Harborside: Reviewing The California Dispensary

Harborside is a cannabis dispensary offering a wide range of products, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. At Harborside Farms, many of the cannabis strains and products are grown locally and tested by a third party.

Founded in 2006, Harborside is arguably one of the longest standing dispensaries in California and the USA as a whole. Open for over one decade, this dispensary is a vertically integrated cannabis enterprise made up of two Harborside dispensaries as well as a 47-acre farm in Monterey County.

In fact, Harborside was among the first warriors who fought for the rigorous third-party laboratory testing of all cannabis products sold throughout the country.

Harborside boasts not only a broad range of top-shelf products but an ethos that is hard to come by in the cannabis industry.

Other than just selling great cannabis items, Harborside is dedicated to public education about marijuana, supporting veterans and those with disabilities and even supporting children who have rare forms of epilepsy such as Dravet Syndrome.

Despite the fact that Harborside has been operating for 13 years, the first legal gram of cannabis was sold from Harborside in 2018. This isn’t because they were operating illegally, but that finally, 13 years after the inception of Harborside, the law finally caught up with the program.

Now, Harborside expect a long and prosperous future for the USA and cannabis.

Harborside: The Highlights

There is a range of services that Harborside offer that makes this dispensary stand out among the rest. Whereas some dispensaries offer certain privileges, Harborside really packs them all in, making it a guilt-free and sustainable place to shop for cannabis products.

  • At Harborside, there is a wide variety of cannabis products including flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, oils, THC only and CBD only medicines.
  • All products sold at Harborside come with rigorous third-party laboratory testing so that you know the cannabinoid content of each product as well as whether or not it contains any industrial contaminants.
  • Regular customers can be part of a loyalty program where each purchase contributes to reward points which can be redeemed for products.
  • Services such as delivery and speedy pick up from online purchases are available to suit the different time constraints of different people.
  • The staff is dedicated and trained to educate the varying demographics of the USA on the different cannabis products that are available and how to use them.

What Is Harborside?

Harborside is a leading cannabis dispensary located in Oakland and San Jose. With their dispensaries in these two iconic towns of California, their cannabis farm is located in the Monterey County. It is one of the biggest and oldest dispensaries in the USA, opening in 2006 when cannabis was still barely medically legal in California.

About Harborside

Harborside was founded by Steve DeAngelo, a veteran of the cannabis industry. The initial vision was to create a place where different kinds of people could have access to safe and effective cannabis products.

The dispensary itself was opened in 2006, and since then has grown to incorporate a 47-acre cannabis farm in Monterey County as well as a customer base of over 2,500 people.

Until today, Harborside continues to set the standard for compliance in the cannabis industry. While there are so many dispensaries who abhor the strict regulations being imposed on cannabis products, Harborside supports and encourages the process towards a fully legalized, regulated market.

Essentially, any person can walk into Harborside and get educated about marijuana and find the right product.

Whether someone is an elderly person seeking non-psychoactive pain relief or a young adult just beginning to experiment with cannabis as a recreational substance, Harborside can provide the service and product required.

Harborside Cannabis Quick Guide

The Cannabis Quick Guide is a feature of Harborside’s website and online store. In a world where the rules are constantly changing, it’s important to have a resource you can draw upon for quick, reliable information.

That’s the whole point of the Harborside Cannabis Quick Guide.

On the Quick Guide, you’ll find quick references to the different kinds of cannabis products available at Harborside.

You’ll also find information about the different terminology in the world of marijuana and how to navigate around that (a great resource for those just entering into the world of cannabis products).

Finally, there is information about the safety and testing of different products and how to read different third-party laboratory testing reports.

Harborside Farms


One of the coolest things about Harborside is that they own their own farm. The Harborside Farms project already comprises one 47-acre farm in Monterey County.

Harborside aims to grow all of their cannabis outdoors under the sun, and as a part of their project, you can also learn why outdoor cannabis is considered by Harborside to be the primary choice.

Harborside believes in pesticide-free cannabis that is cultivated by experts in marijuana growing.

Harborside’s project is very exciting, and it’s not that easy to come by a dispensary that grows its own cannabis. Cannabis is usually sourced by dispensaries from local or distant farms.

But at Harborside, the flower that is harvested goes straight into the dispensary to create a complete line of sale, from the seed at Harborside Farms directly to the customer at Harborside dispensaries.

How Harborside Works

It’s pretty simple at Harborside. Thanks to the new Californian law, there are no medical documents required to obtain cannabis products from Harborside.

You simply need to be 21+ and provide government-issued photo identification. Once you’re in there, you can speak with staff about the products available and they will help you choose the most suitable one.

If you are already something of the connoisseur, then you can skip the hoo-ha and get straight down to business. Harborside staff is able to provide what you want if you already know you want it in a speedy and professional way.

If you’re time poor or Harborside is far from where you live, they also offer a delivery service. You can purchase online and have it delivered to your door. Otherwise, purchase online and then go into the store, skip the line and pick it up straight away.

Finally, every purchase you make at Harborside can be rewarded with loyalty points if you join the Harborside reward program. You can ask the staff member at the point of sale and they can sign you up.

Harborside Products

You’ll be thoroughly impressed by the range of products that Harborside provide, all with product testing certificates. There’s something for everybody in the Harborside store, whether you’re new to cannabis or you’ve been using it for years.


Well, it certainly wouldn’t be a dispensary if they didn’t sell cannabis flowers! Although the range of flower isn’t enormous, the Harborside crew obviously choose the creme de la crop for sale as cannabis flowers.

You can find the likes of Chem Dawg and Banana OG as well as a range of products from Canndescent.

If you don’t know what Canndescent is, they put together flower packages which create a certain mood in the user – it makes it easy for those who aren’t big on strain names but know what they want to get out of their buds!

Prices range from $30 to $65 per 1/8th of flower, with the Canndescent range sold per gram, and THC content in certain strains reaching over 28 percent.


The Cartridge range includes products from Absolute Xtracts, Airopro, Caliva, Blue River, Care By Design, Dosist, and Jetty just to name a few. There are all the great names that you like in all of the strains that you love.

The cartridges also come in different flavors depending on the maker, but as you can tell, Harborside isn’t shy about stocking some of the most well-known extract makers in the country. Prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but on average, you can get a cartridge for $20-$40.


When it comes to edibles, Harborside has a huge range of capsules, tablets, cookies, teas, and drinks. In fact, the range is so enormous we would never have time to go through the entire thing in this article.

Some of the most exciting products in the edible range are Kikoko’s Positivi-tea product and Utopia’s Peanut Butter Macaroons.

Check out Harborside’s edible range to get an idea of the different prices and products available.


The extracts available at Harborside are quite exciting because they stock lots of different kinds of extracts. Oils are one thing, but Harborside also stocks water hash, live resin, sugar, and sauce. So no matter what your preference is with respect to extracts, there’s probably something for you at Harborside.

Among the most enticing looking products is the Dabbable Cherry OG extract coming in at 89 percent THC and costing $52 per gram.


Hate rolling joints? Well, it’s fine if you shop at Harborside. They’ve got a great range of preroll joints, including Coast’s 7 pack of CBD pre-rolled joints.

There are quite a few different preroll products available at Harborside from Coast, Canndescent, Buena Vista and Harborside themselves. Single, 1g joints start at $10, but buying one of the value packs saves you some money on prerolls.


Harborside is perhaps one of the few dispensaries that can provide you with living seedlings, ready to plant into a pot, garden or another kind of growing medium. The seedlings cost $18 each.

It might sound expensive, but it’s not so bad when you think about the fact that they’ve taken the hard work out of germinating the seeds for you. If you don’t fancy buying seedlings, you can also purchase seeds direct from Harborside. Packs of 20 seeds sell for $110.


Harborside also stocks a range of topical cannabis products. In-store or online, you can find soaps, lotions, transdermal patches, and gel pens, body oils, and roll on pain relievers. Some of these topicals are CBD only products, but there is also a range for those who like multi-cannabinoid topical treatment.

Mary’s Medicinals, ReLeaf, Om and Prana are some of the brand names that feature in the topicals range. The average price for a topical product is about $30, but each product and manufacturer has a different price tag.


In the merch part of the store, you’ll find all the merch of course. They’ve also stocked this section of the online store with accessories you might need, such as chargers for vape pen.

You’ll find all the merch usuals, such as t-shirts, caps and lapel pins. Harborside also sell Cannabis Manifesto, a book by the founder Steve DeAngelo himself.

Harborside Locations

Harborside is located in California, and so both of their storefronts are in California, too.

Harborside Oakland

Harborside Oakland is one of the two locations of Harborside. It’s located at 1840 Embarcadero, right near the river. It’s easy to access from just about anywhere in Oakland and even from San Francisco if you don’t mind a drive.

These guys are open from 10 am to 8 pm, so there’s plenty of time to get in there after work.

Harborside San Jose

The Harborside San Jose has the exact same operating hours as the Oakland store. This store is located at 1365 N 10th St, right near the interchange of the Bayshore Fwy and the Nimitz Fwy.

It’s right near Hyde Park and is easily accessible from both San Jose and Santa Clara.

Harborside Dispensary: A Growing Business Model


Harborside’s vision is almost legendary in the modern climate of cannabis. So many companies jump at the opportunity to prosper in this growing industry without paying attention to what matters most – the health and wellbeing of the customers.

At Harborside, there is obviously a huge emphasis is providing a top-shelf product that actually meets the needs of the customers rather than the businesses. With such a great range of products and a great manifesto, there’s no reason not to shop at Harborside if you live in the surrounding area.