after use.

Final Thoughts On Kief Butter

Kief butter is easy to make, therefore, it is cheaper and easily available compared to other marijuana products. It also provides a safe and convenient way to consume cannabis without worrying.

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