Green Garden Gold: A Comprehensive Review

Green Garden Gold: A Comprehensive Review
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Hemp products are controversial but there is no denying that hemp extract actually has many benefits. There are many derivatives of cannabis on the market all claiming to have various health benefits, but they are not all made equal. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes out there but the products that are genuine can be amazing. Today, we will be looking at Green Garden Gold.

About Green Garden Gold

Green Garden Gold started in 2014 and has grown to become a reputable manufacturer and supplier of hemp oil and CBD oil products. They offer a variety of products to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. While their products are available primarily online, there are some stores as well that stock their products.

FDA Letter in 2016

In 2016, the FDA sent Green Garden Gold a letter warning them about two of their products which they stated could cure and treat certain ailments. No dietary supplement is allowed to claim this unless it has gone through extensive clinical trials and tests. So this is standard for most natural supplements. You can view the letter here.

Green Garden Gold has since complied with the stipulations and they now have a disclaimer on their site as per the FDA.

Is Green Garden Gold Safe?

Although CBD and hemp oil are extracted from the cannabis plant which is the same plant that marijuana comes from, the active compound that causes people to get high (THC) is not used in cannabidiol or hemp products. There is less than 0.3% THC in all their products and they only use FDA approved CBD oil.

Green Garden Gold also tests their products via third-party labs for harmful compounds like heavy metals, mold, herbicides, and pesticides and encourage you to contact them should you have any questions. Their products contain only the highest quality pure ingredients.

If you are wondering about cannabinoids in general, there are studies that show there are very few side effects. CBD is different from medical marijuana and may in fact even be the healthier way to go as it has all the health benefits like improving mental health and lowering inflammation and helping with epilepsy, but none of the negative effects of marijuana.

Green Garden Gold Products

Most of these products are formulated for total body wellness by improving focus, promoting quicker recovery from exercise, and by lowering stress and anxiety levels which plagues most of us these days. There are also a few supplements that target specific ailments and needs. They do this by combining CBD hemp oil and ingredients proven to produce the targeted results.


CBD Oil Capsules (30 Capsules)- $62.99: Industrial hemp grown especially by Green Garden Gold to be high in CBD provides 30 mg of CBD per soft gel capsule. One serving is one capsule. They contain gelatin so they aren’t suitable for vegetarians.
CBD Panidiol Joint Formula (60 capsules)- $62.99: This supplement helps specifically with joint health but is also helpful for muscle aches and pains too. Suitable for vegetarians. One serving is 2 capsules.


  • Medpac CBD Oils (1 fl oz or 5 fl oz)- $49.99-$279.00: Choose from 3 flavors, berry, chocolate mint, or regular. Strengths vary from 300 mg to 4000 mg CBD. It’s easy to take, a full dropper is a one serving (1ml).
  • VG Blended CBD Oils (1 fl oz or 5 fl oz)- $19.99-$109.99: Choose from strawberry, green apple, banana cream pie, cinnamint, regular, berry, or blueberry flavor. You can take this cannabidiol tincture under your tongue or use it as a vape oil. Strengths vary from 100 mg to 1000 mg CBD.


Yummy Gummies (60 mg- 2 gummies)-$9.99: These tasty gummies provide you with CBD oil in the form cute chewy sweets. Great for when you’re on the go or craving something sweet. Contains sugar and gelatin. Comes in packs of 2 gummies.

Pain Creams

  • CBD Oil Massage Cream (2 oz)- $19.99: This cream is vanilla and mint-scented. Massaging it into aching joints and muscles helps to ease the pain and stiffness. It can also help for nerve pain. Comes in a convenient squeezable tube.
  • Good Day CBD Salve (2 oz)- $34.99: This salve has a vanilla scent and can moisturize your skin as well as relieve muscle, joint, and nerve pain. Unlike a cream, this salve tends to solidify when cold but you can scrape some out of the jar and rub it between your hands to soften it.

Pet Products

Green Garden Gold

We were pleased to see the Green Garden Gold Doggy Be Good range suitable for our four-legged family members:

  • CBD Joint Formula Capsules (60 Capsules)- $19.99: If your dog has arthritis and is struggling with pain and stiffness, these capsules help relieve the pain and inflammation to get your dog back to their usual self.
  • Doggy Be Good CBD Oil Drops (1 fl oz)- $29.99: For dogs that struggle with anxiety and/or seizures, and pain, these drops may be the answer. They help with energy and calm your dog. As with humans, CBD oil is also useful for epilepsy in dogs. Formulated with a flavor that dogs enjoy.
  • Doggy Be Good CBD Oil Treats (12 oz)- $29.99: These meaty flavored treats are great for healthy dogs and for those that are in pain. There are 70 treats per jar.
  • Gluten Free CBD Oil Treats (16 oz)- $32.99: Some dogs also struggle with gluten so these doggy treats are great. Made with sorghum flour, these treats are peanut butter flavored. There are 70 treats per jar.

Weight Control

  • CBD Ketones+ (15 oz)- $89.99: Transitioning into a ketosis state can be rough but this product contains exogenous ketones which may help your body along. Choose from vanilla or chocolate flavor. Dairy-free, gluten-free, and completely vegan.
  • CBD MCT Powder+ (10 oz)- $34.99: Combining the energizing power of MCT oil and the health benefits of CBD oil, this gluten-free powder can be used in conjunction with the CBD ketones. Adds a creamy texture to shakes and is a great way to boost your healthy fatty acid intake.
  • CBD Probiotic+ (30 capsules)- $29.00: Good digestive health is vital to overall health and this probiotic supplement takes it to the next level by adding the health benefits of CBD oil. Stress and digestive trouble often go hand in hand. Taking these capsules can help you to combat this as well as anxiety and pain too.

Skin & Beauty

You can get these serums separately at $49.99 or a combo pack at $89.99.

  • Day Sunrise CBD Serum (0.6 fl.oz)
  • Night Moonglow Serum (0.6 fl.oz)

These serums may help with the appearance of wrinkles, and help to lower inflammation in addition to providing the moisture that healthy skin needs by combining CBD oil with essential oils. These serums contain no harsh chemicals but be sure to do a patch test first as some people can be sensitive to essential oils.


Chill Shot Orange (2 fl.oz x 3)- $16.50: A quick shot of hemp oil in a delicious orange flavor to help you relax during stressful times. It can also help you to focus. These shots are suitable for diabetics as they are sugar-free.


  • HumanoFlow (Male) (30 Capsules)- $19.99: Contains gelatin.
  • HumanoFlow (Female) (30 Capsules)- $19.99: These are veggie capsules but the supplement contains egg so they aren’t suitable for vegans.

This supplement contains ingredients that your body no longer produces as efficiently on its own or at all as you get older such as growth factor. This supplement may improve the rebuilding of cells and tissue and help to increase your libido, focus, stress response, and increase stamina. 1 serving is 2 capsules.

You can also buy one of these supplements in conjunction with CBD Oil Capsules for $79.99.

The Pros and Cons of Green Garden Gold


  • These products are all free from fertilizers, herbicides, heavy metals, and mold.
  • Even if you have dietary restrictions you can still find a product to benefit you.
  • The flavored oils are delicious.
  • Convenient to take, the CBD drops can even be used in a vaporizer.
  • Available online and may become available in some stores.
  • You can contact Green Garden Gold with any questions you may have.


Everyone is different and your body may not respond to the products.

Green Garden Gold Reviews

Most customers are very impressed by the results as you can see on their facebook page:

Green Garden Gold

You can also check out this video with reviews on all the products.

Green Garden Gold Loyalty Program

The Green Garden Gold online store has a loyalty program that allows you to use your points for discounts. Not only do you earn points each time you purchase a product, but you also get points simply logging in and other activities like comments on blog posts, referrals, and reviews. Their loyalty program makes it easy to save on your favorite products.

Final Thoughts on Green Garden Gold

In our opinion, Green Garden Gold products are a great way to achieve total body wellness and relieve pain and anxiety without the use of conventional medication which often has short-term and long-term side effects.

Have you tried Green Garden Gold? If so, let us know what you think.

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