Hemp For Fitness: Hemp Products For Everyday Life

It’s often stated that wealth is health. Nothing is more valuable than your health and wellness. Without the benefits of optimal health and wellness, everything else slowly starts to wither away.

It’s with this notion in mind that the supplement industry is steadily rising each year. Whey protein powder, healthy foods such as hemp hearts, and many others are in all-time levels of demand.

The natural wellness industry is already operating at high levels, but with the recent popularity of cannabis, natural fitness and wellness have gone to a new level.

Health and fitness combined with the benefits of hemp oil have proven to be effective due to audiences from all walks of life now having interest in cannabis. The benefits of hemp oil amongst things are extensive in nature ranging from helping reduce inflammation to other health benefits such as helping with various mental ailments.

A positive aspect to many who are interested in hemp products is that they are free of THC which is the component associated with getting high with marijuana. Subtract that factor out and it’s easy to see why hemp for fitness is steadily on the rise.

About Hemp For Fitness

With so many cannabis brands in existence these days, trusting cannabis companies isn’t a given. And it’s with that in mind that Hemp for Fitness reinforced a commitment to being transparent in its process.

From ‘seeds to bottles’, Hemp for Fitness maintains a direct focus in their product. In fact, a sizable portion of their revenue goes directly to lab work to adhere to high standards and ensure their customers get their worth in their investment.

They use imported and industrial hemp that is from official and well-known international sources which have also kept them in inside the legal bounds of the U.S. Farm Bill of 2014.

Since 2012, Hemp for Fitness small crew of 10 to15 employees based out of Illinois has been involved with industrial hemp. One of the biggest pressing goals for Hemp for Fitness is to become an employee-owned operation.

Hemp for Fitness is led by Marjan Mendelsohn who began this pursuit after her father was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer. With practically nowhere else to turn to, Marjan went back into her families history and began delving into ancient Iranian herbal medicine and nutrition.

Since cannabis was on its upward swing, she took this opportunity together a plethora of research before ultimately making her first purchase of hemp products.

Her father made it until early 2018, over 6 years, which is 5.5 more years than expected despite his age. The phytocannabinoids helped him with his medical condition, lowered the need for conventional medications, and most importantly increased his quality of life (and lowered levels of discomfort).

Since then, the hemp for fitness products have helped on a multitude of issues ranging from depression, ADHD, Anxiety, pain relief, post-traumatic stress disorder, blood pressure, everyday stress relief, reduce inflammation, addiction issues, and help with opioids.

From making very few dollars early on, Hemp for Fitness is now a company that is on the upswing.

Hemp For Fitness Products

When it comes to truly build a customer-friendly brand, variety is a much welcome addition to the repertoire. The effects of utilizing this philosophy are paramount to success. And with that said, here some of the naturally occurring products from hemp for fitness.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Hemp For Fitness

These natural products not only have the oil infused benefits that you’re looking for, but also high levels of quality. They hemp oil can range from 460mg total to 2760 mg.

There’s the typical oil usage but also a capsule form available for those that prefer to treat it like a regular supplement. Just like you have hemp hearts and hemp protein powder, hemp oil is going to be highly varied as well.

Prices range from $75 to $450. Of note is the mint flavor that helps.

Hemp Tinctures

The cannabis plant is an interesting plant in that it contains multiple useful pieces that lead to numerous benefits. When it comes to the power of the plant, effects ranging from happiness, vitality, and stress relief are impacted.

With prices ranging from $60 to $200, there will most likely be something in this category of products that suit your needs. The advanced tincture is 1500mg while the typical other ones are 250 to 500mg.

A lot of these hemp plant products are natural, cold-pressed, chemical-free, vegetarian-friendly.

Hemp Bath & Body

In addition to its full spectrum hemp complex and olive oil, this product priced at $30 contains and honeysuckle, lavender, lemon, rosemary, and coconut. This product contains the benefits of hemp at with 250 mL per bottle. and a ph of 4.5 – 5.0 to maintain the natural condition of the mucous membrane.

In addition to the shampoo as shared above, this category includes face creams and body lotions priced between $16 to $80.

Hemp Edibles

Typically priced between $10 to $30, the gummy bears range in hemp dosages from 30mg to 180mg and are free of sugar cravings unlike many other candy products out there. With that said, it is also worth noting that there is an extra strength version of 320mg priced at $50.

Hemp Spray

An inhaler and patch are the big categories here. The inhaler priced at  $50 and containing 5mg expenditure per puff is fast acting and serves as an excellent alternative to vapes.

Also, with the patch, you’re getting the health benefits coming in at 50 mg of Hemp. The patch priced at $30 helps with muscle aches, back pain, arthritis, and joint pain. They only thing it doesn’t help with is to help you build muscle.

Trompetol & Cannabios

These products range from $16 to $80 depending on what you select inside the category. By utilizing organic hemp seed oil in the products, you’re getting the health benefits of omega 3’s such as alpha-linolenic acid and many other micronutrients.

There are numerous flavors such as tea tree oil and lavender with the trompetol and concerning the creams—you can get natural shea butter and other natural luxury items.

Hemp For Fitness Best-Selling Products

While hemp for fitness offers a plethora of products, there are some that seem to resonate much more with customers than others. Here are some of those best-selling products.

Hemp Honey Sticks

Ranging from $3.99 to $10, these hemp honey sticks provide a sweet entourage effect (free of any nutty flavor) at 25mg and can be had in 5 flavors: Natural, Kava Kava, Lavender, Maca Roots/Ginseng AKA Passion Stixs & Cinnamon. Less than 0.3% THC.

Hemp Lozenge – Citrus

At 50mg, this package contains four cough drops/squares that are sugar-free. Compared to using edibles, this product priced at $15 has buccal or sublingual absorption, which allows the hemp oil to avoid the First Pass Effect of metabolism (i.e.metabolized by the liver).

Trompetol Face Cream

At $30, this product contains a hemp plant complex at 40mL per bottle along with organic rosa damascena (a light fragrance that conjures up a feeling of summer) and organic geranium oil (helping reduce wrinkles and boosting the immune system).

Night Time Gummies

If you’re looking to take the edge off before attempting to sleep, these gummies are a perfect option to accomplish this. With flavors and dosages consisting of 25mg (Gummy Pack, Strawberry, Worms), 30mg ( Fruit Mix, Nerd Gummy, Watermelons), and 45mg (Belts)—options are plentiful.

Prices range from $10 to $15.

Hemp Oil Capsules

For those that prefer capsules instead of a liquid, you’re in luck when it comes to the Hemp for Fitness product line. Dosages and prices are all over the board so no matter your level of experience, dosage preference, or budget—there’s something for you.

Prices range from $20 to $450 for the more specialty options. Dosages range from 30mg to 2760mg.

Tincture For Anxiety And Stress

In a 30ml bottle with a 1000mg of full spectrum industrial hemp oil, you’ll be able to possess this valuable product running at $150. Within this specific anxiety blend, hemp fit fitness added three terpenes: Limonene, Valencene, and Camphene.

Saffron & Kava Kava Vape Oil

Cannabis sativa is a popular item but another item gaining popularity is this potent 50mg  of hemp to enhance the vaping experience. Saffron is added due to being a well-researched item in regards to enhancing someone’s health and fitness. This product is priced at $39.

Trompetol Skin Salve With Lavender

Hemp For Fitness

This product is available in 30ml, 100ml, and 300ml. This lotion is priced between $16 – $80 depending on the size chosen. Ingredients included are Organic Olive Oil, Petrolatum, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Essential Lemon Oil, Essential Oil of Peppermint, and Lavender Oil.

The Advantages Of Hemp For Fitness

If you’re going to discuss fitness and hemp in the same sentence, you’ll most likely mention that hemp is a complete protein source with some fiber. Shelled hemp seeds are good sources of protein with a complete profile of amino acids essential for optimal living.

With chronic illnesses and diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease on the rise, taking care of our health is paramount. Hemp for Fitness realizing this has done an excellent job of stepping up to become a leading voice in the space.

With a plethora of products in a multitude of forms and dosages, giving Hemp for Fitness a try is definitely something worth doing if consumption of hemp oil is an interest for you.

Some companies are here to just make money, but some companies have a deeper purpose beyond the bottom line and Hemp for Fitness is one of those companies.

When you deal with those type of companies, ensuring a premium product and experience is a topmost priority which should ease your mind when choosing to spend with them.

Farma Health Desk Editor