The Health Benefits of Juicing Cannabis

The number of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables is a bit staggering. There is a reason for that old quote that says an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It’s a healthier way of eating while avoiding overly processed foods. While some people are not keen on eating all their fruits and vegetables every day because it can be a bit time consuming, more and more people are turning to juice as a quicker alternative.

Juicing extracts the juice from the fruits and vegetables as this contains much of the vitamins and minerals, and then you can just drink it straight down and go on with your day.

But more people are now turning to juice for something other than the normal fruits and vegetables. They are now juicing cannabis (which is considered a vegetable) instead. Cannabis, of course, is a plant that is well known under another name: marijuana. It is used often for medical and recreational purposes. Juicing cannabis does sound like a good alternative to the other ways it is consumed.

Why People Are Juicing Their Cannabis

Dr. William Courtney is a medical specialist that often recommends juicing cannabis instead of the alternatives. Courtney says it is the healthiest and most beneficial way of consuming it. He has treated over 7,000 patients with the cannabis juicing method. It is packed with nutrients that remain in it through the juicing process.

Does Juicing Cannabis Get You High?

Juicing cannabis will not get you high. The inclusion of heat will turn the cannabis into something that can make you stoned, but juicing requires no heat. Therefore, it is just a nutrient jammed drink that you can consume quickly without any hassle or worry of it making you feel inebriated.


When adding heat to cannabis, not only does it lose a good amount of its nutritional value, but it changes the cannabinoid profile. The heat converts THC-A into THC. It may seem like not that big of a deal, but THC is what can make the user of it high. However, if there is no great temperature increase, then there is no chance of THC-A converting over in the first place.

The Health Benefits of Juicing Cannabis

There are several health benefits when choosing to juice cannabis. This is part of the reason why 29 states in the U.S. have chosen to legalize medical marijuana along with many other regions around the globe. On top of that, there are many areas that have legalized recreational use as well.

It’s Full of Cannabinoids

Unless you have really studied marijuana, you probably know that it is beneficial to the body, but you aren’t quite sure why. Much of it comes down to cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds that are secreted by the cannabis plant. They can give relief to numerous maladies and illnesses like nausea, inflammation, pain, and anxiety. The two types of familiar cannabinoids to most are THC and CBD. They work to give the body stability and health as they transfer communication between cells.

In total, cannabis contains 85 kinds of cannabinoids or more. Many of these have value for treating illnesses and ailments. The medical community seems to be slowly climbing on board with advising patients to give cannabis a try. If your doctor is not, perhaps bringing in some information like listed below in this chart by Leafly can help open their mind to the possibility.

Iron, Calcium, and Other Minerals

Keep in mind that marijuana is a vegetable. It contains basically the same minerals that other leafy green vegetables are comprised of. This includes iron, calcium, and fiber.

Fatty Acids Benefit

Everyone has heard that omega-3 fatty acids are good for you and they can be found in fish, nuts, and plant oils. They help to essentially manage and decrease inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be detected by increased pain, swelling, redness, and heat. A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences details that animal tissue reveals chemical reactions that convert omega-3 fatty acids into cannabinoids inside the body. If you are juicing cannabis and it contains all of these cannabinoids, then it makes perfect sense that it would fight inflammation as well.

Anti-Tumor Properties

CBD has been shown to stop the growth of certain cancers or even reverse it. However, usually high doses are required that some deem dangerous, but is it more dangerous than cancer itself? The FDA has declared that a 600mg daily allowance of CBDs should be followed if you are taking it. The only safe way to even come close to getting up the 600mg is through juicing.

Dr. Courtney stated that over 50 of his patients have used only cannabinoids to put their cancer into remission. Plus, more than 150 have found symptomatic relief from cancer by consuming cannabinoids.

It Won’t Get You High Like Smoking or Edibles

If you are worried about getting stoned or high when juicing cannabis, don’t be. It does not give you the same feeling you would get if you smoked it. The raw form of the plant is not psychoactive, so there will not be any impairment.

How to Juice Cannabis

Juicing cannabis is not difficult to do. If you have ever run a blender or a juicer before, then you should know the basics already. If you are worried that you will mess it up, try juicing some fruits and vegetables first until you feel comfortable with the process. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when juicing cannabis that sets it apart a bit from juicing other things.

Find Fresh and Raw Cannabis

Juicing Cannabis

Just like with any juicing, you want to find fresh and raw fruits or vegetables to juice with. Otherwise, the results will be subpar to what you are trying to do. Juicing cannabis needs raw, freshly picked buds free of any plant materials. Preferably ones that have not had exposure to contaminants and pesticides. Do not use leaves that have been dried for smoking purposes.

Use Leaves and Buds

When blending or using your juicer for mixing up your healthy cannabis drink, add about 15 large fan leaves or so along with two buds about the size of a few inches. To be certain the buds are ready for harvest, the trichome crystals on it should be amber color instead of completely clear.

Mix with Another Flavorful Vegetable

Your cannabis drink may certainly be healthy, but it could leave something to be desired in taste. Don’t be scared to add other fruits and vegetables to the drink to improve the flavor. You know what flavors you tend to favor, so experiment and combine in a few of your favorites.


This will be a pretty large drink if you followed these directions, so splitting it up into three different servings and having one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night would suit you well. Spreading it throughout the day would make certain that the beneficial cannabinoids are always in your system.

Other Cannabis Juicing Tips

Don’t try storing it in your refrigerator for more than three days. If you do have to store it for any length of time, place it in a container with a fastened lid that will keep it fresh as long as possible. Just like other fruits and vegetables, marijuana plants also have a shelf life once picked.

How to Find Raw Weed

It may not be easy to find raw cannabis for these magical healing drinks. The truth is that most people tend to grow their own plants and use them for juicing. You have always wanted to have a garden! Just be certain it is a place that allows marijuana to be grown in your backyard otherwise you might have some explaining to do if the police stumble upon it.

One angry neighbor that is upset with your dog barking could make life miserable for you pretty quickly if you are in a place that does not allow marijuana yet.

Final Thoughts on Juicing Cannabis

Juicing cannabis sounds like a great idea for someone who is concerned about their health, is suffering from pain, has trouble with anxiety, or just wants to keep healthy as long as possible. It does not have to be an expensive undertaking as you can grow the marijuana in your backyard if need be. Then if you are able to operate a blender, it could not be any easier.

But once again, it should hopefully be legal where you are currently living otherwise you are opening up a can of worms for yourself. With more and more regions legalizing all uses of cannabis, it is only a matter of time before all places do. If you need to, speak with a medical professional about any concerns you may have or to ask for a legal prescription for it.