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Infinite CBD: Clean And Pure CBD Products

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that can be found in both the cannabis plant and the hemp plant. This natural healing compound has quickly become a celebrity amongst the natural supplement world due to its vast array of medicinal properties.

Its anti-inflammatory, calming cannabinoids have indeed been shown to benefit thousands, if not millions, of individuals who suffer from one condition or another.

Consequently, the demand for CBD products continues to grow drastically every year as ever-increasing numbers of people seek out effective natural remedies for their various health maladies; namely stress-induced ailments, although CBD can potentially treat non-stress-related ailments as well.

People are quickly realizing that the only way to truly have an optimized quality of life is to not only avoid physical and mental health problems but also, to turn to nature as much as possible to make optimal health possible, versus chemical drugs which, in the long run, many times hinders vibrant health.

However, it is important to remember that just because there is a massive amount of CBD companies currently on the market, it doesn’t mean that all are created equal.

In fact, there are only a small percentage of companies within the CBD industry that can thoroughly and honestly back their claims of having superior CBD products for certain ailments.

Additionally, when searching for a quality CBD product, it is important to realize that there are different types of CBD products. Broadly speaking there are different ways one can take CBD.

There are CBD products that contain THC, which gives the famed marijuana high, and there are the CBD products that only contain cannabidiol (CBD) and do not contain THC, which gives relief for a health ailment without producing any type of altering psychoactive activity.

One such CBD product that has started to stand out from many others and that is purely cannabidiol only product line is a company called Infinite CBD.

Although this company chooses not to make public proof of pesticide-free, high caliber inactive ingredients, they do take lengths to ensure that information is provided on the extensive lab studies that have been done on the CBD cannabinoids themselves.

About Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD is a company that provides various CBD products that contain the isolate form of CBD, which means there is less than one percent THC and, therefore, is strong in Cannabidiol, with over 99 percent CBD concentration.

They claim to have the “the highest quality CBD and all natural ingredients to ensure the cleanest, healthiest, and purest form of CBD available.”

This multi-beneficial product line comes in many different forms: creams, soap, drops, gummies, capsules, kush, a vape juice, drinkable shots, a massage oil, and even Infinite apparel.

Infinite CBD Products

Infinite CBD has three different product lines: CBD isolate products, Nano CBD products, and CBD Merch, or merchandise.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is derived from the CBD-rich hemp plant. This extraction method allows for individuals taking an Isolate CBD product to get the maximum amount of CBD therapy from the plant. It tests for over 99 percent CBD and less than one percent THC.

This means that the isolate form is potent in CBD, and therefore, highly therapeutic. Here are some ways in which CBD isolate helps individuals who suffer from certain health conditions, although this is by no means the only conditions that CBD can improve:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Addiction
  • Acne
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Inflammation
  • PTSD
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Lyme Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Insomnia

CBD Isolate provides the largest Infinite CBD product selection, giving customers 15 different ways they can easily use CBD isolate. Their list includes:

  • Asteroid Gummies
  • Apple Pie Asteroid Gummies
  • Freezing Point pain cream
  • Afterglow healing oil (salve) for skin conditions
  • Dark Matter antiseptic soap
  • Isolate Capsules
  • Isolate Droppers
  • Edible or smokable Mango Kush
  • Vape Juice for vaporizer
  • A.M and P.M capsules – energy for the day and a night of deep, restful sleep
  • Pet Droppers
  • Coconut oil Suppositories for quick absorption
  • Hair Plasma, or hair mask
  • Beard Flux, a moisturizing beard oil

Infinite CBD isolate products range from $8.50 for 10 count Isolate Capsules to $703.50 for 28 milligrams of Absolute Zero Mango Kush. The medium price range would be the in the 100-200 dollar ballpark.

This includes the Isolate Drops at $168.50 for 5,000 milligrams, the Isolate Capsules at $140 for 30 count of 1000 milligram capsules, the Absolute Zero Mango Kush at $175 for seven milligrams, the A.M and P.M Capsules at $142 for a 30 count, and the Pet Droppers at $108.50 for a large bottle.

Nano CBD

Some of the newest nutrition technology, called nanotechnology, is greatly contributing to the benefits of CBD, allowing for better and faster absorption.

Having a much smaller molecular structure, Nanos are able to absorb almost immediately upon entering the body, even passing easily through the blood-brain barrier.

Meanwhile, a traditional CBD molecule takes twice as long to break down before it can deliver its beneficial properties to the body.

Therefore, with Nano CBD, one is able to feel the effects rapidly as the CBD goes to work quickly, giving pain relief, reducing stress and anxiety, and also reducing inflammation.

Therefore, Infinite CBD is utilizing this newest technology in their products by creating several ways to take Nano CBD. Nano CBD comes in five different forms:

  • Drinkable shots
  • Bottled water
  • Non-dairy creamer
  • Topical pain cream
  • Liquid drops.

The price of these items ranges from just $4.50, for drinkable shots, to $304.92 dollars for a 6000-milligram bottle of Nano CBD drops. The Freezing Point pain cream would be the middle figure price point, costing $92.04 for a 1000 milligram eight-ounce bottle.


Infinite CBD also offers fashionable T-shirts. Raving fans can purchase their favorite Infinite CBD shirt to wear in order to showcase the world of CBD isolate and all its plentiful benefits for general health as well as for health conditions.

All t-shirts are $19.99.

Infinite CBD Best-Sellers

Although all Infinite CBD products have great health benefits, there are some that have become more popular than others, becoming Infinite CBD’s best-sellers.

The following best-sellers exhibit some of Infinite CBD’s highest potential in giving people not only relief from health maladies but also improving overall health.

CBD Isolate Droppers

CBD Isolate Droppers offers a fast and convenient way to absorb CBD and reap its quick benefits. These drops can be taken directly by mouth, added to a favorite drink or in food, or can be added to a person’s daily moisturizer.

Not only is the CBD isolate mixed with coconut oil, and coconut oil is known to be processed by the body much quicker than other oils, but it also comes with the option to add whichever terpenes the customer desires for additional rapid absorption.

Terpenes also give the oil more flavor.

There is also a choice on the milligram dosage. One can choose a less concentrated bottle if just starting out on CBD isolate, or choose a more potent bottle for stronger medicinal effects. Milligram dosages come in:

  • A half a milligram per drop, or 250 milligrams per bottle. Cost is $15 without terpenes and $23.50 with terpenes.
  • One milligram per drop, or 500 milligrams per bottle. Cost is $22.50 or $31 with the choice of a flavored terpene.
  • Two milligrams per drop, or 1000 milligrams per bottle. Cost is $38.50 or $47 with the choice of a flavored terpene.
  • Four milligrams per drop, or 2500 milligrams per bottle. Cost is $90 or $98.50 with the choice of a flavored terpene.
  • Eight-and-a-half milligrams per drop, or 5000 milligrams per bottle. Cost is $160 or $186.50 with the choice of a flavored terpene.

Asteroid Gummies

Infinite CBD

These plant-based, natural fruit-flavored gummies pack 25 milligrams of CBD isolate per piece. This product contains no artificial colorings and, for people with certain dietary restrictions, it also contains pectin, which is an all natural, plant-based fiber (thickener) found in fruits.

Asteroid gummies are offered in three different counts: five count, which is $11.91, a 10-count, which is 19.83, and a 20-pack, which is $34.23.

Also, if one isn’t into the fruity flavor, a customer has the option to opt for the apple pie asteroid gummies. However, this option only comes in a 10-pack at $19.83.

Absolute Zero Kush

Absolute Zero Kush is a very versatile product. This pulverized CBD crystalline product can be added to a joint, added to vape juice, a favorite topical moisturizer, or to any food or drink beverage of one’s choosing.

There are many milligram options, at different price points, and also terpene flavors to decide from when purchasing Absolute Zero Kush:

  • For 1000 milligrams of Kush, the cost is $27.50 or 2 dollars more for one flavored terpene.
  • For 3500 milligrams of Kush, the cost is $90 or $97.92 for one flavored terpene, such as OG Kush.
  • For 7000 milligrams of Kush, the cost is $175 or $188.33 for one flavored terpene, such as Lemon Haze.
  • For 14,000 milligrams of Kush, the cost is $345 or $369.17 for one flavored terpene.
  • For 28000 milligrams of Kush, the cost is $670 or $703.50 for one flavored terpene.

Freezing Point Cream

Freezing Point Cream offers relief from tight and/or sore muscles or from painful joints. The inflammation-reducing cream is infused with peppermint and menthol oils, as well as eucalyptus and camphor. Additionally, Freezing Point Cream is all natural. Price points, as well as milligram and size choices, are as follows:

  • For a two-ounce 250 milligram bottle, the price is $17.50
  • For a two-ounce extra-strength 1000 milligram bottle, the price is $44.98
  • For an eight-ounce 1000 milligram bottle, the price is $49.08

Where To Buy Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD can be found on their website. If you google “infinite CBD coupon code,” you can also easily find a coupon for Infinite CBD products worth up to 20 percent off.

The Final Word On Infinite CBD

If you are looking for a superior CBD fix to help with any type of pain, general inflammation, a certain health condition that was mentioned above or you’re dealing with anxiety stress or any other stressors, maybe it’s time to visit the online store and try out your Infinite CBD product of choice.

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