IM Bue Botanicals: A Comprehensive Review

IM Bue Botanicals: A Comprehensive Review
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The cleanliness and potency of cannabis extract available throughout the USA are questionable and varies hugely across the board. Some products are made with less than ethical cannabis growing techniques and are processed using chemical solvents. IM Bue Botanicals does away with these outdated methods of extraction and uses organically grown Colorado hemp to make their extracts.

IM Bue Botanicals keeps animals in mind too. When preparing CBD extracts, IM Bue Botanicals uses agricultural hemp rather than cannabis. This means that the final product contains no THC but is a whole plant extract, making it healthy for both animals and humans.

About IM Bue Botanicals

IM Bue Botanicals is a US-based company located in Colorado. All of IM Bue’s products are made from agricultural hemp grown in Colorado, and all extracts are also prepared on site. No chemical solvents are used during extraction, but rather food grade ethanol.

The founders have been growing and extracting hemp for the better part of the last three decades and are dedicated to delivering a high-quality product.

All of the products made by IM Bue, including their topical products, are vegan, non-GMO and do not contain any artificial flavorings or sweeteners. One of IM Bue’s main promises is to work to protect the natural environment while creating ethical and healthy CBD products.

Aside from CBD products for humans, IM Bue also makes CBD for pets. Dogs, cats and even horses are kept in mind during the production of CBD consumables and topicals. Lip balms, nose balms, and other topical products are all formulated for the purpose of taking care of your pet.

Assistance Programs

IM Bue offers assistance programs to those individuals who otherwise might not be able to financially afford their products. IM Bue recognizes that certain individuals could hugely benefit from CBD products, but they might not be financially accessible. The assistance program recognizes two groups of individuals:

Veteran’s Program

As the name suggests, this program is targeted towards veterans. Those who hold a military or veteran’s ID are able to get between 20% and 40% discount on products. These discounts can be accumulated with other discounts, too.

Disabled and Low Income Program

Those who participate in any low-income program in the USA are also eligible for 40% discount on any retail product by IM Bue. The disabled and low-income program discounts can also be used in conjunction with any other store discounts that are taking place.

IM Bue Botanicals Products

As we mentioned, IM Bue makes quite the range of products. There are CBD products for humans and animals, ranging from consumables to topicals. All products are made with the same organically grown hemp and are extracted using food grade ethanol.


Capsules are the easiest way to dose with CBD. They take all of the guesswork out of dosing from a bottle. There are three different doses available from IM Bue: 5, 10 and 25mg. Each capsule contains the single dose and can be swallowed whole or opened up and taken sublingually. The price for 5mg is $44.50, for 10mg is $69 and for 25 mg is $115. There are 30 capsules in each bottle.

Each capsule is prepared with the same ethically grown and extracted Colorado hemp. They are vegan, non-GMO and free from sugar or flavoring.


As with the capsules, IM Bue hemp tinctures are also available with different CBD concentrations. The tinctures are prepared with vegetable glycerin, which makes them appropriate for those who do not wish to consume alcohol (tinctures are usually prepared in alcohol).

Tinctures are available in 40mg CBD, 100 mg CBD, 250 mg CBD and 500 mg CBD. Each of these bottles contains 1 fl oz. which arrives at almost 30 doses per bottle. The prices are $36, $48, $68 and $98 respectively.

There is also a 2 fl oz. bottle available containing 500mg of CBD. The concentration of CBD is the same as the 250mg CBD bottle, only available in a larger size. This bottle costs $109.


Alongside their consumable products, IM Bue Botanicals also provides CBD products specifically for the topical application. These topicals can be used on their own for localized treatment or can be used in conjunction with tinctures or capsules. The topical products by IM Bue include:

  • Lip balm
  • Salve
  • Facial cream
  • Body lotion
  • Eye cream
  • Massage oil

These topicals can be used as beauty products, for massage treatment or for cuts and sores. Different products will suit different people and their different needs. Certain products are also available in varying concentrations of CBD. Prices range from $17.75 to $109 depending on the product and the volume CBD.

Specialty Products

IM Bue Botanicals offers certain specialty products that are targeted towards those who have a specific purpose for using CBD. While certain products can be used for overall health, others are designed for targeted relief of any kind.

CBD Crumble is essentially pure CBD. This product is not dissolved into a tincture or capsule form. Rather, it is the pure distillate of CBD that can be used either directly or can be dissolved into other products. It can even be sprinkled on food. 1 gram of CBD crumble by IM Bue costs $85.

There are also two vape cartridges available. They contain 350mg of CBD and are available in two different flavors: lemon and mango/pineapple.

Two salves containing 350 mg CBD and 640mg CBD are also available as part of the specialty products range.

CBD For Pets

IM Bue has specially formulated products to help your pets deal with any ailments they might be experiencing. Whether you’re a proud cat owner, dog owner or horse owner, there is a product at IM Bue to help with their health and growth.

IM Bue adheres to their strict growing and extraction processes for their animal products meaning the standard is just as high as their human products.


Available for cats are two products: Kitty Comfort liquid CBD and Kitty Capsules. The bottle contains 20mg of CBD and costs $20. The capsules contain 5mg per dose and cost $44.50. There are 30 capsules in each bottle.


IM Bue Botanicals

Dogs have a special place with IM Bue. As well as liquid tincture and capsules, there is also the availability of a nose balm and a salve. Depending on your pup’s ailment, any one of these products could be relevant. The capsules are available for smaller breeds and bigger breeds, costing $44.50 and $69 respectively.

The K9Comfort tincture costs $36 and contains 40mg of CBD. Finally, the salve comes in at $39.50 and the nose balm at $24.75.


Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals that humans have a special connection with. Many people own horses who also need some cannabinoid care from time to time. The two products available for horses are CBD salves and CBD tinctures.

As CBD dosage most generally depends on the size of the animal, horse products contain considerably higher CBD volume than the products for dogs or cats.

The salve comes in two options: 800mg CBD and 1600 mg CBD. They cost $95 and $175 respectively. The CBD tincture contains a whopping 2000mg CBD in a 4 fl. oz bottle and costs $295.

The Pros & Cons of IM Bue Botanicals

In a world where it’s pretty easy to get your hands on cannabis extracts, it’s nice to know where it comes from. Many extracts are made by industrial grown hemp in less than desirable conditions. And basically all of the contaminants that come through the plant end up in the final product.

The obvious benefit of IM Bue Botanicals is that their hemp is grown naturally and organically in the mountains of Colorado. While this makes the products quite costly, consumers can at least rely on the quality.


  • Organically grown
  • Food grade ethanol used for extraction
  • Made from the whole plant
  • Availability of products for humans, dogs, cats, and horses
  • Packaged in recyclable materials


  • Products are expensive

Possible Side Effects

CBD has very few side effects, which is why it is such a desirable medicine for so many people. Unlike THC, CBD does not make you stoned. There is generally no unwanted repercussions from using CBD and is not addictive.

The only real side effect of CBD products happens to your hip-pocket. They are expensive. But it certainly is a case of “you pay for what you get”. Extraction is timely, and if done correctly, costly process. Plus, the best CBD extraction comes from hemp rather than cannabis which contains higher levels of CBD.

IM Bue Botanical Reviews

In general, the customers of IM Bue Botanicals seem to appreciate the products. The review on Stoner Mom specifically appreciates the use of organically grown hemp and the priority on sustainability. Here are reviews from some customers of IM Bue.

IM Bue Botanicals

From IM Bue Reviews

The Em-Body Lotion by IM Bue Botanicals is more than just a beauty regime, it seems. It can soothe aches and pains in the body, especially if your work is physically laborious.

IM Bue Botanicals

From IM Bue Reviews

While there is some skepticism in modern science about the efficacy of cannabis to treat cancer, it’s always nice to see some anecdotal evidence. Even if we haven’t confirmed that it can stop the growth of cancers, here is some conclusive anecdotal evidence that it can ease the pains and discomfort of cancer patients.

IM Bue Botanicals

From IM Bue Reviews

A review from a happy customer who used IM Bue’s canine products. Seemingly good for sores of any kind that are susceptible to infection, as well as helping any anxieties that a pup might have.

How To Purchase IM Bue Botanicals

The easiest way to get your hands on some IM Bue Botanicals products is online, through their website. Purchase can be made online and delivered just about anywhere in the USA.

If you prefer to shop in person rather than online, IM Bue has their own CBD dispensary in Palm Springs, California. There are other special dispensaries which stock IM Bue Botanicals. They are dispersed across the USA in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and much more.

Final Thoughts

Overall, an honest group of people forms the team of IM Bue Botanicals. In the modern world, we are hard pressed to find an organization who is dedicated to providing quality products without compromising the environment. It seems as though IM Bue has both things in mind when delivering their products to the public.