Hemplucid: A Review of the Company and Its Products

Hemplucid: A Review of the Company and Its Products
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Hemplucid is one of the leading CBD oil products manufacturers. With an innovative whole-plant formulation and a wide selection of CBD products, this company is surely one worth following if you’re interested in the health benefits of cannabinoids.

About Hemplucid

Hemplucid says that the company is different from its competitors because it produces whole-plant CBD products. While the company is not lying in any way, and it’s actually using the entire hemp plant (minus all the plant’s resins and waxes) to develop their products, they are exaggerating by stating that this process sets them above their competitors. The truth is that most companies process the industrial hemp with the help of CO2 extraction methods, so most of them use the entire plant to produce the hemp extract.

What really sets Hemplucid apart from its competitors is its wide variety of products and its accessible prices. This manufacturer produces and sells anything that’s CBD-related, from hemp seed oil to vape liquids and even a vape starter kit.

Thanks to the high-quality processing and manufacturing technologies it uses, the company developed Hemplucid water soluble nano-encapsulated hemp oil that will dissolve quickly inside your body.

All the company’s products contain less than 0.3% THC, so they’re legal across the US.

Hemplucid has a website that’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The informative part of the website can be helpful and educational for new CBD users. We also appreciated that the website is forthcoming and provides the nutritional and lab testing information for every product.

The Hemplucid Products

Now that you’re familiar with Hemplucid, let’s take a look at what CBD oil products they’re offering


Hemplucid sells multiple tinctures. Each of the CBD tinctures is unique, and each comes at a different price.

  • Water Soluble Tincture – This tincture is formulated using ultra-purified CBD Concentrate. Besides CBD, the tincture also contains vegetable glycerin so it has a naturally sweet flavor without any added sugars. The tincture has different potencies. You can choose between the 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, or the 1500 mg versions. A 30 ml tincture costs $46.95 – $199.95, depending on its potency. This tincture can be used as vape oil, or you can consume it by holding it under your tongue or adding it to food.
  • MCT Tincture – To develop this tincture, the company paired the CBD with MCT oil. MCT (or Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil is a colorless and virtually odorless substance that increases the tincture’s nutritional value and improves its digestibility. MCT oil also encourages your body to use fat for energy instead of storing it for further use. This tincture comes in different strengths. You can choose between buying a 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, or a 1500 mg tincture. A 30 ml bottle costs between $46.95 and $199.95, depending on the tincture’s strength. The MCT tincture can be held under the tongue or used in cooking, but it’s not suitable for vaping.
  • Vape/Drip Tincture – This tincture is manufactured from ultra-refined CBD Concentrate. To make this product one of the high-quality vape liquids, the company bonded the CBD oil to glycerin. The process not only makes the tincture suitable for a vape kit or a vape pen but also improves its concentration of flavonoids and terpenes. The final product has a better taste and smell, making it great for vaping. The vape tincture has a potency that varies between 150 mg and 1500 mg, and a 30 ml bottle costs $29.95 – 199.95, depending on its potency.
  • Hemp Seed Oil Tincture – The hemp seed oil tincture is ideal for those who want to improve their consumption of essential fatty acids. Hemp seed oil contains a lot of helpful minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. In addition, the oil contains a 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids, which is the recommended ratio for human consumption. A 30 ml hemp seed tincture contains between 250 mg and 1500 mg and costs $49.95 – $199.95


Hemplucid’s hemp CBD oil is designed to be fast acting. The CBD oil doesn’t contain any traces of THC, and it’s bonded with vegetable glycerin to improve its taste and bioavailability. This oil is a great choice for those who want to experience the benefits of CBD, especially for beginners. The CBD oil has different potencies. You can choose between the 150 mg, 300 mg, 500 mg, or the 1500 mg versions of the oil. A 30ml bottle of oil costs $25.95 – $114.95, depending on its potency.


Hemplucid produces edible CBD gummies. Each gummy bear is specially designed to contain 25mg of cannabidiol oil. After you swallow the gummy bears, they will slowly release their content, ensuring that you will experience the positive effects of cannabidiol. The gummy bears are perfect for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain and don’t like to swallow pills or oil. A pack of 5 gummies costs $34.95

Soft-Gel Caps

The soft-gel caps are great for those who want to experience the benefits of CBD products but don’t enjoy vaping or swallowing the oil. These pills contain CBD cannabidiol, minerals, terpenes, vitamins, and they are effective dietary supplements.

There are 30 soft gel caps in every container. Each cap contains 15mg – 75mg of CBD, and a container costs between $89.95 and 219.95, depending on the cap’s strength.


Unlike the other products we presented so far, Kalki is not made out of whole-plant CBD. Kalki is made out of isolated CBD. You might be wondering what that means. Well, whole-plant or full-spectrum CBD oils contain other types of cannabinoids, besides CBD. While the other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, or even THC are only present in small amounts, they are there.

Now, isolated CBD oil is made out of purified CBD that has been separated from all the other cannabinoids. Isolated CBD products are purer than non-isolated ones, so they’re usually more effective.

There are two types of Kalki oils. The first one is blended with vegetable glycerin for a superior absorption and has strengths between 150mg and 1500mg. A 30ml bottle costs $25.95 – $114.95. The second one is made with coconut oil. Coconut is a type of MCT oil that has health-promoting properties. The coconut-based isolated CBD oil comes at potencies between 250mg – 1000mg. A 30ml bottle costs $35.95 – $84.95.

Lip Balm

Hemplucid CBD lip balm contains no less than 50mg of CBD in each tube. The lip balm is specially designed to moisturize and nourish your lips and to bring a smooth and soft smile on your face. A tube of lip balm costs $9.99.


The topical lotion is designed to help with localized pain such as the pain produced by sore muscles. Besides helping you deal with pain, the lotion moisturizes your skin and refreshes it.

Hemplucid produces two types of lotion. One leaves your skin smelling of citrus, and the other smells faintly like Aloe Vera. The former is oil-based and it can stain your clothes if you’re not careful, but the latter doesn’t leave any oily residues. You can choose between 500mg or 1000 mg lotions. The lotions cost $84.95 – 149.95, depending on their strength.


The Hemplucid dab wax contains no less than 200mg of refined CBD. The wax is rich in terpenes and it’s also fast-acting. The dab wax might be more effective than the vape products you usually find in vape shops.

For Pets

Hemplucid produces two types of CBD oils for pets, one for dogs and one for cats. The dog CBD oil has a chicken flavor and uses hemp seed oil has a carrier. This makes it tasty for dogs, facilitating its administration.

The cat CBD oil has a fish flavor. This oil also uses hemp seed oil as a carrier, and cats should appreciate its taste. You can choose between the 100mg and the 300mg versions of the oil. They cost $24.95 – $54.95.

The Pros and Cons of Hemplucid


  • Whole-plant CBD products
  • Isolated CBD products
  • Pet products
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Forthcoming with the nutritional information
  • Third-party testing
  • Good customer support service


  • Products are not approved by the FDA
  • Few reviews

Where to Buy Hemplucid Products

You can find all the products we presented and more on the manufacturer’s official website.

Customer Reviews


Paul says that Hemplucid oil helped his daughter manage her seizures. He believes that Hemplucid is better than any of the anti-seizure meds they’ve tried so far, which says a lot about the products’ quality.


Braden lets us know that Hemplucid’s products helped him manage his IBS. He says that he’s used three bottles so far, and every one of them was effective.


Wendy tells us that Hemplucid’s CBD oil helped her treat her anxiety, depression, and insomnia. She says the oil is so effective she gave up on taking meds for her conditions.


Frank tells us that Hemplucid is the best CBD oil on the market and that it helped him manage his chronic pain. We can’t tell for certain if Hemplucid is the best product available, but it’s definitely top-notch.


Rachel says that she’s very happy with Hemplucid. She appreciates the fact that the company doesn’t use any unnecessary ingredients. Well, this is something we also appreciate about Hemplucid.

Final Thoughts on Hemplucid

Thanks to their high-quality products, Hemplucid should be on the radar of every CBD enthusiast. The company produces both whole-plant and isolated CBD oils and tinctures, and it offers a wide variety of products. Check out their website, you’re bound to find something useful.