Invisidab: The Discreet Way To Get High

“Invisidab is a low, discreet way to get high.”

That’s what San Francisco rapper, Berner, said about this one of a kind marijuana product. Invisidab is a medicated inhaler that works the same way as a regular inhaler but is infused with CO2 extracted cannabis.

Many cannabis users are starting to use Invisidab due to the discreetness of the product. Invisidab expels no smell nor smoke when using it, just a mist of CO2 extracted cannabis. Let’s analyze this way of using cannabis further to see how effective it truly is.

What is Invisidab? 

Invisidab is a cannabis inhaler that allegedly makes medicating quick, effective, and discreet. What is truly unique about the product is that it looks like a regular inhaler, except it is filled with CO2 extracted cannabis.

Like a regular inhaler, Invisidab is a medical-grade, pressurized metered-dose inhaler that you have to shake prior to taking a hit of it. So a user can reportedly use Invisidab without having to worry about smell, smoke, or even vaping.

In addition, a user does not have to worry about breaking an expensive piece of glass nor carrying a dag rig (also called oil rig, vapor rig, or concentrate pipe) wherever they go.

Who is Berner?

Invisidab is established by a California-based rapper, Berner. A San Francisco native, Gilbert Milam Jr. (better known in the rap game simply as Berner) began his career in 2007 as a local rapper would do shows at coffee shops and open mic nights.

He created his rap label, Bern One Entertainment, and start putting out several mixtapes. What made Berner unique is an apparent focus on marijuana in his music and brand.

Berner started to really gain notoriety when he signed with well-known rapper and cannabis connoisseur, Wiz Khalifa, to his record label Taylor Gang Entertainment in 2012.

He started to collaborate with well-known music acts such as Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, and many others. After experiencing music success, Berner started to expand his profile even further. Known for his passion for cannabis, he established Invisidab and the rest is history.

Invisidab: The THC Content


There are several types of Invisidab, each differentiating due to how many puffs and type of marijuana strain each inhaler contains. However, regardless of the type of Invisidab, each inhaler only dispenses 5mg of THC per puff.

The THC content in the current Invisidab (the second version of Invisidab released in 2016) consists of a formulated mix of one of the following flavors: High-Quality Cookies, Skywalker OG and Blue Dream Shatter.

How To Use Invisidab By Berner

Using the Invisidab inhaler is similar to using a regular inhaler for asthma.

The following are the 3 steps to using it:

  • Shake the Invisidab vigorously
  • In a single breath, inhale the first third of your breath, while still breathing in.
  • Then press the canister and inhale the aerosol, followed by the remainder of your breath.

A regular size Invisidab (50 puffs version) has 250mg of THC and each puff gives you 3.5mg of THC or natural cannabis extract.

Note: A small amount of ethyl alcohol is used in the product, and natural cannabis extracts that are strain specific.

Does Invisidab Get You High?

Apparently, Invisidab does get you high. As Berner said in a YouTube video, “Invisidab is a low, discreet way to get high.”

One YouTube reviewer of the product mentioned that Invisidab works like vaping minus the smoke. Also, she said that Invisidab is perfect for people who rarely smokes marijuana. They can take a few puffs and feel the effects of it. But if you do smoke on a regular basis, Invisidab should get you high after several puffs. Maybe like 8 to 10.

Note: Berner advises to start with 1 or 2 puffs and wait 5 minutes. And strongly recommends to not take more than 4 puffs in an hour or 10 in a day.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

Depending on how long you have used cannabis products and your tolerance to it will determine how long you feel high. For some people, the effects can last up to 4 hours.

To get adjusted to using Invisidab, start out with 1 to 2 puffs. After 5 minutes, you should start experiencing the euphoric effects of the product. If you’re an avid weed smoker, then you will probably need more puffs than that to at least feel some type of buzz. Just please do not exceed more than 4 puffs an hour or 10 puffs a day.

How Many Puffs Are In An Inhaler?

There are a variety of Invisidab inhalers with a set number of puffs you can get. Invisidab currently comes in a 50+, 100+ & 200+ puff inhaler.

Benefits of Invisidab

There are several benefits (and advantages) Invisidab has over typical cannabis smoking or vaping.

No Smell

One of the biggest benefits that get weed smokers interested is that Invisidab does not give off that classic weed smell. Since the product sprays out a mist of CO2 extracted cannabis, no type of smell elicits from it.  Just like a regular inhaler for asthma sufferers.

Some users have even used Invisidab while around family and colleagues without anybody suspecting that they were vaping or using cannabis.

No Smoke

Another beneficial aspect of Invisidab is it does not give off any type of smoke like regular cannabis smoking or vaping does. Again, like a regular inhaler, it only gives off a mist despite being filled with strains of marijuana.

Like not having a smell, no smoke makes it super easy to remain discreet to medicate while around loved ones or while at work.


Chances are you are going to cough when using Invisidab for the first time. That’s how strong and potent it is. Even users who have used Invisidab for a while (such as Berner himself) still cough after taking a puff from it. Each puff delivers 3.5mg of THC straight to the lungs so it will likely be quite strong to your system.

Use On The Go

Perhaps the best benefit of Invisidab is that you can easily use it on the go. You do not take a bong glass, rolling papers, dap rig, or any type of equipment while traveling. And unlike a regular inhaler, you do not even need a cartridge to hook up to it.

You can simply use Invisidab as is without any type of accessories (besides the mouth guard to protect against bacteria).

Final Word

Invisidab appears to be the new wave of using cannabis for recreational or even medical use. A lot of people have used this product to help cope with stress or joint pain.

And how convenient it is to use Invisidab with worrying about cannabis smell, smoke or accessories is what make this a wonderful product. Due to the potency of it, please do not drive or operate heavy machinery when using the Invisidab inhaler.

Also, if you have lung issues (asthma), please consult with a doctor before trying it. If you have an allergic reaction or experience negative feelings after taking a puff from an Invisidab inhaler, stop using immediately and consider getting medical help.

Overall, Invisidab will be suitable for most people, especially if they already use cannabis on a regular basis.

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