Hemp Oil Cancer News and Research for 2018

Hemp Oil Cancer News and Research for 2018

It is no secret that the Cannabis Sativa plant is frequently utilized for its array of health benefits. Marijuana, one of the most popular products from the cannabis plant is used in treating a variety of ailments, ranging from serious conditions like cancer to less severe cases of depression or anxiety. However, more recently the hemp plant is being utilized for different, but equally beneficial reasons. In fact, hemp oil and CBD oil are being utilized all over the world for their numerous health benefits, and many researchers have spent time studying the effect of these oils on metastatic tumors, chronic anxiety or depression, symptoms of pain, and much more.

You’ve probably heard that hemp oil is a potential treatment for cancer and we can understand if you’re a bit skeptical. While much more research is left to be done, professionals are constantly releasing new, updated material regarding hemp oil and its use alongside cancer treatments. Some studies may even suggest that CBD or hemp oil alone can be an effective treatment for reducing the size of cancerous tumors. We are here to keep you updated with the latest news covering hemp oil and its use for cancer patients. Here is some of the latest news for 2018:

Kentucky Hemp Designed For Anti-Cancer Therapy

Researchers from Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky found that hemp seeds contain cancer-fighting organisms similar to that of the THC in marijuana. These researchers cultivated their own strain of hemp: KY hemp. In their studies, they focused on two different anti-cancer properties of the KY hemp. The first part of the study involved adding hemp oil to a cancerous ovarian cell, which revealed hemp’s ability to slow the spread of the cancer cells or slow a process called metastasis. The second piece of the experiment was used to determine KY hemp’s ability to prevent cancer, specifically ovarian cancer. KY hemp showed to slow the secretion interleukin IL-1 beta, a compound that is responsible for overstimulation that often leads to inflammation and is one of the compounds most prevalent in the creation and spread of ovarian cancer. For this reason, these researchers believe that KY hemp could prevent ovarian cancer from the start.

More research needs to be done to conclude these studies and these researchers at Sullivan University have high hopes for the future for KY hemp. They plan to study the effect of the hemp on mice that are infected with ovarian cancer, which may help reinforce the idea of KY hemp having anti-cancer properties.

Spanish Study Confirms Hemp Oil Is Cancer Treatment with far Fewer Side Effects

The International Medical Verities Association is dedicated to adequate and accurate research regarding marijuana and cannabis-related products, such as hemp oil and CBD oil, and their effect on cancer cells. It is no secret that the health world has found its use for marijuana products, but one Spanish study infers that there are other plausible options for patients who do not want to smoke marijuana, due to its psychoactive effects. In fact, the Spanish researchers encourage their patients to vaporize cannabis oil, including CBD oil, which has no psychoactive effects. Even if the patients prefer marijuana products as their anti-cancer treatment, Dr. Tod H. Mikuriya encourages these patients to use a vaporizer to deliver the effects of the THC to their bodies, which can help avoid all of the negative effects associated to anything burning or to smoking in general. Dr. Mikuriya pushes the use of hemp oil for cancer treatments, stating that it has far fewer and much milder side effects than standard cancer treatments.

Vaping Hemp Oil May Cure Lung Cancer

Lung CancerSome new research has emerged in the UK corresponding to the usefulness of hemp oil for treating lung cancer. The MediPen facility in Cardiff has dedicated research to establishing an effective cure for lung cancer, which is known to be a particularly aggressive and fast-paced form of cancer that more often than not, can be fatal to patients. However, Jordan Owen, the managing director for MediPen, filled us in on their latest research and products. MediPEn has spent an astounding almost $2 million on the development of its vaporizing pen, which is used to vaporize hemp oil and deliver the effects of the oil directly to the lungs, without many or any side effects at all.

Of course, it is no secret that cannabis products may help fight cancer by reducing the size and density of tumors and slowing the progression of cancerous masses. Unlike other popular marijuana vaping products, though, this vape pen contains only industrial strength, medical grade hemp oil, which produces no psychoactive effects, but instead carries a number of anti-cancer properties. Researchers at MediPen say that their product will change the playing field for those suffering from lung cancer, offering them an easy, pain-free way to slow the progression of their cancer and even possibly helping them to find a cure.

Cannabinoids Found Effective in Fighting Brain Cancer Cells

A research team at the Complutense University in Madrid is dedicated the cannabis research and has found groundbreaking evidence that cannabis may help to effectively fight brain cancer while having little to no negative impact on your brain itself. Dr. Guillermo Velasco and Dr. Manuel Guzman lead this research team and have been testing the effects of CBD oil against glioma cells. Glioma cells are the bulk of the cells that are responsible for cancerous tumors in the brain. In fact, generally up to 80 percent of brain cancer cells are glioma cells, which means finding a way to effectively reduce and destroy these cells is finding a way to reduce and even cure brain cancer in most patients.

Many of their trials have confirmed that CBD has been effective in reducing these cells. Dr. Velasco and his team are hoping to start a full-scale clinical trial at a local hospital to further identify the effects of cannabinoids on brain cancer cells and brain cancer patients. Dr. Velasco’s team hopes to be able to use cannabinoids to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of terminal brain cancer patients and, in the best case scenario, to cure the brain cancer altogether.

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