How To Roll A Joint

Rolling a joint is an art, and for those who are masters, it is a skill that can make you the most popular man or woman at a party. However, not all of us are blessed with the ability to roll, and there is still hope for those who are still learning what a joint crutch is.

How To Roll A Joint: Key Takeaways

  • Grind your weed just before rolling.
  • Ensure you are using high-quality rolling papers.
  • Pack your joint tightly.
  • Roll from the back, and keep it tight.
  • Finish off your joint by sealing it, so it lasts during the burn.

Rolling a Joint: An Important Skill in Adulting

Rolling a joint, learning how to budget for your upcoming college education, and knowing how to change a tire. What do these have to do with each other? Well, they are all essential steps in becoming an adult.

You might laugh, but the ability to roll a joint will not only allow you to be an integral part of your friend group, but it will allow you to be the go-to joint guy or gal in your dorm or house, and that is a commanding position. With that in mind, let’s get started on our step-by-step guide to rolling the perfect joint.

Step-By-Step Guide to Rolling the Perfect Joint

Three joints at different stages

Rolling the perfect joint is like writing a novel, you need patience, a lot of practice and execution. So, it is time to skip the pre-rolled rolling machine cross joints and start practicing your rolling skills and learn how to roll a joint!

Step 1: Grind the Cannabis

The first step to rolling the perfect joint is to grind the cannabis. For those who will be indulging in a few joints, it might be a good idea to invest in a good grinder. Grinders are great tools that will ensure you get an even grind and helps avoid stick hands which in turn could make rolling more difficult.

However, if you are without a grinder, you can grind the herb down by hand, or utilize a pair of scissors. The goal of grinding is to break down your cannabis into small pieces to make rolling and smoking smoother.

Step 2: Create a Filter aka Joint Crutch

The next step is to create a filter for your joint. Filters are also called a joint crutch or tips, but the primary job of the filter is to give the joint some stability and keeps shake from falling out of the end of the joint into your mouth.

You can craft filters out of anything combustible you have lying around, but the most common materials are business cards and thin cardboard. When making your filter, you will want to start with a few ‘accordion’ folds at the end, and then roll the material to the desired thickness of the joint.

Practice makes perfect, but the key to a great joint is to ensure the filter fits the joint correctly. Some joint rolling papers come with a crutch out of the box, but if you are in a jam, you can always utilize whatever junk mail or business cards you have lying around!

Step 3: Fill the Joint Rolling Paper with Cannabis and Filter

Hand filling joint with weed with grinder on table

Next, you will want to grab your joint rolling paper, and start to fill it. Hold your crutch and the paper at one end with your thumb, and evenly sprinkle your marijuana on to the paper, with your middle finger supporting the natural bend of the paper.

A typical joint will contain half a gram of marijuana, but naturally, if you are looking for a longer smoke, you can add more.

Step 4: Pack the Joint

Once you have filled your paper with your weed, it is time to start to roll. Pinch the paper in between your fingertips and roll it back and forth to pack the weed down. You will ideally begin to shape your joint into the long cylindrical shape at this point.

Step 5: Roll the Joint

The moment of truth — the roll. The next step is to roll your joint, and this is where you are either going to craft a work of art or become a struggling artist. Tuck the unglued edge of the paper into the role and utilize the glue strip to tack down the other end of the paper.

To tack it down, make sure to use some moisture from a lick or a little bit of water on the edge of the paper to activate the glue. It might seem simple, but the art of the roll is essential to the perfect joint, and practice does allow you to create a perfectly shaped joint.

Step 6: Seal the Joint

Next, you will need to seal the rest of the joint. Start at the crutch end and start to seal the joint from end to end. Use multiple quick licks or a little bit of water to secure the joint and ensure that it is fully sealed.

You do not want to soak the joint, but you do need to ensure the joint is correctly sealed along the edge as a non-sealed joint is a sad time for everyone in the circle.

Step 7: Finish Off Your Joint

The final step is to finish off your joint. You will need to pack the end of the joint to help ensure an even burn. You can use a pen or even the drawstring of your hoodie, but the important thing is to pack in the cannabis.

No matter if you are rolling a cone joint or a traditionally shaped joint, packing is the final step of the process! If you are not planning on using the joint immediately, make sure to twist the end to keep the cannabis fresh.

Tips for Rolling Better Joints

We have detailed the step by step process on how to roll the perfect joint, but we are not going to leave you with just that! Here are some handy tips to ensure you can roll the best joints for years to come!

Don’t Overfill

Man filling join with weed

We love a fat cross joint, but those large joints are extremely tough to roll without excess paper and ideally, you will need XL rolling papers. If you are using a standard issue rolling paper, you should be aiming for half of a gram of recreational or medical marijuana.

This way, the joint will be filled, but not overfilled which can lead to a joint burning uneven or even worse, breaking.

Use Good Quality Papers

Now is the time to stop using zig zags for anything but tobacco, you will thank us later. Zig Zags are an example of a wood pulp-based wraps or cigarette paper and is generally best avoided when looking to make a great joint. Instead, look towards hemp or rice paper.

Hemp papers are typically a little easier to wrap, but rice papers allow for expert rollers to enjoy a slow and even burn that is second to none.

Choose the Perfect Crutch or Filter

When you are looking to choose the perfect crutch, you can either buy or create the ideal sized filter from materials in your home. Pre-made crutches are great for your average joints, but you will need to be consistent to ensure your rolls match the pre-made crutch size.

However, if you can craft your own, it provides you with the flexibility to match your crutch with your joint.  It will take some practice to master creating your crutches but having the skill to craft the perfect filter will ensure you will be able to roll the perfect joint, no matter the circumstances.

Be Consistent

Rolling a joint takes practice, and the key to a proper role is consistency. Ideally, you will be able to roll the same sized joint over and over. You will need to ensure that you can make a crutch, measure the marijuana, roll the joint, and finish the joint with ease. This will become second nature to you, but as we have mentioned a few times, practice makes perfect, and consistency is the essence of perfection.

Roll from the Back

For newbies, the art of the roll can be a tough thing to figure out. However, one of the best tricks of the trade is to start at the crutch and work your way forward. Securing and sealing a joint is easier if you roll from the back.

No matter if you are enjoying a pure joint, or one with a little bit of tobacco, rolling from the back is a best-kept secret that will ensure you have success with your next joint roll.

Now, Time to Enjoy!

Joint with smoke coming out shaped like smiling face

Rolling a joint is a coming of age moment for many and learning how to become the perfect joint roller can take days of practice. No matter if you are looking to get high, or want to learn the craft, learning how to roll a joint can indeed be a life-changing experience.

Remember, a crutch is your best friend, high-quality rolling papers are essential and always roll from the back. The rest, well it will work itself out with practice and if you are extremely lost, find one of the numerous video tutorials online to visually review each step.

Now get out there, roll your herb and sit back and enjoy the smooth taste of your favorite Sativa cannabis or cannabis in a joint rolled with your very own hands.

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