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Hippie Butler: A Personalized Cannabis Subscription Box

The Hippie Butler subscription box offers a box that is personalized to you – finally. Subscription boxes make everything easy and discreet if wondering into a head shop for supplies just doesn’t fly with you.

But the problem with most subscription boxes is that you sign up to get all the things you love the most, but basically throw away everything else or give it away.

With Hippie Butler, there’s the option to personalize, so that you don’t get stuck with a bunch of smoking paraphernalia that will just collect dust in your smoking drawer. Let’s have a look at what’s inside!

About Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler is a cannabis subscription box company located in Arizona. Upon first inspection, it looks just like most other weed subscription boxes.

You pay a monthly fee, your box gets delivered and you’re stocked up with everything you need to get going – except weed. But when you look a little closer, Hippie Butler is a little bit different.

When you sign up to Hippie Butler, you’re asked to fill out a short questionnaire. Basically, they want to assess what kind of a smoker you are. Do you like novelty papers such as strawberry rolling papers? Do you smoke flower or concentrate?

By asking these questions, the team at Hippie Butler are able to personalize a subscription box for you. And that’s what saves you from ending up with a bunch of stuff you’re never going to use just to make savings on the stuff you would use.

Hippie Butler stocks their boxes with all the brands you know and love and have become accustomed to using over the years. Raw papers, pure hemp papers, clipper lighters. It’s all stuff you know you’re going to buy anyway. So Hippie Butler is where quality products meet personalized subscriptions.

What’s in the Hippie Butler Box?

The items in your specific box will depend on what box you choose (we’ll get into that later). Let’s have a look at some of the items that Hippie Butler uses to stock up their subscription boxes.


Hippie Butler doesn’t always include a pipe in the subscription box. If you go for the most comprehensive one, there’s almost always a piece of glassware inside. You can expect the likes of Conviction Glass, who make dope beaker style bongs as well as some pretty epic rigs.

Hippie Butler also stock pipes made by Pyptek, Jane West, MJ Arsenal, original Hippie Butler pipes and a whole lot more. For those people who aren’t familiar with these paraphernalia companies, some Pyptek pipes can cost as much as $95, and Jane West pipes as much as $195. So if one of these ends up in your box, you’ve been well taken care of.


Everybody knows what it’s like to walk into a headshop looking for rolling papers. There, usually in a huge display cabinet, lay hundreds of different brands of rolling paper. Hippie Butler is the same only without the glass cabinet.

You can expect all the same brands that you see in head shops and love, such as Raw, Pure Hemp, Juicy, Elements, and aLeda clear cellulose rolling papers. These guys even stock Shine real gold rolling papers. All sizes, all thicknesses. Just about every paper you can imagine.


People don’t use cones as much as they should. Even if you’re a proficient roller, they’re good to have around in the scenario that you get too stoned to roll a joint. Or there are people around who don’t know how to roll and you don’t want to be the only one on rolling duty.

When it comes to cones, Hippie Butler stocks Raw, Juicy, Cyclones (in a few different flavors) and Shine. The most expensive pre-rolled cone in the shop is Shine at $14 for a single cone, while the rest are between $1 and $1.75.


Some people ask – how can you be so fussy about a lighter! But if you’re well versed in cannabis etiquette, you know that a good lighter makes a difference. Especially if it’s windy outside. Some people don’t like lighters and the taste it gives that first couple of puffs, in which case Hippie Butler has you sorted with hemp wicks.

Your regulars are in there – Clipper, BIC, Scorch, and Vector. What’s cool is that these guys stock quite the range of patterns. You can get a Clipper with Mary Jane pinup girls on it or you can get a cork Raw lighter. Pretty cool!


I wonder if a vaporizer ever actually ends up in the subscription box. It would have to be a very special month for them to throw in a Volcano. Well, all kinds of portable and desktop vaporizers are kept on the Hippie Butler premises.

They definitely do have some lower priced ones, such as the Jupiter pen with USB charger at $12. They probably don’t mind throwing that one in the box from time to time. The Volcano comes in at $399 and the Firefly portable vape at $319. The Prohibited vaping kit clocks in at $175 and the G Pen at $85.


Hippie Butler

Two-piece grinders all the way to five-piece grinders can be purchased at Hippie Butler. They definitely put these in some of the subscription boxes! A Cali Crusher can cost as much as $70 – a bit of overkill just for a grinder.

If you fancy yourself a bit on the cheap end when it comes to a grinding device, Hippie Butler stock plastic grinders for $2.


Rolling machines, rolling trays, ashtrays, rolling tips, and cone tips are all part of what Hippie Butler does. They’ve got you covered for cool storage containers as well as pipe cleaning tools.

From time to time, they even put munchies in the Hippie Butler subscription box. Hippie Butler has all the accessories. They are basically a head shop that delivers straight to you.


Hippie Butler mainly stocks Raw apparel as well as their own original Hippie Butler apparel. You’d be surprised what you can find – like a Raw onesie that costs $149. You’d have to really love onesies and love Raw even more to jump on that bandwagon. In any case, you can find hats, hoodies, sports bras and bandanas.

Concentrate Gear

Hippier Butler has rigs for all kinds of budgets – from $25 all the way to over $250. You can find nails, rigs, containers for your concentrate, cleaning materials as well as palm kits for those who aren’t into the idea of a full dabbing rig. These guys also stock some of the concentrate adaptors that you can put on your vapes!

Hippie Butler Subscription Box Options

There are four options to choose from when purchasing a Hippie Butler subscription box. Every budget and need is met within these four boxes, and as we mentioned, they are totally customizable so that you get the things you want in there.

They are delivered to your door every month so that you basically never have to step out and buy smoking paraphernalia ever again. The packaging is discreet so that your neighbors will never know what’s being delivered to your door regularly – although they can probably smell what happens in your house regularly.

Anyhow, here are the four options you can choose from.

The Party Favor

This is the cheapest box you can buy. It costs $1. In the box, you get a packet of rolling papers, rolling tips and some kind of lighting mechanism – either a lighter, matches or some hemp wick. It’s good value for money and you’ll probably save a dollar or so by subscribing rather than buying in store.

However, the shipping and handling cost $1.99. If it’s worth almost $2 not to make the trip out to the headshop, then this one can be a good option for those who don’t smoke very often.

Rollers Club

Things get a little more serious in The Rollers Club. Every Rollers Club box will include rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, rolling tips, hemp wraps, and lighters.

Some mystery gifts are always thrown in – maybe some storage containers, maybe a piece of glassware. You never know until you open the box. This one costs $15.99 each month and shipping and handling is free.

Depending on what your mystery gift is, this one may or may not be really good value. If you just get a small container and a cheap grinder in there, you might not feel like you got your $16 worth. But if a nice pipe ends up in there, then you’re probably winning.

Butler Box

The Butler Box is probably the best value for a regular smoker who enjoys both joints and glassware. At $32.99 and free shipping, you get over $60 worth of value and the feeling that it’s Christmas every month.

Inside the Butler Box, you can expect a rolling tray, grinder, pre-rolled cones, rolling papers, hemp wraps, hemp wick, rolling tips, cotton mouth candy (gets rid of dry mouth) and you’ll always get a piece of glassware.

Plus, every month Hippie Butler throws in some special items. If you smoke every day and you like variety when it comes to rolling paraphernalia, this is well worth it.

Masters Club

You have to be pretty serious about smoking cannabis to subscribe for the Masters Club. Firstly, it costs $139.99. You could easily spend that money on weed if you were serious about smoking cannabis, but we’ll go through what’s inside anyway.

With this box, you can personalize depending on whether you smoke flower or concentrate or even both. If you smoke flower, then expect all of the rolling papers, grinders and smoking apparatus such as pipes and bongs. If you smoke concentrate, we’re talking dabbing rigs, nails, blow torches, cleaning equipment and the like.

It’s comprehensive. It’s the kind of shopping most of us do once a year, so you’d have to be pretty serious about starting a dabbing rig collection if you subscribe to this box. Hippie Butler says it’s over $250 value, so perhaps it’s worth it if you’re a collector. But for the regular smoker, this is overkill.

Advantages of the Hippie Butler Subscription Box

There are a couple of things that set apart Hippie Butler from other weed subscription boxes.

It’s customizable

The most obvious thing that sets Hippie Butler apart from the rest is that it’s customizable. Not all companies offer this kind of personalized subscription box. You get what you get, regardless of whether you smoke concentrate or flower.

This is a pretty neat twist on the regular subscription box that you find around the USA.

Good value

The Party Favor is pretty simple when it comes to value, but the other three boxes are pretty good value. As I mentioned, it might be overkill to subscribe to the Masters Club and pay $139.99 a month, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good value. It might just not be necessary.

However, Rollers Club and the Butler Box are a good bang for your buck and stock you up without you ever needing to leave your house.

Pros of the Hippie Butler Box

If only we could give you a Hippie Butler coupon code here. But we can’t. So alas, you’ll just have to pay full price like the rest of us. The Hippie Butler box is a good way to stock up without having to walk into a headshop.

If you’re a busy person or simply want to stay incognito, this subscription box is good value for money and it’s delivered straight to your doorstep. Plus – every month is your birthday when you get a delivery like this one!

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