HempWorx: A Comprehensive Review

HempWorx: A Comprehensive Review
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HempWorx is a series of oil-based and topical internal products that promise to deliver quality and increase your overall health and wellness. Let’s take a closer look at HempWorx, its parent company MyDailyChoice, and what it offers.

About HempWorx

HempWorx is available throughout the United States and offers high quality, affordable CDB-based products that aim to support your overall health and wellbeing. All the CBD used in their products are organic and grown naturally without any modifications. They use a unique extraction method that doesn’t dilute the products with filler.

All products of HempWorx are FDA-compliant and they contain less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The company claims that their products are trusted by health professionals and doctors worldwide.

The main focus of HempWorx is not to sell CBD products specifically, but the focus is rather on signing up new affiliates. The company has a rather complex commission plan, and there are various ways in which someone can earn money with this program.

MyDailyChoice: The Company Behind HempWorx

MyDailyChoice is the parent company of HempWorx and it was founded in 2014 by Jenna and Josh Zwagil. Their products are available throughout the United States and they focus on hemp-based products such as supplements and oils.

HempWorx’s Products

Their product range includes hemp drops, CBD cream, HempWorx for pets, Revive Cream and HempWorx Relief. You can either buy a HempWorx product as a preferred customer, which means products are shipped directly to you or as an affiliate, which involves a US $20.00 activation fee and the ability to earn commissions on your sales.
There are various ways in which you can and money, and it depends on how much business volume you have earned. Retail customer commissions are paid out on a weekly basis and distributors get wholesale pricing, which is up to 25% off. This means at this level when you sell a product you will earn the difference between the retail and wholesale price. To qualify, you have to buy a starter pack and earn at least 40 business volume points.

There are also jumpstart bonuses that are paid weekly any goes 10 levels deep. To qualify you need to buy start to pack and earn at least 40 business volume points per month.

Binary team commissions are paid monthly and distributors can and up to 20% commission. To qualify, distributors must get at least 40 business volume points in personal sales as well as 300 business volume points in your pay leg.

HempWorx CBD Oil

HempWorx CDB Oil comes in two strengths: HempWorx 500 and HempWorx 750. Both of these products contain pure CBD oil and a little peppermint for taste. The ingredients contain only phytocannabinoid rich oil and a natural flavor. The serving size of these oils is 0.6 ml or 20 drops, and each container of 30 ml gives 50 servings.

The HempWorx 500 bottle contains 10 mg of CBD oil per serving and the HempWorx 750 contains 15 mg of CBD oil per serving.
The price of HempWorx 500 CBD Oil is $129.00 and the HempWorx 750 is $155.00.

HempWorx CBD Drops

This is seen as the company’s flagship line and consists of drops and pure oil available in 500 mg and 750 mg. You can get these products in a peppermint and natural flavor.

HempWorx claims that these drops can help to support healthy blood sugar and bones in the body, as well as relieve stress, promote healthy digestion and reduce free radicals. You can use these crops directly on your tongue, or add it to drinks and food.

The price of HempWorx CBD Drops 500 mg is $69.00 and the 750 mg is $85.00.

HempWorx Topical Products

HempWorx has a few topical products, including Renew, Revive and Relief Icy Pain Rub. Renew is an anti-aging cream that helps to reduce wrinkles and increase the longevity of skin cells. Revive is a moisturizer that can also reverse the signs of aging. Relief is a topical rub to help melt away tension, muscle aches, and joint pain.
The price of each of these products is $69.00.

HempWorx for Pets

HempWorx has a veterinarian formulated, beef flavored Dog Treat product that contains 2.5 mg of active CBD each which is also free from soy, wheat, and corn. The 250 mg CBD oil for pets comes in a natural bacon flavor and it contains 5 mg of active CBD per serving.
The price of the Dog Treats is $39.00 and the CBD Oil is $69.00.

Is HempWorx a Scam?

No. HempWorx is a Multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity that offers real products to customers willing to purchase it. This sales strategy is used by many companies worldwide Each sale is credited to an affiliate who then receives a commission for the sale. Although the MLL model can be somewhat controversial, it is not a scam.

HempWorx is also not a pyramid scheme as this involves paying commissions to people to bring in new recruits for the company, who then need to pay an upfront fee to join, which goes to the person higher up in the company. In some cases, a real product doesn’t even exist.

Questionable Reliability of Testimonials

As with many MLM programs some testimonials may be questionable, specifically because the competition among affiliates and products is so tough. Some testimonials may not be authentic in every case, mainly to help sell the products and for the affiliate to use as a marketing method to sell a product.
However, there are many positive reviews from customers who have used HempWorx’s products with great success.

HempWorx Complaints

There are a few HempWorx complaints among customers and affiliates, which includes the fact that some say it is misleading in terms of the income you can earn. That you can seven figures every month, the terms and conditions on their website state that all amounts reflected on the website are only for demonstration purposes.

It is also interesting to note that currently, they don’t have any Better Business Bureau ratings. For some people, earning a BBB rating is very important.
Another popular complaint is that the products are overpriced. Like with many MLM programs, they normally charge a bit higher for their products as they have to work in commissions to go to every affiliate. This is one hurdle that distributors will have to overcome, as overpriced products are going to make selling very difficult in the long run.

The Pros and Cons of HempWorx

Pros of HempWorx:

  • You can join as an affiliate
  • Products are available in all 50 US states
  • The company offers high-quality products

Cons of HempWorx:

  • Products are on the pricier side
  • High monthly Income is not guaranteed
  • The company is not yet listed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Some affiliates use questionable sales techniques

HempWorx Reviews

There are quite a lot of reviews for HempWorx and its products, so we’ll take a look at a few consumer reviews from popular outlets.

On eBay, HempWorx gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 19 reviews.


According to MarijuanaBreak.com, HempWorx gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, based on 34 reviews. Some customers claimed it to be a scam, while others confirm it’s among the best quality products around. The main concern seems to be related to commissions earned.

According to CBDOilUsers.com, HempWorx is a legit opportunity for affiliates to earn money and the products seem to be good quality overall. They urge customers to decide for themselves whether the price and quality are worthwhile for them and read up on previous customers’ reviews before choosing a specific brand.

Where to Buy HempWorx

HempWorx’s products can be bought in all 50 states in the US and are also available from various online retailers. As with any purchase, always make sure you are buying from a reliable resource and that you read up on customers’ experiences and reviews.

Final Thoughts on HempWorx

As with any product, it is ultimately up to the consumer to do research about a specific product or brand they want to support. In the hemp industry there is a lot of competition, and rightfully so, as this is set to become a multi-billion-dollar industry in the next few years. HempWorx claims to sell among the best quality CBD products in the world, and they offer an MLM program for interested affiliates.

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