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Floyds Of Leadville: CBD Products For Active Individuals

Floyds of Leadville was started by former professional cyclist Floyd Landis in Leadville, Colorado. The brand specializes in producing high-quality products which are specially formulated to help athletes

Floyds Of Leadville: Key Takeaways

  • Floyds of Leadville was started by Floyd Landis, a cyclist best known for being disqualified after winning the Tour de France for having taken performance-enhancing drugs.
  • The company specializes in developing products that legally enhance the performance of athletes.
  • All Floyds of Leadville products are developed using organically-grown hemp.
  • None of the company’s products contain traces of THC, so they can be used by professional athletes.
  • The company uses a CO2 extraction method to extract all the beneficial ingredients out of the hemp plant

About Floyds Of Leadville

If you’re interested in gaining all of the benefits associated with CBD, Floyd’s of Leadville has a range of legal CBD products which are safe, effective and affordable. Their selection comprises soft gel capsules, oil tinctures, and creams which are designed to offer excellent pain relief with no psychoactive effects.

Whether you’re suffering from aches and pains, arthritis or inflammation, this brand’s products are designed to offer numerous health benefits thanks to their high-quality CBD content.

As a natural alternative to potentially dangerous and addictive opioid medications, these oil capsules have been shown to have a very positive effect on well-being, helping sufferers to return to a normal way of life without discomfort or soreness.

How Floyd’s of Leadville Came to Be

Floyd's of Leadville logo

Floyd’s of Leadville was established by former professional cyclist, Floyd Landis.

Best known for having won the 2006 Tour de France competition before being disqualified for having taken performance-enhancing drugs, and for his more recent outing of his cycling teammate, Lance Armstrong, for the same offense, Landis has, in recent years, turned his attention to the CBD hemp oil market.

He was persuaded of its many health benefits thanks to his own personal experiences.

In his professional cycling and racing career, Landis had struggled to manage his chronic pain. Like many other athletes, he experienced sore muscles, pain, and inflammation due to his highly active lifestyle.

However, it was a crash he experienced while riding his bike at 35 mph which led to the hip replacement surgery that caused him the most pain. He began to use opioid medications as his only option for pain management and, later, for the depression he experienced following his disqualification.

Having relocated to Leadville, Colorado, where marijuana products have been legal for some time, he found that CBD hemp oil was an effective way to take back control of his life. No longer having to rely on addictive opioids, he was amazed to discover the positive effects that CBD offered him.

Not only did CBD give him pain relief, but it also eased his depression without causing any psychoactive effects.

He decided to forge a new career in the CBD hemp oil industry and Floyd’s of Leadville was the result.

Floyd’s of Leadville Products

The Floyd’s of Leadville product range comprises a selection of high-quality CBD hemp oil products including those made from both full spectrum CBD and those made from CBD isolate with absolutely no THC content.

Their selection comprises softgels, tinctures, balms and creams and protein powders which are ideal for athletes. Their online store also retails a range of Floyd’s of Leadville branded clothing such as t-shirts, cycling shorts, and hats.

CBD Protein Powders

Floyd's of Leadville Protein Powder

Protein powders are a popular choice among cyclists and other athletes. Not only is Floyd’s of Leadville’s powders packed with whey proteins, but they also contain 25mg of CBD per serving.

With no artificial flavors, fillers, additives or GMO ingredients, these protein powders will speed up recovery after strenuous sporting activities.

CBD Softgels

The Floyd’s of Leadville softgels range comprises both CBD isolate and full spectrum products. Available in packs of 30 or 60 capsules, they are also sold in two strengths – 25mg or 50mg – to suit the needs of a wide range of people.

Made entirely from organic, non-GMO strains which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, these softgels are quick and easy to take and can take the edge off the pain. They also contain essential fatty acids which promote wellness of the mind and body.

CBD Balms and Creams

CBD balms and creams are ideal for the relief of localized pain. If you are experiencing sore muscles, aches and pains or arthritis, Floyd’s of Leadville’s topicals are the perfect solutions.

With arnica balms, cooling balms, warming balms and transdermal sports creams in their product range, both full spectrum and isolate products are available in a choice of strengths to suit every need.

CBD Tinctures

Floyd's of Leadville Tincture

CBD tinctures are a highly effective way to administer hemp oil to experience its beneficial properties quickly for speedy relief. Floyd’s of Leadville sell tinctures made from both CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD in a choice of three strengths.

The 600mg tincture contains 1mg of CBD per drop, the 1200mg tincture contains 2mg of CBD per drop and the 1800mg tincture contains 3mg of CBD per drop. Each bottle contains 600 drops.

Floyd’s of Leadville Reviews

Floyd’s of Leadville has received numerous positive reviews for its product range. Many users have commented on how effective they have found their CBD hemp oil in treating problems such as back pain, aching muscles, knee pain and even indigestion and heartburn caused by inflammation.

Reviewers have also reported that after taking Floyd’s of Leadville CBD products, they felt calmer and less tense.

What Makes Floyd’s Special?

So, why are Floyd’s of Leadville CBD products so special? Well, first of all, they are made from hemp rather than marijuana, so they’re entirely legal in every state. Secondly, they contain absolutely no GMO ingredients but are made only from organic Colorado-grown hemp.

With no pesticides, artificial flavors, preservatives, fillers or additives, they are a healthy and all-natural choice, and thanks to the CO2 extraction method which was used to obtain the cannabidiol, they are also very safe to use.

Floyd’s of Leadville’s range is also special because it contains products aimed at athletes which aren’t usually found listed with other online CBD retailers. CBD protein powders aid recovery after riding a bike, for example, is an exciting and unusual product which makes this brand stand out from the crowd.

Common Complaints

Although many users are very pleased with Floyd’s products, there are some concerns about whether taking them as a daily supplement could cause a positive result on an employment drug test for THC or marijuana.

This is unlikely to happen since all Floyd’s of Leadville products are made from the hemp plant rather than cannabis itself. This means that they contain absolutely no psychoactive substances.

bullhorn over red background complaint spelled out

However, there could be a very tiny risk of someone taking full spectrum CBD gel capsules or tinctures may receive a positive result if the test has a zero tolerance level for cannabis. Luckily, Floyd’s also sell CBD isolate products which contain absolutely no THC and so pose no risk on any drug test.

Some users have reported that Floyd’s CBD products failed to relieve all their symptoms or to make their pain go away entirely. However, it’s important to recognize that no CBD product can be a panacea for all conditions.

While CBD isn’t a wonder drug, it can help those who would rather steer clear of potentially addictive painkillers and medications which produce unwanted and unpleasant side-effects to manage their daily lives more effectively and to reduce their discomfort.

Where to Buy Floyd’s of Leadville Products

Floyd’s of Leadville products can be purchased over the internet from the brand’s own website. They can also be found on sale with a wide variety of bricks-and-mortar retailers nationwide. Many sports and cycling product retailers stock Floyd’s products and they can also be found in some health and wellness stores.

Although there are no physical stores which sell Floyd’s products in every state, the numbers of retailers are increasing and consumers who live in a state without a physical retail presence can place their order online.

Since all Floyd’s gel capsules, tinctures, creams and balms, and protein powders are only made from hemp they are classed as a food supplement and are legal in every state.

Is Floyd’s of Leadville the CBD Brand for You?

If you are convinced of the benefits of CBD and are ready to try it for yourself, you might be wondering whether Floyd’s of Leadville is the best brand of hemp-based products for your needs.

While anyone can benefit from these high-quality all-natural products, if you ride a bike or are an athlete, you could find Floyd’s range especially suited to your unique needs.

Designed specifically to aid in recovery and to soothe the aches and pains associated with strenuous physical activity, Floyd’s hemp oil has been created in collaboration with former sporting professionals to address an athlete’s needs.

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