How to Pass a Drug Test

How to Pass a Drug Test: Tips, Methods and Myths

There are certain times in life when a drug test is needed. Right or wrong, there will be requests that you pass a drug test for various reasons. And no matter what the circumstance is, it is never a good thing to fail a drug test.

How To Pass A Drug Test: The Highlights

  • The easiest way to pass a drug test is having a drug-free lifestyle
  • Even though not using drugs is the easiest way to pass a drug tests, several other methods are efficient as well
  • The first thing you should do when having to pass a drug test is checking to see how long certain chemicals stay in your system
  • Popular advice on how to pass drug tests might actually backfire
  • Every drug test has a weakness you can exploit

Understanding Drug Testing Methods

There are various ways that a drug test can be administered. If you are having to take a drug test, be prepared for one of these types of test.

Urine Tests

The most well-known type of drug test is the urine test. This can detect not only drugs but also alcohol as well if they are testing for it. Jack Tripper from the television show Three’s Company once was famously asked if he could fill up the testing cup by an officer that suspected he was riding his bike while under the influence. “Not from here,” Jack replied as he was standing ten feet away from the cop that was holding the cup.

Urine tests can detect occasional marijuana use up to five days. People that use marijuana regularly can test positive for up to three weeks. And if you use marijuana a couple times a day, you could test positive for up to four to six weeks after your last usage. Even though many regions are now legalizing recreational use of marijuana, this does not mean your employer will be okay with it.

Hair Tests

Hair testing for drugs has been around for a few years now. Perhaps you can recall when Britney Spears infamously shaved her head years back with most people speculating it was to avoid a hair drug test. This type of test can detect any drug use for up to several months or years even. However long your hair has been growing, it can be checked to see if you were taking drugs at that time.

If you have long hair and have not cut it for a year or so, they will be able to check further back on you. So far, the hair drug test is used more commonly to determine cocaine usage as it has not been well established to recognize marijuana.

Blood Tests

Most would believe that a blood test for drugs would be able to pinpoint usage with specific sophistication. However, it is only able to determine the recent use of drugs and alcohol. It can only detect last use up to a few hours. Although, if you are a chronic pot smoker, lighting up several times a day, it could show a positive for up to a couple of days. If you have not used marijuana for a couple days, it would be a good idea to insist on a blood test rather than a urine test because of how far back it can determine usage.

CBD Oil and Drug Tests

CBD oil (or hemp oil) is used by numerous people as a way to treat various ailments that they may suffer from. Others use it as a type of health supplement. While it is derived from marijuana, it does not provide the type of high or euphoria that a person would get from smoking pot.

This is why it would be a shame for a drug test to mistakenly label a CBD oil user as a pot smoker. The good news is that this rarely happens. And if it does happen, you may ask for a more specific urine test that should be able to determine the difference.

When Should You Worry About Failing a Drug Test?

Imagine that you just nailed your dream job interview and they decided to hire you. The first thing you must do is pass a simple drug test. If you have indulged in a bit of pot smoking fairly recently, you might want to be concerned about failing this drug test. The same can be said for any job really. Even if it is not your dream job, it is a way to put food on the table and pay your rent.

Another time you should be worried about failing a drug test is after an accident of some sort. Many companies require a drug test from their employees after an accident. Plus, depending on the police officer, they may request a drug and alcohol test after a traffic incident. These are times that if you test positive, there will be severe consequences involved.

How Long Does THC Stay in your Body?

THC could be detected in your urine up to a week after just a one time use. However, once again, if you are a chronic smoker, it could be detected up to two months since your last usage.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your Body?

CBD will stay in your system usually for about three to five days. With very heavy usage, it may be able to be determined at most a week. The effects of it are only recognized for three to five hour though.

Other Drugs that May Be on a Test

Since the urine drug test is most prevalent, it is important to know that it can detect other drugs other than marijuana and alcohol. It can also be used to screen for amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, cocaine, PCP, methadone, and opioids.

Try An At Home Drug Test

If you are concerned about a drug test coming back positive, you can always do a home drug test to prepare yourself for what the results may be. There are numerous on the market and the prices are generally below ten dollars per test.

Increasing Fluid Intake

How To Pass A Drug Test

There are certain ways to combat testing positive for drugs. Increasing your fluid intake is just one such way, and an easy one to do at that. The reasoning behind it is to dilute the concentration of the drug in your urine by filling your bladder with fluids.

A couple hours before a short notice test, start drinking as much water as you can handle. If you have a few days to prepare, wash yourself out for days in advance by drinking water throughout the day and night.

In any case, always try to take the urine test later on in the day. Drug metabolites build up during sleep, so if they try testing you in the morning, see if you can reschedule for the afternoon.

Detox Naturally

Of course, one way to ensure passing a drug test is to detox naturally by not taking any drugs in the first place. If you know for sure a drug test is coming up on your horizon, it is probably the safest way to ensure you will be passing it with flying colors.

Tampering and Substituting

In films, you always see elaborate ways that a person will avoid testing positive for a drug test. They will substitute someone else’s urine for their own or try tampering with the urine even. Just keep in mind, this seldom works in the movies, so don’t count on it working for you.

Benefits of Blood Test vs Urine Test

As discussed earlier, there are benefits to having a blood drug test done rather than a urine test. The blood test will only identify any usage in the last few hours. The urine test will be able to sometimes pick up marijuana even two months after if you are a heavy user.

Legal Challenges to Test Results

It can be difficult to legally challenge the test results. If one test comes back positive and you do not believe it should have, you can always ask for another. The bottom line is that if you are not hired by the company yet and you come back with a positive test, they are not going to hire you and you will have no legal right to challenge it.

If you are a current employee, depending upon what you signed and company policy, you may be able to challenge the test in certain situations.

Drug Test Myths

There is the myth that every employer will make you take a drug test upon being hired, but this is not always the case. There are other drug test myths to be aware of.

Be Careful with Drug Screen Products

There are ridiculous rumors about products that will help you pass a drug test. Drinking cranberry juice and eating a lot of vitamins are just two of the ways people mistakenly believe will help them.

Don’t Use Bleach, Niacin, or other Risky At-Home Methods

Once again, do not try risky at-home methods to pass a drug test. You could do great damage to your health by using these dangerous methods.

Be Aware of Your Chances for a Drug Test

If you believe there is any chance of you taking a drug test soon where a failed test could result in serious consequences, then take the precautions in case it should arise. Even though many places are accepting recreational marijuana use, it does not mean your employers will be. If you do believe there is a possibility of a positive coming back on the test, use the advice above to give yourself a better chance at coming through it unscathed.

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