Gelato Strain: The Effects, Attributes, And THC Ratio

People today, more than ever, are looking for natural ways to find relief from their high levels of stress and enjoy life more thoroughly. Many of these people have found their relief through marijuana; more specifically, the Gelato strain.

The Gelato weed strain is a super potent and highly enjoyable cannabis product that has become highly sought out by both novice users wanting to try this alluring strain and also by seasoned weed connoisseurs. Additionally, because it is highly effective for medicinal use, aiding in mood disorders and in chronic pain, the interest of the medical world has peaked as well.

But, before one can praise Gelato marijuana with authentic conviction, one must first know what the Gelato strain is and also the reason why it is highly praised. Therefore, the most obvious, pressing question will be addressed first: What is Gelato weed?

What is the Gelato Strain?

The Gelato strain also referred to “Larry Bird” or phenotype number 33, is a hybrid marijuana plant that is native to California. The plant’s origins come from Cookie FAM Genetics where it is still mass grown and sold.

This small plant is high in THC content, boasting an average of 20-26 percent THC, making it a great medical strain for people with severe pain or limiting mental troubles.

It also contains a balanced mix of both sativa and indica strains, the sativa making up 45 percent of the hybrid and the indica making up the remaining portion of the strain. Therefore, it makes for a great blend of both stimulating and relaxing qualities.

The reason why the Gelato strain is so popular and highly coveted is that the strain has all of the best qualities that a marijuana consumer would desire. It’s not only a potent strand that has a great mix of both sativa and indica, which gives a person the perfect balance of focus and energy as well as soothing and relaxing effects, but it also has a great smell and taste!


The parents of the Gelato strain, Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, make for a highly enjoyable cannabis, giving all of its best genetic qualities to its progeny. The aroma is heavenly with a fun mix of sweet and citrusy scents. Most report the following mix of smells:

  • Sweet
  • Citrusy
  • Minty
  • Earthy
  • oaky
  • cookie
  • berry
  • hint of lavender


The flavor is much like the aroma. It tastes sweet like an Italian gelato would but also has a distinct citrus flavor. Additionally, because it is, after all, a plant,  it does contain an earthy taste that can even lean towards an oak flavor at times.


The appearance of the Gelato strain is a beautiful mix of colors: dark purple, forest green (or light green), orange, and a dusty white. The plant is rather small but can sometimes be a medium size. The flowers themselves are a deep purple. Wild orange hairs jut out all around the plant. Extending out from the flowering buds are the long and narrow leaves, shiny and bold.

Lastly, you will easily notice a crystal-white layer of what looks like dust covering the plant. This is actually the trichomes and the resins together presenting this light snowy look.

Gelato Strain: The THC/CBD Ratio

Gelato Strain

Some people seek out marijuana products, such as CBD oil, that give a good balance of both THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD, or cannabidiol. However, this strain does not give people both cannabinoid compounds.

As mentioned above, Gelato Strain is high in THC, containing as much a 26 percent THC per plant. At its lowest, Gelato contains 18 percent. However high the THC levels are, the CBD levels are not nearly as high. The Gelato strain only contains a mere .1 percent CBD.

Gelato Strain Effects and Attributes

Although the Gelato strain can have certain negative drawbacks, they are minor and cannot compare to the many positive benefits one receives with Gelato.

The Medical Benefits of the Gelato Strain

The Gelato strain has been shown to help with symptoms associated with many medical conditions. These conditions include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Insomnia, especially as it relates to depression and anxiety
  • Chronic pain due to many differing chronic medical conditions
  • Inflammation Many medical conditions stem from inflammation
  • Nausea, especially for cancer patients who have chronic nausea
  • Lack of appetite due to certain sicknesses
  • Muscle spasms, especially as it relates to Parkinson’s disease
  • Headaches

Additionally, a poll rating revealed that the number one thing that the Gelato strain helped with, even above depression, anxiety, or pain was stress in general. This is good to know considering many people today are under high levels of stress.

Side Effects of the Gelato Strain

The Gelato strain has both positive and negative side effects. As mentioned earlier, Gelato has both sativa and indica qualities within it; therefore, a person gets the positive benefits of the two types, both stimulating and relaxing.

Positive side effects include:

  • Euphoria, or intense high
  • Relaxation
  • Stimulation, or an energized feeling
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased creativity and inspiration
  • Reduced pain
  • Better sleep
  • Contentment and peace
  • Improves all over mood, reducing or eliminating irritation, anger, fear, sadness, or apathy

The Gelato strain does have some possible drawbacks but nothing life-threatening:

  • Possible increase in anxiety or paranoia
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

It is important to note that, while Gelato does give a good balance of stimulation and relaxation if taking during the day, if it is taken in the evening, it can tend to be more of a sedative effect rather than an energizing one, making one sleepy and ready for bed sooner than they might prefer. Therefore, plan on using it right before bed as it will help with any issues around falling asleep or staying asleep.

Gelato Strain Reviews

The Gelato strain has extremely positive reviews due to its multi-faceted benefits and pleasures. Thousands of people are giving their excited feedback, being thoroughly pleased and satisfied with the hybrid.

The set of reviews shown below are from NCSM. They reveal just how pleasing the Gelato strain can be and how many benefits one can have from consuming the hybrid:

Aug 3, 2018, by Gary: My first experience with Gelato was not disappointing. My head felt light, my body felt relaxed, and I was really enjoying that incredible taste of a hazelnut with pine. I’ve smoked a lot of weed due to my medical condition but this one is definitely the perfect hybrid for me. It even prompted me to write the first gelato review, which is also my very first online review. Wish I had more of this strain in my area.

Jul 17, 2018by Matthew: Gelato made me think about my life a lot (but maybe it’s just me). Frankly speaking, my goal was to get rid of that lower back pain I had after cutting grass in my backyard, and this strain did that. Also, it helped me to relax and enjoy the evening. Generally, I drink a glass of wine and watch a great movie to relax, but now Gelato weed is definitely a good alternative that allows me to fall asleep peacefully.

Jun 20, 2018by Jason: I liked that this weed is relaxing but won’t lock you on your couch. I prefer to be able to move when I smoke pot, so this one is great for me. As for the medical effects, I can say that the assistant at the dispensary was right: it does a great job at battling symptoms of mental health conditions, such as anxiety. Moreover, it tastes fruity and sweet, which I also enjoy.

May 4, 2018by Kevin: To be completely honest, I chose to try Gelato strain because the buds looked very cool. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint me at all because I had a perfect high after just two hits (and I have a high tolerance). The high was great and long-lasting, so don’t plan anything important to do after smoking. Even though this pot won’t increase your productivity level like a sativa (but I should probably say that it comes pretty close), but it’s very calming and euphoric.

Mar 14, 2018by Anthony: Can I give it ten stars?? Absolutely fantastic high that improved my focus and helped me with depression. I tend to be a little bit anxious all the time, so I was looking for a pot with great relaxation and mood improvement effects. My friend who is kind of an expert on marijuana said: “if you want a delicious hybrid, buy Gelato strain.” He was right, it’s the tastiest marijuana you can possibly find out there, and you can grow it in just 8 weeks.

This set of reviews shows us that these five people experienced quite a few benefits. The reports revealed increased relaxation, pain relief, improvement in sleep, anxiety and depression relief, great pleasure in the taste, and a quick high that remained sustainable after consuming it.

Additionally, none of them reported the strain as being overly paralyzing, as in so sedative that they got fatigued or lethargic and no longer desired to be productive; rather, they reported that it was a great stimulation for improved focus and productivity while at the same time, soothing and relaxing for them.

However, it is good to know potential drawbacks that people experience with Gelato. The following reviewer informs curious Gelato strain seekers about his experience:

Gelato Strain

Matthew, in the first set of reviews, also noted that the Gelato strain made him overthink. People with anxiety or depression might need to be careful when trying Gelato. Apparently, the Gelato strain is not only satisfactory but went above and beyond expectations.

The following ratings reveal that not only can you feel uplifted, creative, calm, energized, and euphoric, with the Gelato strain, but you can also get an instant self-esteem boost!

It seems, in conclusion, that Gelato does indeed offer a great array of wonderful benefits with very little drawbacks to hinder its growth in popularity.

Is Gelato Strain Right For You

The Gelato strain is evidently a great pick for people who are looking for relief from stress and pain but who also don’t want to become immobilized by cannabis use.  The potent hybrid is, hands down, one of the best to use medicinally for various mental and physical impediments.

However, before deciding to seek out this magical strain, it is important to know your state’s laws around marijuana. Some legalize marijuana only for medical purposes, others for both recreational and medical use, and others do not legalize it at all.

Additionally, if you are not a seasoned marijuana consumer, this might not initially be the strain you want to start off with due to its high THC content. If you do decide to go ahead and try it, start off slow, only consuming little hits at a time.

That being said, if you live in a state where Gelato is legal to purchase, then the Gelato strain might be the next best cannabis product you’ve been looking for.