G Pen: Vape Pens To Suit Every Smoker’s Needs

G Pen has a wide range of different vape pens that will suit anybody’s vaping needs. Thanks to the versatility of its designs G Pen always delivers the best results to its users.

G Pen: The Highlights

  • The G Pen is an extremely portable vaporizer.
  • The vaporizer is discrete and small enough to slip into your pocket.
  • The G Pen is cost-efficient easy to charge and maintain.
  • Even though it’s light, the vaporizer is durable.
  • The G Pen has a vape for every kind of smoker.

What Is The G Pen?

Grenco Science –  based in Los Angeles, offers a range of vaporizers under the name G Pen, which have been specially designed to meet your portable vaping needs.

Different people look for different things in life and vaping is no different – so their range offers an array of models, each with their own characteristics, to help customers get the vape that suits them.

The G Pen range includes vaporizers to use liquids, concentrate or ground material, each with different degrees of discreteness. The G pens use convection to heat the cannabis.

The G Pen Benefits: Why It Beats Smoking

G Pen products lined up

There are several reasons why more and more people are ditching traditional joint smoking and turning to vape with devices such as the G Pen.

Avoiding Carcinogens and Tar

One of the most harmful things about smoking marijuana is in a similar way to cigarettes. A study by Iverson in 2008 shows that there are 6000 of the same chemicals and toxins in tobacco smoke as marijuana smoke, including carcinogens and tar.

So even if you’re not mixing the two, smoking your marijuana like a cigarette could be much more harmful than you thought.

Many marijuana smokers will draw the smoke in and then hold it in their lungs. Research by Tashkin (2005) shows that this can increase the amount of tar in the lungs by four times.

When you use a vaporizer, the cannabis is heated up to a much lower temperature than if you burn it, meaning that the cannabinoids are released, but the harmful toxins are not.

Easier On Your Lungs

Tashkin’s 2005 study also shows that smoking cannabis does…

“…cause visible and microscopic injury to the large airways that are consistently associated with an increased likelihood of symptoms of chronic bronchitis that subside after cessation of use.”

This does not occur when you are inhaling vaporized cannabis.

human lungs outlined in smoke

Marilyn Huestis, chief of chemistry and drug metabolism at the National Institute on Drug Abuse told Buzzfeed that “people who vaporize report decreased respiratory symptoms” compared to those who smoke weed.

The vapor is much cleaner than smoke and many people who have turned to vaping declare that they find breathing easier after they have given up traditional joints.

Better Flavors

Cannabis gets its distinctive smell from natural aroma molecules called terpenes in the plant. Each strain of marijuana has a different combination of terpenes, and each terpene has a different boiling point.

This means that different terpenes (flavors) are released according to the temperature of your vaporizer – which can be adjustable, giving you more flexibility to enjoy your favorite flavors.

Due to the fact that you are not combusting the cannabis, the taste is cleaner, and those who vape are able to notice the subtler flavors of the cannabis flower.

More Discreet

Whether you are at home or in public, using a vaporizer is much more discreet than smoking weed. Although a small amount of smell can be detected it is nowhere near as obvious as when you smoke in a conventional way.

As you are creating vapor and not smoke, the cloud is smaller and lighter and doesn’t cling to breath, furniture or clothes.

Gets You Higher

Vaping your cannabis can get you higher than if you were smoking the same amount in a joint. Research by NORML and MAPS (2004) shows that smoking a rolled joint will convert only 25 percent of the THC which is available, compared to 46 percent when vaping.

This means one of two things – either that you can get higher, or that your cannabis will last longer and you can save money by using a vaporizer.

The Different G Pen Models

The G Pen range offers five different vaporizer models, each with their own special characteristics so that you will be sure to get the vape pen that most suits your own individual wants and needs.

 G Pen Elite

G Pen Elite vape

The G Pen Elite is suitable for smoking ground material and includes a full and clear LED display as well as full temperature control. The ceramic heating chamber claims to be the largest on the market at the moment, meaning that you can pack in a lot of cannabis, and it has a temperature range of 200° – 428°F (93° – 220°C).

The G Pen Elite is high performance and designed for good portability – using smart chip technology along with a high-grade lithium-ion battery to ensure that you can vape wherever you might be.

 G Pen Pro

The G Pen Pro is designed to vape ground material as dried herbs and is a more basic version of the G Pen Elite (and also a lot less expensive). The single button on the vaporizer can be used to choose one of the preset temperatures.

  • Blue – 375°F
  • Green – 400°F
  • Red – 428°F

This gives you flexibility around how much you want to heat your cannabis. The internal ceramic heating chamber heats up within 30 seconds, is encased in a lightweight aluminum shell and is very easy to use.

Snoop Dogg G Pen

The Snoop Dogg G Pen has been designed to be used specifically with dried herbs and its unique stainless steel outer casing was designed by Snoop Dogg himself.

Snoop Doog G Pen kit

Despite the notable outer casing, the Snoop Dogg G Pen is slender, compact and discreet, uses a high-quality coil and can be controlled with the single button.

G Pen Nova

Designed for use with waxes and concentrates, the Micro G Pen is a compact vaporizer with a ceramic heating chamber. It uses a powerful battery and USB charge to enable you to vape whilst you’re out and about, and the Micro G Pen is small and discreet enough to fit into your pocket.

G Pen Nova

You can vape away for up to 10 hours without needing to recharge, which makes it extremely portable.

Where to Buy a G Pen

So now you have decided which G Pen suits you best, where can you buy it? You can go directly to G Pen’s official site as well other online stores that sell vape pen and vape accessories.

Is the G Pen the Perfect Marijuana Device for You?

When it comes to cost-effective portable vaporizers, the G Pen range is up there with the best. Whether you are looking for something small and discreet or for a vaporizer with a bigger capacity whilst remaining portable, there is a G Pen which is suited to you.

Whilst the G Pen range might not be the best quality that exists, the range is affordable, easy to use and accessible to everyone.

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