Foria Awaken: A Review of the CBD Lube from Foria

Foria Awaken: A Review of the CBD Lube from Foria
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With CBD on the rise across the globe promoting numerous health benefits, it was just a matter of time before there was a pleasure CBD oil that partners can start using in the bedroom. If you are interested in giving your bedroom activities a little sexual boost without the need for prescription medications, perhaps you will be surprised about what Foria Awaken can offer.

What is Foria Awaken?

Foria Awaken is a formula that combines eight natural ingredients along with full spectrum CBD oil in an effort to increase arousal and offer heightened sexual sensation during sex. Think of it as the next generation of sexual lubricants. In addition, since CBD is known as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, it can help prevent any pain or tension that can occur during sexual intercourse for some people.

Foria Awaken is a wellness product for women as it promotes relaxation and increases blood flow. Increased blood circulation is always a good thing during sex. Foria Awaken works with your body to build upon a therapeutic aphrodisiac effect. It basically uses nature’s ingredients to make your sex life better and more satisfying.

And if you don’t have a partner at this moment, it is totally okay. You can use Foria Awaken on your own.

What Are the Ingredients of Foria Awaken?

Think of Foria Awaken as the all-natural alternative to other medications that promote better experiences in the bedroom. There are eight totally plant-based ingredients that act as aphrodisiacs in your quest for enhanced sensation. A few of these ingredients you might not have ever considered would improve your sex life.

Organic MCT Coconut Oil: In a 2014 study, it was determined that coconut oil is a great natural lubricant and moisturizer. Thirty percent of women experience pain during sex. By using Foria Awaken, which has coconut oil in it, this could greatly reduce the amount of pain experienced.

Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil: Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains everything the cannabis plant contains, minus one notable exception. It still has all the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids found in hemp that everyone loves and enjoys the health benefits from. But it is missing THC.

Whole-Plant Extracts (Kava Root, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger): Kava helps ease the mind and actually can put you in the mood for sex in the process. When you are not full of worry and anxiety, sex seems to happen a bit more for most people. It definitely has been touted as an aphrodisiac in the South Pacific.

Cinnamon can add to this feeling as well. It can help overcome erectile dysfunction and restore libido.

And ginger can increase blood flow, especially to the sexual organs. The combination of these three whole-plant extracts can have an amazing effect during intimate moments.

Proprietary Oil Blend of Organic Cardamom, Organic Peppermint, Organic Vanilla & Cacao Oil: If you believe in this sort of thing, the ancient healing art of Ayurveda has always recommended cardamom for low libido. This spice contains high levels of cineole, which is known to increase blood flow to the male and female sexual regions. Peppermint is known to stimulate sexual arousal and helps to increase focus.

So whether you are studying for a test or wanting to get down in the bedroom, stock up on peppermints and you just might do okay. Vanilla has long been promoted as a sensual aphrodisiac and a mood enhancer. Both things that can pay off during sex.

Cacao oil can also enable optimal blood circulation. As we have stated earlier, this is a very good thing during intimate moments in or out of the bedroom.

Foria CBD and THC Content

Foria Awaken is created with broad spectrum CBD that contains absolutely zero THC. If you are up to date on CBD and marijuana, you realize that THC is the ingredient that most pot smokers are fond of as it produces the marijuana high.

However, if you are taking CBD for medical purposes, you don’t really want the mind-altering effects of THC. So with Foria Awaken, you won’t have to worry about THC being in your system.

You also won’t have to be concerned about failing a drug test down the road because of it. Nobody wants to face losing their job simply because they ingested CBD that wasn’t THC free. Foria Awaken can ensure this does not happen to you.

Is Awaken an Effective CBD Lube?

Foria Awaken is definitely an effective CBD lube to be used in or out of the bedroom. It could be used even as a lotion if you would like. With the ingredients involved in it, coconut oil has long been used as a moisturizer.

Plus, when combining it with the very effective CBD oil that is said to fight inflammation and pain, it seems like a good lube to be used for sexual purposes.

Awaken Effects

As discussed earlier, Foria Awaken can be a suitable aphrodisiac that is reported to enhance overall sensation, promote a longer and deeper orgasm, increase sexual desire, act as a lubricant, increase focus, and enable full body relaxation. It really is an all in one experience for someone interested in bettering their sex life.

It could make you and your partner sexual dynamos.

What Other Products Does Foria Make?

With Awaken costing anywhere from $50 to $100 a bottle and offering 30 to 50 servings, it can last a while. But Awaken is not the only product that Foria offers. You might be surprised about the other products they provide.

Foria Pleasure

Pleasure has a noticeable difference between it and Awaken. Pleasure made by Foria is infused with THC. If you enjoy THC being in your system, Pleasure could be the lube you have been searching for. It is known to heighten overall sensation.

However, it may be harder to get a hold of. Not all states are jumping on the bandwagon of products containing THC, so finding a store that offers it can be tricky. You can expect to pay $50 to $100 a bottle if not more in some areas.

Foria Relief

Foria Awaken

Relief is something completely different than Awaken and Pleasure, so try your best not to get these confused as you will soon see. Relief is a vaginal suppository that offers relief from menstrual discomfort. Since CBD is known to be a pain reliever, Foria Relief can deliver the benefits of full-spectrum cannabis directly to the area that needs it the most. But be aware that it does contain THC as well.

Foria Empower

Empower is a vaporizer pen that Foria offers that is used for providing CBD with a gentle dose of THC involved in it. The ratio is four parts of CBD combined with one part of THC. If you are into vapor pens, this could be one that you should check out.

Foria Explore

If you are into rectal suppositories, and there are probably a small number of people who are, Explore is a product offered by Foria that can ease erotic pleasure by fighting any pain or discomfort. It does contain a bit more THC in it than CBD, so keep that in mind when you are experimenting away.

The Benefits Of Foria

Foria is a brand that provides CBD products in ways that you might not have ever considered using them. They are niche items that specialize in certain areas for the bedroom, intimacy, arousal, and alternatives to other products that are out there on the market that do not contain any CBD or THC.

With CBD being able to fight inflammation and pain, this might be something that gains your interest. If you are strictly looking for help in the bedroom, Foria has you covered there as well. The only way that you will know if Foria works for you is to try it out yourself and notice any benefits that can come with it.