Grape Ape: How This Indica Strain Came To Be

When you think of cannabis, there’s a propensity to solely focus on one particular strain that is common among pop culture. What also comes to mind when thinking of cannabis amongst the general public is a bunch of stoners. Kids (and even adults) who are lazy and not serving as a benefit to society.

Luckily those days are over and the image of cannabis has totally been remolded. Think of it like a cannabis renaissance and revolution where people are learning about the many benefits and features of cannabis. Cannabis first started to become popularized recently with the introduction of medical cannabis.

This has proven beneficial in regards to helping individuals manage their various pains and aches.

Next on the timeline of prominence is the introduction of making cannabis legal in particular states. This provided the general public with the opportunity to take advantage of its benefits. Regardless of your opinions on cannabis, the cannabis revolution is just getting started and picking up momentum.

One of the big reasons for it rapidly gaining momentum is due to positive aspects regarding one’s mental and emotional health. Specifically, a particular strain called Grape Ape.

What is Grape Ape?

The origin story of Grape Ape begins with the belief that it’s a possible sister phenotype of Granddaddy Purple and several other popular Purple strains that have floated around in California for the last 15 years. Grape Ape is one of the most popular and adored strains due to its well-tasting and high potency along with it possessing a memorable look.

Lastly, Grape Ape is propagated by Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm,  which you can describe as an indica strain that crosses with Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani.


While Grape Ape carries an unmistakable appearance, its natural aroma matches its unmistakable appearance. Possessing some strong notes and resemblance with grape Kool-Aid, Grape Ape has a sweet but musky scent with a subtle background hints of nag champa incense.

From a distance or even through a bag, a popular description associated with Grape Ape is the skunky element it gives off. However, before you feel repulsed by this, once the bag is opened, those grape-like qualities along with its sweetness abundantly stands out.


There’s a strong flavor initially along with a lingering aftertaste due to the sweetness of the grape flavor and the musky incense notes that tags along. As typical with the purple strains, expect the smoke to be thick and hit your throat rather strongly.


As mentioned earlier, Grape Ape possesses an unmistakable look that distinguishes it from many other strains. While it’s mostly purple in color, some phenotypes of Grape Ape will actually have some green mixed in with the purple. And it’s with that notion that the “True Grape Ape” is regarded as the one that is solely purple in appearance.

Grape Ape: The THC/CBD Ratio

Grape Ape

The good thing about cannabis is that there is an assortment of strains to choose from. Along with that notion and even more beneficial for users is the ability to find strains that offer different ratios of THC and CBD.

To start with, the buds of Grape Ape are large and have a dense bud structure that is packaged with tightly-curled leaves. Also, as mentioned earlier, Grape Ape possesses an extensive genealogy which makes each consuming experience a little different depending on the specific strain.

Consuming Grape Ape, expect the experience to start off strongly with the stereotypical facial and eye effects serving as your signal for the start of consuming. After that, usually, effects start to come into play 30-45 minutes afterward.

This fact leads it to be more relaxing but still some mood-boosting effects as well. This is because of the combination of the pungent grape and berry aromas mixed with the smooth herbal exhale.

When it comes to potency, people have reported that a few bowls will, in fact, put you down. However, generally speaking, and especially once compared to other strains, this isn’t one that is expected to be a heavy hitter that leaves you down for the count.

According to the test data from the Grape Ape Strain Fingerprint that is provided by Steep Hill, the average THC levels range from 15-23 percent. And when it comes to CBD levels, the range was 0-0.07 percent. THC is the component that leads to high that many feel when consuming cannabis which explains some of the common effects people can expect to feel from Grape Ape.

Grape Ape Effects and Attributes

While recreational uses for Grape Ape along with cannabis, in general, provides benefit. What provides even more benefit and excitement for its uses in the future is using it toward medical application. The sweet, fruity flavors of Grape Ape are much more than something simply meant get you high, it’s something that can benefit your life.

It’s no secret that an increasing number of individuals are depressed, anxious, sleep-deprived, and in general, not living a fully optimized life these days. While Grape Ape doesn’t contain a magic wand, it can serve a strong purpose for helping individuals.

The Medical Benefits of Grape Ape

When it comes to looking at people’s health, their physical, mental, and emotional aspects must be factored into the situation. There are a host of benefits that Grape Ape can potentially address in one’s life.

Starting with rest and fatigue, Grape Ape can potentially offer assistance to this core issue in someone’s life. Insomnia is steadily on the rise due to a number of reasons such as stress and poor sleep hygiene. As mentioned earlier when discovering the THC/CBD ratios, the Strain Fingerprint also showed elevated Cannabigerol levels.

This is of particular importance because it’s known for antibacterial properties along with being an answer to insomnia.

Moving along, Grape Ape is also providing assistance to those suffering from depression and anxiety based issues. Depression alone, according to the National Institute of Mental Health affected 15.6 million adults aged 18 or older in 2014.

By ingesting cannabis, you’re positively influencing your endocannabinoid system, which is an important physiological system helping you maintain physical and emotional well being.

The endocannabinoid system plays a role also in appetite, pain sensitivity, and memory. While pain, stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia issues can all be positively benefited from the consumption of Grape Ape, there can be some side effects.

Side Effects of the Grape Ape

While as a whole, the connection between Grape Ape and improving individuals health is mostly positive, there can be some potential downsides. As with anything in life, too much of a good thing can bring an over-reliance along with some people generally not being ideal for abundant consumption of cannabis.

To begin with some of the side effects, the first one top of mind is the propensity for dry mouth (cotton mouth to some). Grape Ape along with a host of other strains leads to higher incidences of dry mouth after consumption. If that bothers you, then you’ll want to seek out an alternative source of strain to use.

On a more serious note, cannabis doesn’t cause depression, but depressed individuals who begin to use cannabis may perceive cannabis as their cure-all. This can potentially lead those individuals being at an elevated risk to increase their cannabis consumption to problematic levels.

More is not always better, there’s eventually a law of diminishing returns that begins to take into effect. A 2014 study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry found that depression or “pre-existing anxiety was associated with higher average levels of cannabis intoxication, which in turn was linked to acute anxiety responses due to cannabis use.

Other side effects of note were dry eyes, headaches, spells of dizziness, and paranoia. For the majority of side effects, over-consumption was often the reason for those side effects occurring.

Grape Ape Reviews

Being a popular strain of consumption, Grape Ape possesses an array of reviews that offer valuable insight into what you can expect to experiences.

One such reviewer gave Grape Ape a perfect rating and stated that the effects could be felt in as little as 30 seconds and the potential side effects of dizziness were nowhere to be found. Some of the effects documented were euphoric, creative, and uplifting.

Another reviewer who gave a perfect score while reporting effects of happiness along with being giggly stated that consuming the strain felt like being comfortably sedated but still very clear.

Is Grape Ape Worth A Shot?

With thousands of reviews along with a reputation that extends 10+ years, Grape Ape is absolutely worth trying. For any recreational or even medical user of cannabis, Grape Ape proves to be a viable option due to it being flavorful and possessing a pleasant aroma with a lower chance of experiencing side effects.

By packing a powerful punch due to a fairly high THC amount, Grape Ape is definitely something to seek out when you’re looking to clear your mind and ease away a little pain.

Farma Health Desk Editor