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Golden Leaf Holdings: A Leader In Cannabis Oil Production

Golden Leaf Holdings is one of the largest producers of cannabis oil. The brand features a wide variety of premium products that are suitable for every type of consumer, from novices to veteran cannabis oil enthusiasts.

Golden Leaf Holdings: The Highlights

  • Cannabis oil is known for producing health benefits such as pain relief, anxiety relief, and stress reduction
  • Golden Leaf Holdings is one of the leading manufacturers in the cannabis industry and features a wide variety of products
  • The cannabis industry in the US is currently estimated at $10 billion, but experts expect it to reach $25 billion in the following years
  • Golden Leaf presents good investment opportunities for those who want to get into the cannabis industry
  • Golden Leaf products are high-quality and offer multiple health benefits, making them suitable for both novice and experienced users.

What Is Cannabis Oil?

With the recent gradual move to organic products, essential oils are fast becoming one of the most highly demanded organic products.

Cannabis oil is, however, one of the more unusual essential oils. Cannabis oil takes root from the cannabis plant after extraction. It is widely known for its various benefits that include relief from a migraine, stress, and reduction of pain.

It has amazing benefits such as the reduction of risk of some cancer forms. According to research done by Hansen M., Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, it also treats the side effects of chemotherapy including nausea, vomiting, and anxiety.

Cannabis oil, therefore, remains one of the most widely sought oils among the essential oils. As a result, there is a rush to get this oil, either as a direct consumer, as a producer or even as a retailer.

Who Is Golden Leaf Holdings?

Due to the uniqueness of the cannabis oil, there are various industries involved in its production and marketing. Golden Leaf Holdings remains one of the largest producing cannabis oil companies. It is a leading consumer-focused company with an expertise in extracting, refining, marketing, selling, and delivery of low cost and high-quality cannabis oil for medical purposes.

Not all companies can vouch for transparency in operation and holdings, which makes Golden Leaf Holdings stand out among others.

Cannabis oil converts into two major types of products – extracts and edibles. The question of investment is a very popular one when it comes to major profitable business holdings. The right question here would be

‘what is the best company to go with if I want to invest in cannabis oil’?

Before deciding to invest in a company on any product, there are some important things to consider. Such things include the possible continual growth of stocks to ensure constant profit for shareholders.

Five stack of coins with marijuana leaves sprouting

According to ArcView Market Research and BDS Analytics, worldwide spending on cannabis reached $9.5 billion in 2017 with the total projected to increase to $32 billion by 2022. This indicates a compound annual growth rate of 27.5 percent. With such an increase, it is most advisable to forge ahead with investment plans in cannabis.

Another very important thing to consider is finding the right company to invest in.

One primary mode of growth for Golden Leaf Holding is the strategic acquisitions of assets of other holdings. The company recently acquired the Chalice farms in this regard. The Chalice Farms is a brand involved with cultivation, extraction, refinement, marketing, and sales of cannabis products.

The Dope Magazine Industry Awards awarded it as the Cannabis Store of the Year in 2017.

A major advantage of this acquisition is the increase in revenue with the reduction in costs due to the merging of these businesses.

Then, there is the acquisition of the Tahoe Hydroponics Company. Tahoe company has built a distribution network that would serve as a good distribution platform for the company, leading to a gross increase in sales revenue.

Tahoe also serves as a strong access point for the company to expand its sales into the state of California. This is in addition to the partnership with Left Coast Connection to increase sales of certain products.

With these various acquisitions and expansion, the company becomes a strong force to reckon with in the cannabis market and a very stable brand with a strong platform for investors to pitch in. The company trades at about 0.23 percent per share with a market cap of about $20 million in assets and revenues of about $5.1 million.

Golden Leaf Holdings: Leaders in North America’s Cannabis Industry

Map of North America with marijuana leaf sprouting from it

The North American cannabis industry experienced a rapid increase in its growth. According to a report from ArcView Market Research, the legal cannabis market in North America is worth $10 billion USD. There is also an estimated growth to about $25 billion in the following years, giving a compound annual growth rate of about 28 percent.

The foundation for the cannabis industry points at the cannabis flowers that are cultivated and used in their unrefined form. Their use is mostly for medical ailments and is packed full of healing elements.

While the growth of the cannabis industry is on the increase, it cannot be ignored that the sales for cannabis flowers seem to be on the decline. Extracts or concentrates are now in high demand.

Extracts vaporize and offer more benefits than unprocessed cannabis flowers. This vaporization characteristic of cannabis oils reduces the toll on the consumers’ lung. This new form of production of cannabis oil is the main reason for the rapid market increase in the cannabis industry.

Want to Invest in Cannabis? Try Golden Leaf Holdings

Golden Leaf Holdings, the cannabis industry powerhouse of North America, is popular for the production of cannabis oil. This makes the company instrumental in the growth of the cannabis industry in North America.

The oil extracts come in different forms, so the beneficial cannabinoids remain while the non-beneficial compounds are eliminated in the process of extraction. The company is on the rise and making an investment now should be profitable.

Golden Leaf Holdings: Stable of Brands

The extracts produced by Golden Leaf Holdings are sold under the names of Golden and Private Stash. The extracts are sold as cartridges and e-pens.


Golden Vape Pen splash cannabis oil

The Golden brand features a wide range of premium products. For starters who want to have a great experience with cannabis, the products in the Golden category are the best pick.

  • Gold Label Starter Kit: The Gold Starter Kit, for instance, comes in the unique combination of a cartridge and a battery pen and it redefines the cannabis experience. It consists of a pen cartridge, a pen battery, a USB charger, and a glass cartridge.
  • Acai Berry Fruit Chews: An interesting line of products by Golden Leaf Holdings is their edibles. The edible products combine with other natural fruits to give combined sweet flavors to the consumer. The Acai Berry Fruit chew is a cannabis-infused product that promotes mental health and boosts immunity. There are also other edibles combined with fruits such as the Kiwi strawberry fruit chews, Tangerine fruit chews and, the Tropical fruit chews.

Left Coast Connection

Left Coast Connection logo

There are many products in this category.

  • Lunchbox Alchemy Edibles: Lunchbox Alchemy features products that produce medicinal effects packed as chew gum edibles. The gum is made out of the best ingredients without any residual harmful substances.
  • Sacred Herb Lip Balm: The Sacred Herb Lip Balms is produced from cannabis oil and it moisturizes the skin.

Chalice Farms

Chalice Farms logo

Chalice Farms is the powerhouse of Golden Leaf Holdings’ products. The Chalice Farms is a mini-conglomerate. Chalice Farms has a farm for cannabis production and stores for the preservation of flowers and products. The highly sought-after strains pass through laboratory tests for pesticides, THC, CBD, mold, and mildew.

Golden Leaf Holdings: The Final Word

Golden Leaf Holding is setting a high pace for other companies in the cannabis industry in North America. With a large variety of cannabis products such as flowers, extracts, and edibles, this company remains a name to watch out for in the years to come.

The company expands its revenues in various strategic investments such as increasing its base distribution platforms, strategic acquisitions of businesses and adapting its products to the consumer’s taste.

Due to the booming sales of cannabis oil and the increasing customer awareness, the company’s growth goes way beyond its original margins. The profits resulting from this growth will be consistent.

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