Hemp Seed Oil Organic Virgin Carrier Cold Pressed Unrefined Pure Review

Over the years, various researches have proven just how useful hemp is. It is now being used for clothing and is also being widely used in many types of nutritional supplements. No wonder, hemp seed oil is becoming very popular these days.

Because tons of new diseases get discovered each year, people have realized why it is important to invest in health. We have finally learned that health is indeed wealth, which also explains the sudden popularity of hemp seed oil supplements.

The hemp seed oil organic virgin carrier sets itself apart from the already wide array of hemp seed oil nutritional supplements by being cold-pressed and unrefined. Unrefined hemp seed oil is said to be among the purest kind, which also means it has the highest amount of nutrients and the most benefits.

What makes this supplement worth a try? Here are some tidbits about the product.


  • The hemp seed oil is known to have a good amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Hemp seed oil is also dubbed as a potent fish oil alternative, minus the risks of mercury and other harmful chemicals. The healthy fats found in hemp seed oil is even better than those of the fish oil.
  • It is easy to include in the diet and can be added to dishes and salads. Hemp seed oil can be added to your salad dressing and can also be a seasoning to usual meals. If you are the type of person who finds it hard to take supplements naturally, this will make it easy for you to faithfully take the hemp seed oil.
  • It is all organic. In this age where almost everything is processed with chemicals and other preservatives, organic products get sold like hotcakes every time they are launched. People look for products with little to no preservatives at all, including supplements as well. This organic hemp seed oil would not cause you to worry about side effects because it is made of all-natural ingredients.
  • It features a virgin carrier and is cold pressed, too. Because of the cold pressed virgin carrier, the nutrients are compact and intact in the hemp seed oil. The fewer filtration processes ensure the consumers that the supplement has as many nutrients because nothing gets lost in the process it goes through.
  • It can also be used as a beauty aid. This feature truly sets this hemp seed oil apart from all the rest. Unlike the others which require you to take the supplement orally or at least by being mixed with salads and smoothies. This hemp seed oil organic virgin carrier can even be lathered on your skin. Because it is cold pressed, you are guaranteed to absorb the nutrients even better. Add a few drops to your moisturizer and face mask and see results.


  • Great for vegans. Not only is this hemp seed oil variant great for vegans because of its all-natural ingredients, but also because it is not tested on animals. Totally free of cruelty, this hemp seed oil will not just boost your immune system, but also give you peace of mind knowing you got healthier without harming animals.
  • Apart from fatty acids, hemp seed oil is also known to have magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc, among others. Hemp seed oil offers a wide spectrum of nutrients, so you get a lot in a spoonful. This means you don’t have to take so many supplements because just this one can compensate for the nutrient allowance you have to consume every day.
  • It tastes good. Not a lot of supplements can say that about themselves since most of them are drowned in chemicals and preservatives. Because this hemp seed oil is cold pressed and of a virgin carrier, it is hardly filtered. The nutrients are intact and you, as a consumer, are bound to enjoy every benefit found in its components.
  • This can even be used in the kitchen. A lot of people use the hemp seed oil as a flavor enhancer in various dishes, including baked bread and pastries. As an added benefit, it just proves how useful this oil is in our daily lives.


  • Its flavor is not for everyone. Taste is highly subjective, that is a given fact. While there are people, who would rave about how great its natural nutty flavor, some people might think otherwise. There are some who would not appreciate that it could be used for cooking and baking.
  • Its smell might come off as too strong for some. When we sense a very strong smell, it naturally translates to a very strong taste which is usually unpleasant. For this hemp seed oil, the smell is what could repel people from liking the product.


  • Hemp seed oil is now one of the widely buzzed about supplements. This led to more and more brands launching their versions of the said product. While they share almost just the same set of benefits, it boils down to how they are processed. This particular brand promises no preservatives and cold pressing—it is just all-natural goodness.
  • This one also scores well on the long list of uses, which extends to being used as a beauty aid, cooking oil, and flavor enhancer. There surely is no shortage of uses, perfect for the big bottle you get.


The many brands and types of hemp seed oil are pretty overwhelming. Because it is now a strict competition, we could be easily swayed by promotions and marketing tactics. To know whether a product is worth the bucks, we should do our research on what works and what does not.

For one, this product wins on its many benefits and uses. Its all-natural ingredients and natural processing which makes it organic and makes it many steps ahead of its closest competitors in the market. You do not only have additional nutrients in the form of oral supplements but will also enjoy the beauty benefits and cooking uses of this wonder oil.

So, is it worth the money? Yes, for practicality. It comes in a big bottle full of organic cold pressed oil. Its 2-year shelf life makes it even more worth it.

Monique LeGrow

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